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David Arthur Johnson's His last purchases-beer, cigarettes, pot-occurred 18 years ago, he says, on his 31st birthday. He claims he hasn't spent any money since. It's true, his friends say, no money at all. Hundreds of patents show SARS-CoV-2 is a manmade virus that has been tinkered with for decades. Much of the research was funded by the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and may have been an outgrowth of attempts to develop an HIV vaccine. Flight attendants have definitely been dealing with difficult passengers forever — and they swap battle stories of drunken, frisky, or just plain disgusting flyers. Historically, the O’odham inhabited an enormous area of land in the southwest, extending South to Sonora, Mexico, north to Central Arizona (just north of Phoenix, Arizona), west to the Gulf of California, and east to the San Pedro River. This land base was known as the Papagueria and it had been home to the O’odham for thousands of years.
An Iranian intelligence officer and three alleged members of an Iranian intelligence network have been charged in Manhattan with plotting to kidnap a prominent Iranian opposition activist and writer in exile and take her back to Tehran. My 100% Norwegian friend Dave knows, but do you know the difference between Sardines and Herring? Hey, not every one of our daily homepage articles is about politics or rocket science, here is some genuine trivia. The FBI has asked Americans to examine their own family members for signs of ''homegrown violent extremism,'' and report them. The call for snitches comes as the FBI turns its surveillance powers on regular Americans. My dog died in March, so when I hit the road West in May, I borrowed my son Joe's dog ''Buster'' for company on the trip.
From 2008: The odds that a potentially devastating space rock will hit Earth this century may be as high as one in 10. So why isn’t NASA trying harder to prevent catastrophe? The president’s fabricated panic had lots of hyperbole but few specifics. This epic painting, created by 17 German artists in 1886, depicts the Battle of Atlanta, a pivotal moment in the war between the North and South. Forty-nine feet tall, weighing in at 10,000 pounds and longer than a football field. If anyone knows about State sponsored censorship, it is Dinesh D'Souza, who President Obama had arrested for violating campaign finance laws, even though Obama had violated the same laws three times himself without being arrested.
Are the stories compiled by this author ''miracles'', or are they just events that accidently happened? You decide. This tough little horse, derived from the horses of Portugal and Spain, has been present in this rugged mountain area for nearly 200 years. If lost, the herd cannot be restored; and so its biological viability, together with its history, must be preserved. Rockefeller was responsible for gathering together a large section of parkland in this beautiful area amidst a furor of ranchers and land holders. Putting together a series of real estate deals, Rockefeller's Snake River Land Company was able to amass 35,000 acres of Jackson Hole properties. Marketed as “the most dramatic, comfortable, convenient and unique RV in the world,” the Heli-Camper wasn’t an actual Winnebago RV converted into a flying machine, but a giant helicopter decked as a home.
President Biden and his handlers are taking full crediit that this July Fourth will serve as a breakthrough moment in the nation’s recovery from the Wuhan engineered virus. There is significant pushback by Native Americans against so-called Pretendians or Pretend Indians, including the passage of a national law prohibiting non-Native people from marketing themselves as ''Indian''.  Tombstone is a Western classic for good reason. Though many actors have solid performances within it, Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday is a standout role. Look for someone who is obsessed with race, always talking about it, tweeting about it, and screaming at other people about it. It's a clear sign of a Critical Race Theory disciple.
Since the vaccines began being distributed some of the side effects have included severe allergic reactions including anaphylaxis, seizures and convulsions, persistent headache and migraine, paralysis and sudden death within hours or days. Because we were fighting ourselves, all the casualties were ours. An estimated 50,000 Americans were wounded or killed during the three day battle at Gettysburg. The ''Wild West'' that America fell in love with didn't exist. It was invented by Buffalo Bill — who himself was a character invented by the eccentric William F. Cody. Questionable, inebriated art critics have referred to Custer’s Last Fight as the most viewed piece of artwork in the history of America.
The CEO of Mutual of Omaha, V.J. Skutt, agreed to sponsor the program because he felt a TV show that featured animals in their natural habitats would inspire viewers to become interested in wildlife preservation. During the Inquisition, two Dominican friars published the book, Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches) promoting the idea that women are ievil and form pacts with the devil. The book incited church authorities to murder 60,000 victims for witchcraft in the 16th and 17th centuries. Suffice it to say, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is no fan of “woke” Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. With Great American Adventures, riders take the trails less traveled on horseback, and are encouraged to wear period-correct clothing.  You will be accompanied by knowledgeable historians and wranglers.
This article explores 11 signs that death is approaching. It goes on to look at the signs that indicate a person has died and discusses how to cope with the death of a loved one. If you want your clock to be as accurate as possible, you have to go for an atomic wall clock. Atomic clocks, sometimes called radio-controlled clocks, pick up the signal of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's atomic clock from a radio transmitter in Fort Collins, Colorado. By asking a simple-sounding question — What is the summit? — the researchers are raising doubts about past accomplishments and raising standards for future ones. Maybe they are making us all reconsider just what it means to reach the top. On December 29,1890 Wounded Knee was a brutal massacre, with an estimated 150 Indians killed (some historians put this number at twice as high), nearly half of them women and children. The cavalry lost 25 men.
A doctor captures stunning photos of galaxies two million light-years away from his back. Syed Taha, 29, has captured Comet Neowise, nebulae, constellations, and galaxies as far as two million light-years away.
The Iowa Tenderloin Trail features 12 unforgettable sandwiches while celebrating the passionate families around the state who work diligently to provide safe, affordable and delicious pork. You don’t have to take our word for it though, take on the trail and experience the tasty tenderloin goodness for yourself !
See the Russo video.
Parents worried their kids are being indoctrinated with critical race theory can't get straight answers. Local school boards and principals lie to them, claiming children are merely being taught to be ''critical thinkers''.  In 1971, the Wild and Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act passed through both houses of Congress unanimously — with not a single dissenting vote. The act makes it plain: Wild horses are “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West.
