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In order to graduate, all students must produce a film and submit it for approval and grading. Spielberg submitted a copy of ''Shindler's List'' and got an ''A''. Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton stiffed a Manhattan travel agency out of almost $200,000 after giving them ''fraudulent credit-card information,'' the agency says in a lawsuit.While not as rotund as he used to be, Sharpton does still like to live large. His latest campaign filings reveal expenditures at several swanky hotels, including the Delano Hotel in Miami, the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons hotels in Washington, D.C., as well as meals at the posh Four Seasons hotel in New York.  The C-5B is one of the largest aircraft in the world. It can carry oversize cargo intercontinental ranges and can take off or land in relatively short distances.
Hitler saw Leni Riefenstahl as a director who could use aesthetics to produce an image of a strong Germany imbued with Wagnerian motifs of power and beauty. The motion-picture director, actress, producer, and photographer is best known for her documentary films of the 1930s dramatizing the power and pageantry of the Nazi movement. But, she did so much more. President Nixon's farewell speech to his staff may have been one of the greatest presidential speeches of all time, and was mostly ad-lib. This looks like the perfect photo for a caption contest.
The tattoos are a nice touch, don't you think? Click here to learn more. All they have to do is paint-out the first 3 letters.
Take an introductory flight for $99 or less.
The first of three pages of photos, the link to the next page is at the top. (They could have made it easier to find !)
Part Two Part Three
According to a recent poll, 66% of Americans believe Kennedy's death involved a government cover-up, and 51% believe there was more than one gunman.  Click here. On November 18, 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, visited Tampa, Florida. Four days later, he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.
In 1998 the Houston Chronicle marked the 35th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. The article is no longer on the paper's website, but the ''wayback machine'' saved it.

Roy Horn, of Siegfried & Roy, still in critical condition after tiger attack during Vegas act. Story
''Ain't it cool ..''  said John Travolta in ''Broken Arrow''... The End is Near. Will Bing Crosby and Perry Como please roll-over.
Robert Palmer died this week.  Click here to learn more. The Bishop of Duluth, Minnesota has forbidden further celebrations of the Polka Mass on the grounds that it is undignified.
Actor honored for his work in 100 films. UPDATE: On June 13, 2014, McKee with hired to be an assistant coach with the Erie Otters of the Ontario Hockey League.
No wonder Charles Bronson was tough. One of 15 children, his family was so poor he had to wear his sister's hand-me-down dresses to school.

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Arrested today was Jeffrey Lee Parson, 18, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fortunately for Jeffrey, Minnesota does not have the death penalty. In 2008, Jerry Lewis raised $65 million for MDA research. To put that in perspective, about what we pay 3 NBA basketball players,
You've got mail, and a lot of it comes from Eddy. Prior to the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, September 11th was a day to honor our 911 operators.
Thanks to flambore at for designing this nifty Michigan Quarter. The prices on this website are periodically updated. When we first ran this in 2003, gasoline was $1.49 a gallon. Click here to hear Ebert and Roeper's review of this movie.
In 2003, a balsa wood and mylar plane designed by retired engineer Maynard Hill was launched from Cape Spear, Newfoundland, and it flew to County Galway in Ireland. NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Naked News, billing itself as ''the program with nothing to hide'', is a real television newscast. The anchors read the news fully nude or strip as they present their news segments. Every few years, Mars gets very close to the Earth ( 57 million miles or so). The day Mike was released from prison, he bought two Rolex watches and two Rolls Royce automobiles.
Need a little proof that money doesn't buy happiness? In 2003, a 19 year old woman accused Bryant of rape, the case was later dropped, and it cost Kobe a bundle to square things with his wife, and probably the girl who dropped charges. A $1Million Nickel. Check your change.
Click here to learn more about George Matson Brown A former superintendent at the Metrodome admits he tried to help the Minnesota Twins by adjusting the ventilation system during the late innings of close games in an attempt to get baseballs to carry farther. The casinos love players who think they have a system to 'beat the house'. Guests at a wedding in central Serbia were celebrating in the traditional way - firing off shot after shot into the air above the wedding party.
Can I just do it 'til I need glasses? Going missing in 2003, the whereabouts of N844AA, and pilot Ben Charles Padilla, is still unknown. Schizophrenia can come on over a period of years (called insidious onset) or be very rapid. Wannabes get a rush out of pretending to be a buyer and waste the time and effort of sellers everywhere. Some are famous, although they don't know it. bills itself as a spot for cyber begging and internet panhandling. Click here to learn more. The key to everything was a mouse - a device the size of a bar of soap that you rolled around on the desk beside the computer. Wherever the mouse went on the desk, the pointer went on the screen.
Just how much hog waste are we talking about each day, each month, each year?

