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July 10, 2013 Click here to mail this page to a friend.
Ignoring Clint Eastwood's advice in "Dirty Harry" that opinions, like certain body parts, are best kept to yourself.

Mosquitoes are irritating and dangerous, carrying a number of diseases, including West Nile Virus.
They've been around 30 million years, and there are over 2,700 species.
I don't recall a year when mosquitoes have been as bad as they are right now in Minnesota. Going outside is something done at great personal risk, even in bright daylight, and when you dash to your car, open the door and jump in, you discover about a dozen of the little blood-suckers are going with you for the ride.

We live in a motorhome, and when you open the door to let the dog in, the hitchhikers come along, some riding in the fur, others fly along side. It is so bad, you wish you were back in wood tick season, or could fast forward a few weeks, when the flies take over. Even after the attack, and you about knock yourself out trying to defend yourself, (I knocked my glasses off the other day) your spidy-senses go on full alert, as you scratch and swat, sometimes at even imaginary raiders, you start thinking they are everywhere, probably because they are.

Yesterday, I killed a couple while taking a shower, they were full of blood, and then you realize that was yours from a previous attack.

Mowing the grass would help, but I don't dare attempt it, I might not come back from the mission. Some tasks become downright dangerous, thanks to these demons. I remember, on a fishing trip, cleaning fish down by the dock, and defending myself at the same time from incoming dive bombers, I darn near stabbed myself with the filet knife.

12 volt receptacleLast year, I happened upon a website that sold a bug zapper specifically designed for RV's, a 12 volt model that plugged into a cigarette lighter (they call 'em something else now, a "12 volt receptacle", but the size and shape of the device is forever the same as the automobile cigarette lighter.)

I couldn't PayPal the company $20 bucks fast enough, and a few days later it arrived. I found a perfect spot for it on top of the refrigerator, where one of these 12 volt plug ins was conveniently located, and a small brass hook that had waited years in my toolbox for this occasion was screwed into the ceiling to hold it in place as I careen down the road and around corners.

Bug Zapper in our motorhome.The darn thing works, once again this morning, I pulled out the bottom tray and dumped out dozens of formerly thirsty blood-sucking mosquitoes, all killed in the last few days.

In the end, mosquitoes will win, they were around with the dinosaurs, and they'll be here long after mankind has nuked itself off the planet. Meanwhile, zapping the little buggers is such sweet revenge.

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Around here, it's the same thing except they aren't mosquitoes. They are scorpions. I found that sticky traps work. The traps catch all kinds of bugs (and small varmints and rodents too). When the trap has flies and mosquitoes in it the scorpions are even more likely to get in there to have breakfast.

Just when you think you have one pest controlled, along come two others: Western Diamondback rattlesnakes and Javelina pigs. The pigs are not likely to hurt you unless they are somewhat domesticated by being fed, but they raise hell with the potted plants and the garden projects.

The rattlesnakes tend to sneak into the garage so that when you are looking for the car jack stands or moving a box, there's a surprise waiting for you. I haven't been bit, but it's been close a few times. I usually throw a wet towel over the poor creature and gather him up in a bucket and take him back out into the desert a couple miles away. And then there are the Coyotes.......the partying tricksters that are out to get an evening meal, collaboratively. I guess if you're a coyote, having a house cat for a snack is one of the best things you can possibly do.

But if the African bees don't kill you, the cactus will certainly try. I fell into a pit of cactus trying to save my young son from it and we were both seriously injured.

After all the precautions about the wildlife, we got nailed by .............CACTUS? That's almost embarrassing.

Gary - Tucson, Arizona

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