Younger women marrying older men should know CPR. Or, maybe not. Growing as a cub scout, boy scout, and eagle scout,, with lots of camping trips, I thought everybody knew how to make S'Mores, but I guess not. Here is the recipe. It didn't take me long to figure out that if you have something in your RV that you aren't using, and it is too good to just throw away, if you leave it in a RV park, somebody else will grab it. I've found some great items over the years, and have left a lot of things I no longer needed. Logbooks represent a sacred bond between aviators and insurance companies, but as a flight instructor the author has seen a lot of weird stuff, including creative math, on those pages and put some there himself.
The least visited park in the lower 48 has no roads, no cars, and empty hiking trails, and it’s home to moose, wolves, part of Lake Superior, and beautiful forests. Order this beautiful print from Lantern Press. The least visited park in the lower 48 has no roads, no cars, and empty hiking
Let someone else have the chance you missed. Maybe it will be a trip you always meant to take but which eventually becomes impossible. When it's too late for you, give someone younger what you always wanted.
The logical outcome of these progressive policies won’t be the world King dreamed of — where ''the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.''
Cicadas are delicious, if you’re a rat, or even a human (WHAT??) , but then they go away. When that happens, rats will inevitably go looking for new food sources, like your garbage.
Nomadland, the Oscar winner directed by Chloé Zhao, has earned wide praise for its inclusion of real life nomads who travel the West in vans and RVs. It has also received criticism from people who wish it was tougher on Amazon, a corporate behemoth that appears prominently early in the film. The Cancel Culture would like to destroy everything they don't happen to like. Some of us enjoy learning about Southern history. If you don't like Stone Mountain, please don't go there. Schizophrenia has a major impact in many ways. People may talk and not make sense, or they make up words. They may be agitated or show no expression. Many have trouble keeping themselves or their homes clean, like doing dishes. Remember the 1986 movie ''Top Gun''? Kelly McGillis was 5 years older than Tom Cruise, but looks much more than that now. Why do some people continue to look young?
The Hamm's Beer bear was a cartoon mascot used in television production and print advertisements for the beer. The animated character was the first of its kind in the beer industry.  But wait, there's more ... Historically, it has been called the Tulsa Race Riot. Some say it was given that name at the time for insurance purposes. Designating it a riot prevented insurance companies from having to pay benefits. Of course, we’re all familiar with warning signs. We see them on the roads, in stores, and in many other public places. Most of the time they’re pretty standard-looking, but sometimes you’ll see warning signs that are out of the ordinary and even amusing. Biden's nominee for ATF Director could be a character right out of the 2002 movie ''Minority Report'', where people are arrested because they''might'' commit a crime in the future. Even some Democrats are concerned about approving such an anti-gun nut.
Whether those who voted for the current president want to admit it or not, the American public is starting to catch on as to what is happening, and they don't like what they are finding out. If you're like many guys, it's not for lack of trying. You might be spending hours clicking profiles and messaging women on dating sites. You sometimes get a response, but rarely from anyone you actually want to date. The Da Vinci Code was a phenomenal success based on a conspiracy theory about a secret cult called the Priory of Sion, involving Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail, and the kings of France in a scheme create a Christian theocracy throughout Europe. But is it true? Rather than advising someone to sell shovels and pick axes during a gold rush, better advice from the San Francisco Gold Rush might be to import shovels from abroad. Or speculate in real estate. Or just work hard painting houses. Anything but mining for gold.
1000 participants were asked to describe a secret they were keeping. These were then reviewed by a researcher, who manually created 38 broad categories into which these could fall. Each year, Texas’s Sweetwater Jaycees''the world’s largest rattlesnake roundup''begins with a rattlesnake parade. There’s also a Miss Snake Charmer pageant, a snake eating contest, and awards for the most snakes by weight and the longest snake in the show. ''I said, ‘Forgive me, sir,’ and plucked the cigar out of his mouth. By the time I got back to my camera, he looked so belligerent he could have devoured me. It was at that instant that I took the photograph.'' Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that she will grant individual interviews only to journalists of color. She slammed the media for not sufficiently addressing ''institutionalized racism''.
Pablo Picasso's ''Woman sitting by a window'' sold recently for $103 million at Christie's in New York. Pretty amazing, when you consider that, as a young artist, he was forced to burn paintings to stay warm in freezing Paris. The location of this small island nation, along with its people and economy, played an unexpected and crucial role in the outcome of the Second World War. With 17 curatorial departments, 2.2 million square feet of space, and more than 2 million works in its permanent collections, the Metropolitan Museum of Art—colloquially known as The Met—contains more treasures than most visitors will ever be able to see in a lifetime. A program created after 9/11 to protect the flying public is being abused by Congress, according to an association representing federal air marshals, essentially creating, in their words, a VIP ''concierge service'' for members.
Publix's chicken tender sub is actually known across Florida and most of the surrounding southern states as being a legend of a sandwich. Maxi-Mag is considered to be one of the most accurate 22 WMR cartridges currently available on the market. The jacketed hollow-point design of the bullet allows the projectile to transfer nearly all of its energy into the target upon impact. When blacks were just one generation out of slavery, the census data of that era showed that slightly higher percentage of black adults had married than had white adults. A young woman has attracted a huge audience on TikTok after sharing words of wisdom from her protective father—who happens to be a Secret Service agent. One of his lessons, she claims, saved her life.
Maxine Waters (Democratic Party) is a member of the U.S. House, representing California's 43rd Congressional District. She assumed office in 1991. Her current term ends on January 3, 2023. What started as a fun little challenge quickly grew to a global phenomenon. Now, people from around the world are keeping tabs on the battle. We might never know the true origin of this deadly game, but we can assume it is most likely much more widespread than we initially thought. It is possible to live in airports because they do offer many of the basic amenities needed for survival: food, water, bathrooms and shelter. And while airport operations do not necessarily run 24/7, airport terminals often open very early in the morning and stay open until very late at night.
