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1946 Ercoupe 415C
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Insurance / Ferry Pilot

Location: Southern USA
  • Total Time:
    4620 hrs.
  • Engine: Continental
    85 HP

    660 hrs. SMOH
  • Prop:
    20 hrs. SPOH
  • Next Annual:
    March, 2011
1946 Ercoupe 415C
Photos: Exterior1 Exterior2 Exterior3 Exterior4 Panel1 Panel2 Interior
Final determination of eligibility of the aircraftis the responsibility of the buyer.

• 760 Channel Radio • Transponder
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Equipment & Features:
Light Sport Eligible • Dual Fork Nose Gear • Landing and Navigation Lights • 60 Amp Alternator • Good Glass • Hangared • All A.D.'s Complied • No Corrosion • All Logs

Metal Wings and Fuselage in Good Condition with Recent Imron Paint.

Interior is in Good Condition.


What a great Ercoupe! The owner is 83 years old and going to retire from flying. So, he called me to find a good home for his plane.

The LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) segment of aviation is exploding, with manufacturers rushing to bring planes to the market. If your plan is to get a Light Sport License and use it to fly around in your local area to punch a few holes in the clouds, this may be the perfect plane for you.

Financing is available here. Call me now to discuss this plane. Delivery is available.

In 1991, the pilot came in too slow on a short final, stalled, and nosed-over. Properly repaired and returned to service.
At the peak of production in 1946, Ercoupe was turning out 34 airplanes a day, beating the pants off Cessna and Piper.

Ercoupes that qualify for the Light Sport License are getting hard to find.

The Ercoupe (E and R coming from the company's name: Engineering and Research Corporation) was one of the most unusual-and controversial-light airplanes ever built. It was designed by Fred E. Weick, one of aviation's foremost engineers, who decided to solve with one bold stroke the biggest single cause of aviation fatalities: the stall, followed by spin, at altitudes too low to permit recovery. The Ercoupe was designed to be stall-proof and spin-proof.

The Ercoupe was noticeably faster than its contemporaries and quite comfortable and easy to fly. One nice touch was that the cockpit canopy could be opened in flight, producing much the same sensation as driving a convertible with the top down. It was a nice looking, aluminum fuselage with cloth wings, and it was true that it would neither stall nor spin. The major thrust of the sales effort was "anyone can fly," and cases without end were cited in which pilots who had never had a previous lesson soloed in three hours, or two, or even one. As some owners began to metalize the wings, the factory did produce some later models with metal wings.

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