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Need a Ferry Pilot? Call me.

Trips needing pilots

We have trips needing pilots.  Click here to learn more.

I can arrange for a pilot to deliver your plane.

If you need your plane delivered, call me at 763-389-9399 and I will put you in direct contact with a qualified pilot who can do the job. Fees
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Some of our Ferry Pilots
Here is a brief thumbnail sketch of some of the pilots already signed-up with our service:
Single and multi-engine commercial instrument rating with approximately 2,000 hours of total time and 500 in multi-engine aircraft. Taildragger experience.

A 1000 hour pilot with a CFI rating, qualified and with considerable time in single and multi-engine aircraft.

6900 flight hours in all variety of single and multi-engine aircraft. Air Force pilot for 10 years.

A pilot with a major airline, Steve is also a CFI II with thousands of hours in various aircraft.

Lots of multi and single engine time, including over 1,100 hours in a Baron.

Thousands of hours of flight time in both single and multi-engine

An experienced pilot with lots of time in light aircraft, and enjoys cross-country flights.

A former Airline Captain with thousands of hours of flight time in a variety of aircraft.

If you are an experienced pilot, call me at 763-389-9399 to find out about ferrying planes for Global Air.

We are always looking for good pilots, especially those with special skills, like having taildragger experience. Call me now.

Ferry Pilot Fees

Fees are set by the individual pilots, but are typically $250 to $350 a day, depending upon the aircraft and the distance involved, plus gas, meals, and motel.

Tipping the pilot for a job well done is customary. Payments are generally made directly to the pilot in cash, although some may authorize us to accept payments on a credit card on their behalf.

Want to estimate what all of this might cost? Figure the distance involved, and what your fuel expense might be. Add to that $250 to $350 a day (the ferry pilot's fee) , and an estimate meals, motel, needed charts, needed ground transportation, and my fee (see below).

Please remember to tip the pilot a job well done. $50 to $100 or more isn't out of line, especially on a long flight.

The total cost of a cross-country airplane delivery can be around $1 or so a mile, while shorter flights are going to cost more, of course, given the fixed costs involved. Some planes cruise at faster speeds and take more fuel, but use less motel, meals, and pilot time. Often, the plane is full of fuel at the beginning of the trip, courtesy of the seller, saving the buyer some cost, and pilots tned to fly longer into the evening during the Summer months, covering more distance per-day. Winter trips, on the other hand, tend to take longer and are more expensive. Also, VFR flights often require the purchase of charts, where IFR-equipped planes often have modern GPS equipment, saving that expense. If expensive charts are necessary, we need to pass that expense on to the client, and quote "so much a day for the pilot, plus fuel and charts"...

My Fee

If this is a plane you are buying from me, my charges are waived. You will only be responsible for the fees and expenses billed directly by the Ferry Pilot.

I charge a fee to line-up the flight. In the lower 48 states, generally $125 for single engine aircraft in the lower 48 states, more for more complex or rare or unusual aircraft that require lengthy searches for qualified pilots.

Over-water or foreign trips, or if you require a CFI to accompany you, or an A&P mechanic to inspect the plane before ferrying it, generally result in additional fees.

Charge our fee to a Credit Card or bank account using
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I am easy to get in touch with.The benefits of ferrying bombers over the Atlantic were irresistible, a vital and important job, a chance to fly the latest aircraft, and big pay. But, the risks were colossal.

After taking early retirement from banking in 1993, I work from my motorhome as my wife and I travel around the country, and can be reached early and late, 7 days a week at:

763-389-9399 Cell Phone


I look forward to hearing from you !


I am acting as your agent in this transaction, placing you in touch with a pilot who can ferry your aircraft. Whatever arrangement you make with the pilot is between the two of you, and you agree that I am not responsible in anyway for your aircraft or the transaction. It is your responsibility to approve the pilot as qualified to fly the plane and make the deal, and your responsibility to provide proper insurance coverage, expenses, and pilot compensation.

All parties, including pilot, aircraft owner, and anyone else involved agree that I am simply providing contact with pilots willing to ferry aircraft, do not warranty the qualifications or abilities of pilots presented, and am held harmless from all subsequent actions.

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For more information, call us at 763-389-9399.

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