Do Divorce Laws Marginalize Men? Find Out
The Lunar Embassy is the brainchild of Dennis Hope, who, over 30 years ago, claimed ownership of the moon and other planets in our solar system.
A Montana Treasure.  Click Here. From 2005: The exhaust smells like french fries. Charles McKinley air-mailed himself in a crate from Newark, New Jersey to Dallas, Texas to visit his parents.
Mission Statement: To discretely provide US troops shipping out overseas with the most sensually pleasing departure possible. If you spend more than two hours per day in front of a computer screen, it's likely you will experience some degree of computer vision syndrome. Homer: ''To Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.'' Have you ever wonder how would you look if you were a yellow character like the ones you see on TV?
National Parks are getting trashed during COVID-19, endangering surrounding communities.
Not only that Washington knew in advance of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but it deliberately withheld it from commanders in Hawaii hoping that the ''surprise'' attack would catapult the U.S. into war. The best figure that we have to date is, of the 4,414 Allied deaths on June 6th, 2,501 were Americans and 1,913 were Allies. If the figure sounds low, it's probably because we're used to seeing estimates of the total number of D-Day casualties, which includes fatalities, the wounded and the missing. Windham, New Hampshire has been ranked 30th out of 50 in CNN Money and Money Magazine's annual listing of the ''Best Small Towns'' in the United States.
In an extraordinary measure, Ontario health officials asked anyone who has even one symptom of SARS to stay home. Shortness of breath is one of the main symptoms of Sars - severe acute respiratory syndrome - a deadly new strain of pneumonia that started in southern China. Shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis's granddaughter has become one of the world's richest teenagers after inheriting her share of the family's fortune.
Here, see how easy this is? Need a Ferry Pilot? You've come to the right place. Click to learn more.
Photo Shop is my best friend. I always wanted to be a reporter on that show.
In the old days in Alaska, the Eskimos, when mom and dad got too old to be useful or interesting, the kids would put them on an ice floe and float them out to sea. Who knows, this might get popular again.
When CBS Nightly News anchor Walter Cronkite concluded a special broadcast on the recent Tet Offensive in Vietnam with a rare, brief, and potent editorial suggesting that America cease fighting the war, President Lyndon Johnson, watching live in the White House, turned to his aides and said, ''If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost Middle America''.
Ron ''Homer'' Howes
Ron Howes Click here to go to our travel blog and travel along with us around the country in our motorhome.
Ron Howes Ron ''Homer'' Howes
Ron Howes Ron ''Homer'' Howes
Calling old friends at five oclock.
Never Forget What Democrats Said About Voter Fraud Just A Few Years Ago

Ron Howes Click here to learn more.
When I get inspired every once in a while, no subject seems out of bounds, something from current events, or reminiscing about the past when life wasn't really all that simple, but we like to remember it that way.
Being Thankful at Thanksgiving.
Ron Howes In the Bighorn Canyon, this booster took zero bars of signal and gave me one. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do if there is actually a signal  available.
Tempus Fugit. The Aegean Sea is an ocean located between Greece and Turkey. It was the cradle of great civilizations such as Greta and Greece, from which the largest and most important modern western culture is derived.
Agitation often accompanies dementia and often precedes the diagnosis of common age-related disorders of cognition such as Alzheimer's disease. June 19th, 2015 - They all laughed when Ann Coulter predicts Donald Trump will be the GOP Nominee
In 2020 I found a like-new ''Potty Golf'' on the for-free shelf in an RV laundryroom in Morro Bay, California. I still have it in the motorhome.
Off-Grid Boondock Camping: A comprehensive Beginners guide to full-fime RV living, van dwelling and boondocking.
The New Year lies before you, like a spotless tract of snow. Be careful how you tread on it, for every mark will show.

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Be Sure You Get Your Hurricane Shot!
Bob Hope Entertaining the Troops
"So Ready for Laughter" highlights Bob Hope's enduring connection with his most treasured audience, American troops.

Frederik "Rik" Luytjes
In the early 1980’s, Rik Luytjes gained two sterling reputations. One was as an upstanding businessman and pillar of the community in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The other was as the most successful cocaine smuggler in U.S. history.
"A Born Again American"
Written by Keith Carradine
In 2008, as it looked increasingly likely that America was about to elect its first black president, Norman Lear and Keith Carradine met at a dinner party one evening. Carradine picked up a guitar and began playing some Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie songs. Lear mentioned later that evening that what he saw going on in the country was a "Born Again American" experience for him.

"There's a song in that phrase," Carradine said, and a week later, he'd finished writing it.
How Charles Lindbergh Improved The P-38 Lightning
In 1944, as a civilian, Charles A. Lindbergh would fly several combat missions in P-38 lightning and discover a method to increase its range by over 400 miles. This led to them becoming a much more effective aircraft against the Japanese in the Pacific theatre.
As I travel the country in my motorhome, Cody, Wyoming is one of my favorite places.

Not as bushy in 2023 but I still have that shirt.
Never Forget What Democrats Said About Voter Fraud Just A Few Years Ago

Twice failed Presidental candidate Hillary Clinton takes a peek into the future and discovers the Republicans are going to actually use legal ballots in 2024 to win. Something has to be done to stop them!
About to get your 15 minutes of fame?  Call us first!
Donald Trump's Airplane
Former President Donald Trump owns one of the largest private jets in the world.

Calling old friends at five oclock.

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Favorites Bold Tragedies Politics

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