The warehouse stored more than 50 million pounds of food, including cheese, Oscar Mayer meats, and Swiss Colony products. The buildings that burned contained 10 to 15 million pounds of government surplus butter, If you have no life, but want to see if your favorite movie, television, or political personalities do, this is the website for you. The 1960s Great Society and War on Poverty programs of President Johnson have been a colossal failure. One might make the argument that social welfare programs are the moral path for a modern government. They are not, in any way, effective at alleviating poverty. Show your mom how much you care by impressing her with some fun facts about the history and first celebration of Mother's Day, like these.
The animals with the most attacks and fatalities, by far, have been bison. While bears maul their victims, bison gore them. They have also been known to attack cars, and in a few cases flipping them over. In 2012, a Rochester Institute of Technology graduate skyrocketed into fame while providing American Sign Language interpretation during New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s nationally watched news conferences. The video takes place at San Francisco International Airport, with the planes use two sets of intersecting parallel runways 28L and 28R, and 1R and 1L. The landing strips are 750 feet apart, so tandem arrivals and departures are frequent at the airport. Black Lives Matter isn’t about black lives. It ignores the 8,000 to 9,000 black lives taken by other blacks every year in minority communities across the nation. Those black lives, and the lives of African American police officers, don’t matter.
Many German words are untranslatable, hard to find a direct translation for, including this word: ''Morgenmuffel''. According to the Department of the Interior, they are concerned about the growth of the bison herd on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and the impact on park resources such as water, vegetation, soils, and archaeological sites. The owner of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, formed a foundation, and when he passed away in 1960, control went to five trustees who give the profits, after expenses, to an unknown number of charitable causes. The plan was to use thousands of the nocturnal creatures fitted with bombs and dropped over Japan during the day, safe in the knowledge they would seek out the dark loft spaces of homes which were mostly made from wood and paper.
Wright's planned long criminal career was shortened when he was accidently shot by police while attempting to escape during an arrest for failing to appear in court. He'd been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, fleeing from police, and possession of a handgun without a permit. Blacks constituted 62 percent of all robbery defendants in America's 75 largest counties in 2009, 57 percent of all murder defendants and 45 percent of all assault defendants, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, even though blacks comprise only 15 percent of the population in those counties. Major League Baseball’s decision to move its all-star game out of Atlanta is more evidence that the 2020 election was compromised. Otherwise, Democratic Party officials and operatives wouldn’t have targeted MLB and big Atlanta-based corporations after Georgia’s Republican-controlled legislature passed a law limiting future opportunities for election fraud. Ladies, your bodies are built to run. Your bra should be too. Just tell this company what you like — and don’t like, and they'll find your perfect match.
You know you're from Minnesoota when you're at gatherings and say ''goodbye'' to everyone, then leave 3 hours later. Known as ''The Minnesoota Goodbye''. For example, in January, 2007, when Biden announced his presidential bid, the Delaware Senator was roundly criticized for calling Obama ''the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man.'' Only an occasional motorcade or a van of reporters glided up or down the streets of the lake-and-tree-covered subdivision of North Oaks, Minnesota. The suburb is so preoccupied with security that the entire 5,100-acre subdivision is private property. Even the streets are owned by a property owners association, with signs warning that all except residents are trespassers. As Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups nationwide have been burning and looting cities the 82-year-old degenerate representative Waters called on the mobs to be ''more confrontational''.
Bereavement is not linear. It takes multiple forms at different times in one’s life. It is influenced, among other things, by the strength of our attachment to the lost loved one and how central he or she was to our lives. Bereavement never really ends. Social ostracism has been a common punishment for millennia. But freezing someone out harms both the victim and the perpetrator. Slim might be in elsewhere but for Ethiopia’s Bodi or Me’en people, bigger is always better. The tribe, which lives in a remote corner of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, is home to an unusual ritual which sees young men gorge on cow’s blood and milk in a bid to be crowned the fattest man. Around 25 years ago, a Montana truck driver by the name of Bill Sprout got a rather unique call that brought him right into the middle into one of the most unique and largest crime stories in the state of Montana—the arrest of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, at his cabin in Lincoln.
The pilot assumed he had been the victim of a bird strike, but the accident investigation revealed another cause: In his fast descent, the pilot had actually flown into his own stream of 20-millimeter cannon rounds. The particular phenomenon Nomadland explores seems to have sprung up after the Great Recession of 2008, much like the Okies in The Grapes of Wrath hit the road during the Great Depression of the ’30s. Lacking a safety net, these people do what they gotta do to live another day. Originally country music shared structural similarities with folk tales. The performances were usually live and the songs and instrumentation would vary depending on the geographical location. Listening to traditional country music allowed one to learn about the history and culture of that area. Martha Gellhorn reported on virtually every major world conflict that took place during her 60-year career. She was the third wife of American novelist Ernest Hemingway, the only one to ask him for a divorce.
Your cat (or dog) knows something you don't. Napping is incredibly beneficial for the body and mind, and not just animals are privy to this. Europeans have long been fans of siestas, many influential politicians have championed a midday snooze and now forward-thinking tech giants like Google have installed sleep pods at their offices. The particulars of Georgia’s voting law are so banal upon examination that it’s hard to avoid concluding the speed displayed by the press in its effort to disseminate misinformation was a tactic. Twin Beds in 30 seconds! Both front seat backs recline to fill space between front and rear seats, creating roomy Twin Beds for hunters, fishermen—everyone who travels. What you might not have known then is that Mary Anning was arguably the greatest fossil hunter of them all In Victorian England. In an era of amateur scientists, fossil hunters were nearly always men.
