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March 20, 2008 Click here to mail this page to a friend.
Ignoring Clint Eastwood's advice in "Dirty Harry" that opinions, like certain body parts, are best kept to yourself.
Caution: May be NSFW.  Go Daddy pulled this commercial from everywhere on the internet that it could, including YouTube, but this website has it.Who's Your Daddy?

For some website operators, it is definitely not

I've been hearing complaints about Go Daddy (GD) for some time, but a couple of weeks ago a real skirmish erupted when they shut-down a website that enabled people tell the world about bad experiences with the cops. Until it disappeared, allowed citizens who felt they had been mis-treated in some way to spout-off about it. News articles like this one said the website made police fear for their personal safety.

Of course, when GD pulled the plug a day or two later, they came up with another reason, saying the website was "using too much bandwidth", but not giving the owner an opportunity to purchase more. The cop-rating website eventually was able to transfer their domain name to a server in the Czech Republic and they are back in business.

Whether or not a website telling all about the police should be allowed is a matter to debate, but that is not my purpose today. I'd more or less forgotten about the incident until last night, when a friend of mine told me his website had been shut-down by (yes... you're getting ahead of me) Go Daddy.

An article posted by my friend Jim on his own website entitled "Americans for America" caused the GD filters to capture it as a "syntax error" and shut the entire site down. The article told about Ron Paul's opinion of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, and encouraged readers to vote for Congressman Paul. Evidently, that is not acceptable to the new internet cop on the beat, Officer Go Daddy.

The article was removed, and Zip Zap Ads is back online. But, you can read it here on the Global Air website, safely stored and available on my non-GD server.

A website devoted to unhappy former GD users is at

Global Air Aviation Referral Service

I welcome responses, and will be glad to post them here. Email your remarks to

If a site provided a forum for people to rate school teachers on line without being identified, what kind of stink do you think would erupt from the left wingers of the world. Your bias is showing.

Dave in Florida

My bias is showing? I raised the question as to whether or not the police website was a good idea or not, if you read the 3rd paragraph above. As for school teachers being rated ... actually, there are at least a couple of websites that do just that. Check out and .

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Showing the power they have, police act quickly to shut-down a website that allowed citizens to tell about bad experiences with police officers.

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