Where are the airplanes for sale?

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I still arrange for ferry pilots to deliver airplanes, but I no longer broker aircraft for sale.

I sold light aircraft for over 20 years, but now, in my 70's, it is time to scale back a bit, do more of the things I enjoy, traveling with my wife in our motorhome, escaping the winter cold of Minnesota, and seeing the country.

Brokering aircraft is a full-time job. To do it right takes a lot of time, and in the past couple of years, I really have not been giving it the attention it needs. I have several friendly competitors that do a much better job at it, and I'm better off, and my clients are better served, by referring requests to sell planes to others that I trust to do a good job.

I'll still keep involved in aviation doing a couple of things, finding ferry pilots to deliver the airplanes others are buying and selling, and maintaining a couple of websites for aircraft brokers I know. Those are both activities I can do from our motorhome, anywhere I can get a cell phone signal and an internet connection.

The time to leave a party is when you're still having fun. I've enjoyed aircraft sales immensely, but it is time to leave it to others who do it best, and now do what I do best, arranging delivery of aircraft with qualified ferry pilots, with time to also enjoy my retirement years.

If you need a ferry pilot to deliver your airplane, call me and I'll find the right pilot to do the job. If your plane is for sale, call me as well, and I will refer you to an airplane broker I know and trust.