The internet is full of websites offering theories about how Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016. Don't worry, the ''DuckDuckGo'' search engine does not save anything, so the government spooks won't know you looked. Or, so they say. The holiday is about much more than a celebration of spring. The Rev. Rick Joyner is a famous evangelical leader who has called on Christians to arm themselves for an inevitable civil war against liberals, whom he suggests are allies of the devil. The executive actions Biden has taken in the first days of his administration include halting funding for the construction of Trump’s border wall, reversing Trump’s travel ban targeting largely Muslim countries, imposing a mask mandate on federal property, ramping up vaccination supplies and requiring international travelers to provide proof of negative Covid-19 tests prior to traveling to the United States.
Before being chosen, jurors were asked their opinions about George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, police, racial discrimination and last summer's protests. If you feel an evil sort of glee at the slip-ups of another, are you a bad person? Just about all of us experience schadenfreude at some point in our lives. The world celebrates April Fool's Day by pranking each other, making false announcements on the internet, and other such tomfoolery. But, we Christians Know the true meaning of the holiday, as we somberly recall the brutal martyrdom of St. April O'Fool in 723 A.D. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., is under investigation by the Department of Justice over whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid her to travel with him, sources told the New York Times.
Russian President Vladimir Putin challenged President Biden to a debate after Joe called him ''a killer''. ''It takes one to know one,'' Putin responded. ''We always see our own traits in other people and think they are like how we really are.'' During WWI, a group of 12 people undertook the journey of a lifetime. A 5,000 mile, 76-day loop which can aptly be described as ''a lariat lassoing the scenic wonders of the west''. These scenic wonders were the 13 national parks that were currently in existence at that time. William Shatner's most famous role is James Tiberius Kirk in Star Trek. His beloved portrayal as the captain of the Enterprise has made him one of sci-fi's biggest icons, so it's pretty shocking to hear that the man has now revealed he's never actually seen the show that turned him into a star. These are Omakase strawberries, a varietal previously found only in the foothills of the Japanese Alps in winter. They have twice as much sugar content as the average American strawberry, an airier texture, and unexposed seeds. They are creamy, and also profoundly aromatic.
Stare at the girl's nose for 30 seconds, then look at a blank wall, the ceiling, or a blank white screen.. Biden administration's message: Don't come now. Come next week. We can give you more stuff. Denny Crane is a legendary lawyer and named law firm partner, who, by his own admission, suffers from what he calls ''Mad Cow Disease'', and it causes him to get into the most unbelievable situations, usually involving women. What might be the most popular column in the Estero Bay, California newspaper is the Police Blotter.
American pistachios contain significant amounts of melatonin, much higher than other fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, and seeds. Why is this important? SLEEP! Listen to Limerick City Community Radio, playing Irish music all day. Everyone wants someone who is approachable and smiling is the cheapest way to do that. If you are older, say 70, don't post a photo taken when you were 60, and date your photos so your prospects know these are reasonably current photographs. Well, we could have predicted this, turns out that the covid-19 virus can be spread by farting.
The author of this New York Times op-ed piece is a compliete idiot who has 1st Amendment rights, but if you question his wisdom you are a racist. Get it? Mountain Dew is a refreshing soft drink that is particularly popular with kids. However, the inventors of Mountain Dew actually intended it to be an alcoholic mixer that could be paired with a variety of different spirits. Many of these facilities opened under President Barack Obama, leading Trump to ask Biden in a debate, ''Who built the cages, Joe?'' But the media blamed it all on Trump, who found a better way, working with Mexican and Central American governments to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Agreements Biden has unilaterally junked. The Chief Joseph Ranch, in honor of the Nez Perce chief and his journey through the property. Today, the ranch serves as the home of the fictional Dutton Ranch on Paramount Network's TV series ''Yellowstone''.
The system was tested every Saturday. But on that Saturday in 1971, a real message, not a test message, came over the special teletype network that sat inside every radio and TV station. ''Message authenticator: hatefulness, hatefulness'', it read. ''This is an emergency action notification (EAN) directed by the President. Normal broadcasting will cease immediately.'' The Canadian passport has potentially earned the unexpected distinction of being the coolest passport to pull out at a rave. The pages of the new passport (released in mid-2013) are covered in fun and colorful UV-reactive hidden images that can only be seen under a blacklight. Governor Cuomo was at the forefront of America's reckoning with the COVID-19 pandemic. He became a global celebrity, he wrote a book about his leadership prowess, then accepted an Emmy Award. And, he still found time to sexually harass his female subordinates.  If you were to believe the controlled mainstream media, you might believe that white supremacy is a growing and imminent threat to our society, that neo-Nazis hide around every corner, and that blacks and other minorities live in fear of persecution.
Delta has told its pilots it plans to have them all back to flying status by October to get ready for a return to more normal operations. At Kingman Air Force Base in Arizona, 5,500 aircraft were stored and scrapped after the war. Many vehicles were sold for metal and parts, others were repurposed for civilian use. Americans were so eager to get their hands on cheap Jeeps that auto companies urged the government to leave them overseas, fearing they would cut into new car sales. If you plan on visiting any National Parks this year, Yellowstone is a perfect place to start. The author tells you how you can see the best attractions in as little as 2 days in the park. If you prefer moving at a slower pace, include camping or hiking, you might want to spread out the itinerary to 3 or 4 days. In 1954, the United States Federal Civil Defense Agency instituted an exercise called Operation Alert, a civil defense drill that took place on the same day in major cities. Citizens were required to take cover for fifteen minutes. Civil defense officials tested their readiness and their communications systems, and federal officials practiced evacuating from the capital.
