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March 5, 2020 Click here to mail this page to a friend.
Ignoring Clint Eastwood's advice in "Dirty Harry" that opinions, like certain body parts, are best kept to yourself.
The destination sounds great, but wait your turn

For most of the Catholic Churchís history suicide has been considered a grave crime, but there were many in the early church whose deaths sound a lot like suicideFor most of the Catholic Church’s history suicide has been considered a grave crime, but there were many in the early church whose deaths sound a lot like suicide. That might be because they were.

I'm often asked where I come up with these daily "Global Air Links", they come about because of things that happen around me, or something on the news, or a personal experience. I was visiting with a friend the other day, a guy who is 'way more religious than I am, (and that would include just about anybody), and for whatever reason the subject of life after death came up. It sounded like he was actually looking forward to it, being in heaven with departed loved ones, how great that will be.

"Well", I said, "if you're looking forward to all of that so much, why don't you go now?" Sometimes that mean streak in me comes out for a peek. "Oh, no", he said, "that would be a mortal sin to kill myself, and then I'd never make it to heaven."

I was thinking about that conversation last night, and out of the fog came a memory from my college days back in the 1960's. I attended a Catholic university, most of the professors were priests or monks, and I remember a class discussion about the church's position on suicide. It seems, according to our instructor, the founders of the church did such a gosh-darn good job of making the hereafter sound great that a lot of the faithful just couldn't wait for old age, disease, or bows and arrows to do the job, and started to off themselves in record numbers. So, to put a cork in that bottle, the word came down from on high that if you did yourself in, all bets were off and you'd never see those pearly gates.

From 2012: Spending an Eternity in College
The brochure from my alumni association had a photo of the college cemetery in the trees near the lake, with the words "FOR ETERNITY" in big red letters. The copywriter reminded me to "take comfort that one day we will all be together", and I should be looking forward to the trip.

I learned something researching this subject, Google is looking out for me. Type the word "suicide" in the search engine and Google will immediately become concerned about you, "Don't do it, Ron!" and they try to redirect your search to the national suicide hotline. Good to know, and hopefully they save a few lives.

As for me, I like it down here just fine.

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According to Dr. Hamilton, widowers who do not remarry often become depressed, vulnerable to illness, until at last they feel that there is nothing left to live for, so they simply give up the ghost and die.

In the history of the world few figures have been more envied, more fascinating, or more captivating than the explorer in a boat.

Many attempts have been made to discover the famed aviator's fate, but never with the technological tools at Robert Ballard's disposal.

We've all experienced it, in one form or another, like a wet highway ahead of us when driving in hot weather.

Members of Congress donít like to think of themselves as on vacation, so  they call recesses ''work breaks'' or ''home-district periods'' rather than ''time off.''

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