In an almost-true story of older Americans living in their vans, Frances McDormand plays a woman who is both free spirit and labor-market refugee.  An inspiring film that is not to be missed. 2021 will bring the 10th anniversary of the popular uprising that began Syria's civil war. The Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad, has gassed the innocent, bombed hospitals and schools, and made thousands disappear. Sadly, Assad and his regime may never be prosecuted for the acts of terror he perpetrated against his own people. An old joke, but a serious article about the science of PMS, and some advice for men on how to be more compassionate to their partners during this time. Origami is an awe-inspiring Japanese artform that uses a single square piece of paper to create everything from paper cranes to little boats that float. But one artist from Finland is taking his origami creations to the next level with incredibly intricate figurines created from just a single sheet of paper.
In the modern era, the question of awakening the president has the potential to be a political issue, as the famous 2008 Hillary Clinton 3 a.m. television commercial suggested. China is using a coronavirus diagnostic tool: anal swabs. The test involves a patient bending over, putting one hand on the back of a nearby surface, and using the other to spread their cheeks apart while the doctor or nurse inserts a saline-soaked cotton swab one-to-two inches inside their rectum and swirls it to collect a sample. Did Investigators Solve The Pan Am Flight 914 Mystery of 1955? The story was reported exclusively in ''The Weekly World News'', a newspaper that published fictional news to attract readers. Hey, wait a minute ... rs. Biden ran a stop sign. A terrible event, but Joe's story about how the truck driver ''drank his lunch''  got better with each retelling over the years, ruining the life of the innocent truck driver.
A U.S. House commission is currently studying remedies, including compensation and education of the American public, on the legacy of slavery. In 1865 the idea was floated about giving each freed slave ''40 acres and a mule''. The price has gone up considerably since that idea, and could be several hundred thousand dollars per person. In 2011, many long-haul flight times were dramatically reduced as planes were allowed to take a short cut over the North Pole. Changes in aviation rules, which apply to twin-engine jets such as a Boeing 777 and 787, meant  passengers could reach exotic destinations without making a stop, and during the flights be treated to stunning views of the Arctic. Newly declassified documents reveal that in November 1983, at the height of Cold War tensions, the United States and the Soviet Union came closer to nuclear war than historians, and even many officials at the time, have known until now. Pilots have their own secret language. here's what they're really saying. Do you know who ''George'' is? He's up there with the regular pilots, and is flying the plane.
After you've had your Covid vaccine, you'll want to subscribe to the Metro Weekly, who published this article. It provides LGBTQ news coverage for existing homosexuals and those who've just discovered they're gay after getting the shot. Ahh ... Just the nose and mouth, Mr. President. Known as the 'Cadaver Synod' , the posthumous trial of Pope Formosus resulted from the chaos of the ninth century as factions battled for control of the church. For the new breed of teachers, Shakespeare is seen less as an icon of literature and more as a tool of imperial oppression, an author who should be dissected in class or banished from the curriculum entirely.
Yellowstone's 'Zone of Death': The 50-square-mile district in Idaho where 'you can get away with murder' because it has no people and no one to sit on a jury. In an interview, Judy Carnes said, ''I’m a 1960s flowerchild who has refused to grow up,'' she once said,  ''Mature and responsible are words I don’t understand.'' . Polls show that white people rarely think about race and non-white people spend a lot of time thinking about it and they think about it in different ways. This imbalance creates a hostile environment that leave non-white people raging and white people either scared or indifferent. Because in their eyes, for non-white people it's 'always' about race. And perhaps it is. A cell phone app that’s flown under the radar for even die-hard music lovers. Radio Garden is a free app for iPhones and Android devices that brings in tens of thousands of radio stations broadcasting live 24 hours a day.
Yellen has been paid $7.2 million in speaking fees since 2019 by a long list of corporations, including many major banks and investment firms. One of them is Citadel, from which she got $810,000 for two speeches and a series of ''webinars''. What would Wilfred Brimley say about all of this? Why do so many people believe that Michelle ''Michael'' Obama is a biological man? the late Pierre Salinger, Kennedy and Johnson's press secretary, was said to believe everything he read on the internet, and would have loved this story. The last B-52 rolled off the assembly line in October 1962, but has been given a new lease of life by the Pentagon in what some predict will be a new Cold War against the twin threats of China and Russia.
The Wisconsin pharmacist who intentionally sabotaged hundreds of doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine because he thought COVID-19 was a hoax, also believes the earth is flat and the sky is actually a ''shield put up by the Government to prevent individuals from seeing God''. The 79-year-old Vermont senator became the toast of social media after being pictured in a low-key parka and multicolored hand-knit mittens during President Biden’s inauguration. Before Covid-19 hit, there had been widespread pilot shortages that had driven up demand for aviators and led to improving pay and conditions. Now, according to a survey, 82% of unemployed pilots would take a pay cut for a new opportunity. According to the former Dr. Richard Levine, who now goes by Rachel, she knew she wanted to be a girl, and said she had a midlife crisis during her 40s and began seeing a therapist. ''What is comes down to is I decided to live my life with no secrets ... with no fear.''
The Peters Projection world map is one of the most stimulating, and controversial, images of the world. When this map was first introduced by historian and cartographer Dr. Arno Peters at a Press Conference in Germany in 1974 it generated a firestorm of debate. The first English-version of the map was published in 1983, and it continues to have passionate fans as well as staunch detractors. The world knew almost immediately about the eruption of Mount Krakatoa in 1883 because of the telegraph. But, in 1815, another volcano in the Pacific Ocean was much bigger and did much more damage. A friend of mine admitted he hadn't read any of the emails I sent him recently. So, I put him in ''Email Jail'' and didn't send him another one for several days. Then, reason set in, and I realized I was the guy who should be in that cell. Roll out of bed, hop into your plane, and head straight to the airport. All without leaving your neighborhood.
This article was written before Antifa, Black Lives Matter More Than White Lives, and defunding of the police made the city darn-near uninhabitable. This frozen waffle hack is ridiculously simple, yet totally ingenious. Surprisingly, there's no toaster involved, despite the directions printed on the box from literally every pre-made waffle company advising otherwise. Africa is larger than the combination of China, the United States. Western Europe, India, Argentina, three Scandinavian countries and the British Isles. ''Just do as I say, and nobody gets hurt.''
Can we celebrate a holiday without symbols? No more corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day? Martin Luther King, Jr. may have indeed loved fried chicken, but would he choose it today to empower his people? According to the author, Dr. King was a profoundly dishonest charlatan who regularly associated with criminals, traitors, and other deviants, both for reasons of personal gratification and as part of a quest to destroy White America. Richard Nixon didn't want his re-election event ruined by a bunch of pigeon poop all over the place, so he paid $13,000 for a repellent that was supposed to make them fly away. Instead, it killed them, and there were dead birds everywhere. When you believe everything you read on the internet, you are said to have ''Pierre Salinger Syndrome''. Salinger was convinced that TWA flight 800 was accidently shot down by the U.S. Navy, because of articles he read on the internet.
Gawker had been a zombie site since the summer of 2016, after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a lawsuit brought by Terry Bollea, the wrestler known as Hulk Hogan. The site had published a sex tape of Hogan and his friend's wife. Boys growing up in Minnesota in the 1940's and 1950's knew about Polka King ''Whoopee John Wilfahrt'', and so did all of their fathers. Even though Biden knew many of these people would be murdered for helping us during the war, he opposed any financial aid to get them out of the country. In 1933, titans of banking and business decided to overthrow the U.S. government and install a dictator who was more business friendly than Franklin Roosevelt. After all, they reasoned, that had been working well in Italy.
A supervillain, an assassin, a mountain car chase and an Aston Martin equipped with gadgetry -- the Alpine scenes in 1964's ''Goldfinger'' set a new benchmark for the archetypal James Bond sequence. An ad-lib from the late comedian John Candy saw the comedy Planes, Trains, and Automobiles taking on a sadder context. As Candy ad-libs a line confessing he has no home, and the wife he'd been talking about the whole film had been dead for eight years, he memorable twist leads to a re-written ending, and a long lasting effect on Steve Martin. Love his commercials, or hate them, Mike Lindell has shown Americans that anyone can become a success if they have a goal and work hard to achieve it. Best-selling author and radio talk-show host Larry Elder has a take-no-prisoners style, using such old-fashioned things as evidence and logic.
While the game of tic tac toe may appear simple, that is deceptive. How to win the game requires strategic thinking and planning to win the game or force a draw. Every New Year’s Eve, after the champagne has been popped, the ball has dropped, and everyone is feeling very merry indeed, revelers queue up the same song they’ve been queuing up for decades. Samuel Little confessed to 93 murders, mostly women who he thought would never be missed. Little, who had health problems, died in prison in 2020 of natural causes at age 80,  In 430-429 BC, Athens was devastated by a mysterious epidemic. Tens of thousands of people died, perhaps as many as one-third of Athenians.  Society was ravaged, and the military, which was in the early stages of a brutal twenty-seven-year war against Sparta, was debilitated for many years. The catastrophe contributed to Athens’s shattering defeat, in 404 B.C. by the Spartans, and the end of their democracy.
Hemisphere is a secretive program run by AT&T that searches trillions of call records and analyzes cellular data to determine where a target is located, with whom he speaks, and potentially why. That teenage bully who was the terror in your high school grew up and he just got better at it. Either we have cured ''the flu'', or the case and death numbers, for financial and other reasons, are being rolled into the current Covid-19 outbreak. There are reasons banks pushed forward with ATMs, including not having to lengthen banking hours, reducing congestion in bank branches, postponing or even eliminating the need to open new branches while still maintaining a physical presence, and, of course, cutting labor costs.
It Was A Skid Row Christmas: Feeding some of the 50,000 Homeless in Los Angeles. With Thanksgiving behind us and the turkey consumed, we all look forward to the greatest time of year: Christmas! Could the bombing be the result of a recent revelation that AT&T has been spying on the American people and selling the information to the government? Winston Churchill is widely considered to be one of the greatest speakers of the 20th century. Among his most famous speeches were those in 1940 when Churchill rallied a nation with his words and optimism.
Dusk is a period of time, whereas Sunset is an event. In other words, dusk is a process by which day becomes night and sunset is the specific point where the sun drops below the horizon and out of view. Dec. 19 - More snow - couldn't get out of the driveway to get to work in time. I'm exhausted from all of the shoveling. And that snowplow!  Mummering, or mumming, is a Christmas-time house-visiting tradition practiced in Newfoundland, Ireland and parts of the United Kingdom. Also known as mumming or janneying, it typically involves a group of friends or family who dress in disguise and visit homes within their community or neighboring communities during the twelve days of Christmas. Four out of 45 US presidents have been assassinated over the course of American history.  But many more chief executives escaped assassination attempts thanks to heroic bystanders, diligent guards, misfiring pistols, and crazy luck.
What a bunch of ingrates. 20 Most Dangerous Places For Gay Travelers, And The 5 Safest. (Nigeria is definitely the most dangerous, the penalty for being a homosexual can be death.) In every election year there is  a shortage of ammo or prices skyrocket. When the incumbent is a Republican, there is a rush to buy ammo before the election. Fear of a Democrat winning and then favoring gun control leads to increased ammunition purchases. I'll bet you had no idea that there are 4 regular flashlight batteries inside one of those big 6 volters. What other products have hidden secrets?
The number one rule of using a snow blower is NEVER EVER STICK YOUR HAND INTO THE EXIT CHUTE to clear out stuck snow, or you're going to spend the rest of your life being called ''3 fingers Fred'' or ''Lefty''. Carlson argues Christmas was seen as something that was ''bigger'' than politics and elected figures. For that reason, there seems to be an effort to cancel it. Sources inside the Kamala Harris camp are saying she's livid about the TIME Magazine cover naming her person of the year, since some old guy wandered into the shot and totally upstaged her. A Chinese spy cultivated deep connections with U.S. Democratic politicians for years, including with Rep. Eric Swalwell of California, to send political intelligence and personal information back to communist China.
Not only that Washington knew in advance of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but it deliberately withheld it from commanders in Hawaii hoping that the ''surprise'' attack would catapult the U.S. into war. ''AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR. THIS IS NO DRILL'' --Telegram from Commander in Chief of the  Pacific Fleet to all ships in  Hawaiian area, December 7, 1941.  Melissa Carone's straight forward delivery at the Michigan Senate hearing was amazing, at one point saying she'd signed a paper to tell the truth, and asked Rep. Johnson ''Did You?''. The Democrats and media responded to this whistle blower with ridicule. Commentator Glenn Beck is frustrated seeing politicians get away with things you and I would go to prison for.
My parents both died many years ago, but there is never a day I don't think about them, and especially my mother when my birthday rolls around. It's never too late to learn how to play chess, the most popular game in the world. Learning the rules of chess is easy. If it's the Bishop's move, he can take her right now. Jobs are available, if you know where to look for them. This fellow could work as a stand-in for Tom Hanks. The Biden-Harris campaign has announced a string of potential administration appointees that reads like the B-team of leftovers from the Obama and Clinton administrations.
The story of Thanksgiving, the one repeated in school history, doesn't start in 1620 with the Pilgrims and the Indians sitting together to celebrate their first successful harvest. Because those things never happened. Jane Fonda wouldn't need one, but the bail bond agent is the only hope for a person in jail who does not have enough money to get out before trial. Evidently, being rich and famous can go right to your head. Sometimes bad weather or a short runway isn't the biggest challenge, it is the cargo of VIPs you are carrying in the cabin. While some restaurants are pivoting to do more delivery as people become increasingly dependent on apps for their sustenance, others are facing permanent closures entirely due to less business.
Looney Tunes was an animated comedy series produced by Warner Brothers from 1930 to 1969 during the golden age of American animation. With the pandemic closing in, and so many of us just plumb worn out, with the rhythm of our lives off-kilter, normal days seem like a lifetime ago. Even after the city raised the bridge 8 inches in 2019, it still continues to rip the tops off trucks, just taller ones. Burt Prelutsky is an American screenwriter, newspaper columnist and author. He is known for his work on M*A*S*H, Hobson's Choice, and McMillan & Wife.
No real politician would ever waste a crisis. The people of the United States need to have Mr. Salty tell them the truth, because we've all been silenced by the politically correct, main stream media, and the social justice mob. In the 1970's, Garrett Morris YELLED ''News for the Hard of Hearing'' during Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. Not much has changed since then, but hearing problems are being studied. The constitutional qualification states that only natural born citizens can be president. Many scholars have claimed that to be a natural born citizen, at least one parent must be a U.S. citizen. All indicators thus far point to neither of Harris’ parents being citizens at the time of her birth.
According to the Babylon Bee newspaper, after a year of suffering under a devastating killer pandemic, America was relieved to learn that the pandemic is officially over. More than 10,000 people confirmed or suspected dead have returned their mail-in ballots to vote in Michigan, according to an analysis of the state’s election data. USPS investigator Russell Strasser coerced Richard Hopkins into doubting his original story, using psychological tactics to pretend there was a friendly and honest conversation taking place. Follow the election recount and lawsuits by reading The Epoch Times, one of last vestiges of honest journalism..
How to Pick a Good Security Question: questions like ‘What is your pet’s name?’or 'Where were you born?' are too easy to figure out, even by strangers. The highest and largest lake in South America is Lake Titicaca in Peru. What is it that gets my attention? Is it the beautiful mountain scenery? The abundant wildlife? The interesting local people?                            No, I just like to say ''Titicaca''.   There are many who think Joe Biden was useful to accomplish the primary Democratic party goal of getting Donald Trump out of office, but going forward Biden's physical and mental abilities are not sufficient to be President of the United States. The 19th Amendment did not affirmatively grant the vote to all women, or even to any women in particular. All the text says is: ''the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex''.
From November 1918 to April 1919, 168 U-boats found their way to Harwich, on the coast of Essex, now a largely forgotten event, but arguably one of the defining moments of the twentieth century. The Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald called House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) ''the most pathological liar in all American politics'' during an appearance on Tucker Carlson. Now, just before the final votes are cast, President Donald Trump’s obstacles to re-election look insurmountable. But, in 1948, things looked equally bad for Harry Truman. ''Politics is like war. It takes three things to win.....  The first is money and the second is money and the third is money.''
Once again, the House Intelligence Committee chairman claims to possess evidence he doesn’t have. According to the loons at NBC, the disinformation campaign appears to have been successful in its goal of generating a smear against the former vice president's son. Amazing journalism there, NBC. Life on a German U-boat or Unterseeboot was hard. Yet these vessels were the pride of the Kriegsmarine during the Second World War. They preyed on merchant shipping and their naval escorts either alone or in so-called Wolf Packs. Those negotiating or working under federal contracts are prohibited from giving political cash to federal candidates, parties, or committees. In New York, however, this political patronage is perfectly legal.
Typically, dictators are put into power when a nation faces significant social issues, such as high unemployment rates or unrest among the nation's people. The Babylon Bee claims to be the world’s best satire site, totally inerrant in all its truth claims. Joe and Hunter Biden embody the globalism that empowered a China bent on surpassing the United States. Las Vegas bookmakers are betting big-time that Joe Biden will win the 2020 election. They've been wrong before.
Kamala Harris is the most extremist radical politician ever to run for high office in the United States of America. Governor Walz allowed his adult daughter to access confidential information about the deployment of the Minnesota National Guard that she then disseminated to rioters. Uncover the secret world of Joe Biden and his family's relationship to China and the sinister business deals that enriched them at America's expense. American audiences first became familiar with Father Guido Sarducci during the ''golden years'' of ''Saturday Night Live,'' when he appeared regularly as a commentator on ''Weekend Update''.
The Covid-19 virus destroyed this Northern Minnesota tourist business for the entire summer. The devastated owner setup a CoFundMe account trying to save it. Most 80-year-olds experience less anger, worry and stress than they did in past decades. Roberta McCain, who helped preside over her son John McCain's funeral in 2018, has died at age 108. The scenes of lawlessness we see in cities such as Portland that have been playing out since the death of George Floyd appear to show creeping anarchy as we approach the November election.
Fears about COVID-19 can take an emotional toll, especially if you’re already living with an anxiety disorder. Nature has been generous showing us strange things. The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope in Green Bank, West Virginia, is the world's largest fully steerable radio telescope.. The Daily Worker was a newspaper published in New York City by the Communist Party. Publication began in 1924 and was replaced in 1968 by People's World.
A ballot-harvesting racket in Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar's Minneapolis district has been busted by undercover news organization Project Veritas. Utah senator Curt Bramble, in cahoots with the state RV Dealers lobby, passed a bill that raises annual license plate fees on older less expensive motorhomes and lowered fees on more expensive luxury coaches. From 1951 to 1959, the FBI trained and armed Alaskan citizens, miners, pilots, and fishermen to mount a counterinsurgency against an invading Soviet force. The patriotic and militant group ''Proud Boys'' think there should be a limit on those BLM and Antifa terrorists, like 'one a day, two in possession'.
You don't have to be crazy to drive Black Bear Road to Telluride, Colorado, but it helps. The 1990's 10% luxury tax contributed to the devastation of the boating industry, jewelers, furriers and airplane manufacturers that were also targets of the excise tax to balance the federal budget. WinRed is the Republican Party fundraising platform launched to compete with the Democratic Party's successful fundraising platform ActBlue. ActBlue enables left-leaning nonprofits, Democrats, and progressive groups to raise money on the internet by empowering small-dollar donors.
Answers to your top questions about how and what to feed your bird neighbors. If you're planning a trip into Yellowstone National Park, these are some of the animals you might see. According to the author, American supporters of socialism don't understand what socialism is. Herbert Morrison’s dramatic narration of the Hindenburg is probably the most enduring memory of the disaster, and the most misunderstood.
The dementia medication Joe Biden's handlers have him on has some unfortunate side effects. A curious but fortunate characteristic of virus epidemics is their limited life spans. Hägar The Horrible is both a fierce warrior and a family man with the same problems as your average modern suburbanite. Forest fires consume millions of acres of land, destroying thousands of homes and properties in the Western United States and around the world.
Studies neither prove that masks are useful, nor that they’re dangerous or a waste of time. That’s because the studies are few and beset with problems. The World Trade Center attack attracted many fakers, but none more despicable than Tania Head. On Sept. 11, 2001, she was 3,000 miles away in Barcelona.  Following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell for sex abuse charges, the FBI is taking no chances in keeping her safe while she awaits trial. Eight years of news about the Obama administration's foreign & domestic policies, from the perspective of a peace group.
Find out the real reason we're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, how the holiday can increase your lifespan, and more. When newlyweds Olivia and Raul De Freitas arrived in the Maldives, they were meant to be there for a luxurious six-day honeymoon. It was planned as a Native American-governed state, until politicians folded Indigenous lands into Oklahoma—a decision that still impacts life today. Human fire activity is the primary cause of wildfires, with nearly ten times the start rate of natural starts.
100 years ago, the KKK began terrorizing Catholic immigrants in the name of Prohibition. When President Barack Obama signed into law his $787 billion economic recovery program in February 2009, he immediately turned to Vice President Joe Biden and handed him the management reins. Teddy’s long-winded speeches saved his life that day: The bullet traveled through a 50-page copy of his prepared speech and the steel eyeglasses case he carried in the same pocket. In the late 1960s, Mario Puzo retreated to the basement nook that served as his office to work on a new book. The broom-closet-like space beneath his Long Island house had enough room for a desk, a typewriter and little more.
Benching can be  used as a perfectly casual dating tactic when you want keep someone on the back burner. But remember that the person on the other end of that phone is a real human with feelings. Anti-war Democrats, known as ''Copperheads''wanted to compromise with Confederates and end the war. Ballots from union soldiers were forged for McClellan in an attempt to defeat Lincoln. Dove found itself in hot water over an ad that many people have taken to be racially insensitive. Finally, a useful book about UFOs.
The August, 2002 issue of Playboy featured something you don' often see in that magazine, a 1946 Ercoupe 415 C/D, and I sold it. Donna Hylton's appearance has left some people puzzled and others furious, wondering why the DNC would rally behind a woman who was involved in the brutal rape, torture and murder of a 62-year-old man. Disappearing from sight means complete invisibility or as close to it as you can get. Babies born to illegal alien mothers within U.S. borders are called anchor babies because under the 1965 immigration Act, they act as an anchor that pulls the illegal alien mother and eventually a host of other relatives into permanent U.S. residency.
My daughter Sarah is convinced that if I don't get in for an annual physical I'm going to fall right over. She obviously didn't see the cover of a recent issue of ''Men's Health'' magazine . Thank you, Paint Shop Pro. There never was a decision to drop either bomb. Instead, there was a decision to build an atom bomb. Picking a woman as a running mate didn't work out too well for the Democrats in 1984, how will it work for them in  2020? Founding Father or one-termer, Democrat or Republican, almost every president shared something in common: They drank. Except for Donald Trump.

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