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5000 years of Middle East history in 90 seconds. Legal robbery by the cops. Bradenton, Florida police have for years been using their own ''Contraband Forfeiture Agreement'' which suspects are told to sign, not realizing they give up their property and waive any legal recourse. If you think the Iraq war hasn't worked out very well for anyone, think again. Defense contractors like Lockheed are thriving. So strong is the bond between lobbyists, defense contractors and the Pentagon that it is known in Washington as ''the iron triangle''. And this triangle inevitably gets what it wants. Lockheed Martin won the $40 million contract to build HAA. Seventeen times the size of the Goodyear dirigible. It’s designed to float 12 miles above the earth,and will stay in orbit for up to a year, undetectable by radar.
The Bush White House is so concerned about Bush's security, the veil of secrecy extends over the president's bodily excretions. Click to learn more. Shirley Phelps Roper is the daughter of the founder of Westboro Baptist Church. Shirley thanks God for killing soldiers, people on 9/11, and especially for killing homosexuals. The woman is completely nuts. Seeing faces in clouds or tree stumps and the like, is called Pareidolia, and we've all experienced it. But, the idea that an image resembling a woman is Mary, or a man's image is Jesus, is more common with faithful of Hispanic origin. From 2007: As chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is in charge of regulating the ethical behavior of her colleagues. But Feinstein has been beset by her own ethical conflict of interest, say ethics experts.
Isn't it interesting that political parties are exempt from the Natonal ''Do Not Call'' law.  God-forbid a siding salesman calls you, but it is perfectly ok to get dozens of irritating campaign calls before an election Taking several short naps during the day can increase your productivity.  And, it is inexpensive entertainment. Americans are really loved over there. In August 2006, the Al-Hesbah website published instructions on ''How to Kill a Crusader in the Arabian Peninsula.''  The killer is to be well-dressed, and do nothing to bring attention to himself. While the rest of Americans will enjoy a $7.25 minimum wage, residents of American Samoa remain capped at $3.26. It is rumored that Speaker Pelosi's husband is heavily invested in Del Monte, the owner of StarKist Tuna, the area's largest employer.
In their quest for profits, drug makers have stooped to manipulating the public by, in essence, inventing diseases. Under Pentagon policy, Guard and Reserve units have been limited to 24 months of mobilization for the Iraq war. a significant troop buildup would require keeping troops for additional year-long tours. The pilot was pulled from the cockpit and given CPR by flight staff.  First, the flight attendant asked if a doctor was on board.  Then, she asked if anyone was a pilot. Everyone experiences Pareidolia, seeing faces in clouds is most common. When a woman saw the Virgin Mary on her grilled cheese sandwich, an online casino paid her $30,000 for it. Put your face on a sandwich by clicking here.
Minneapolis lesbian fire chief, who sexually harassed employees, is punished by being made captain, a job that pays $80,000 a year. Looking ahead to the 2008 presidential election, 49 percent of those asked said they would vote for Hillary Clinton. A signing statement is a written pronouncement issued by the President of the United States when he signs a bill into law. Instead of vetoing legislation, Bush uses this to change the meaning of the law he is signing into effect. It cost $8 million to repair this B-1B Bomber after the pilot forgot to put down the landing gear. On May 8, 2006, a 7th Bomb Wing B-1B Lancer made a wheels-up belly landing at Diego Garcia, skidding 7,500 feet down the runway and catching fire. The four-person aircrew escaped from the plane through the overhead escape hatch.
Taking a page from the tobacco industry play book, Exxon Mobil paid groups to mislead the public about climate concerns, and the science behind global warming. A blogger struggles to find success with thousands of competitors. There is evidence to suggest that Franklin Roosevelt not only knew Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked, but encouraged it, so we could go to war. Find out where people with bad teeth live by clicking here.
The British appealed to President Eisenhower for help after Prime Minister Mossadegh nationalized British Petroleum's wells in Iran. Operation Ajax was the first time the CIA plotted to overthrow a democratically-elected government. The $1.5 million Eclipse 500 is the first of an array of very light jets, which utilize new engines, avionics and lean manufacturing techniques to produce small jets at a fraction of the cost of existing executive aircraft. Thousands of Rwandans have turned away from Catholicism, angered and saddened by the complicity of church officials in the 100-day genocide, in which more than 500,000 minority Tutsis were killed by Hutu extremists. What did this holy man do? He locked 2,000 people inside of a church and then burned it down. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and retailers have their best prices on dynamite merchandise to attract shoppers on that day.  The merchandise and prices are supposed to be a secret. See the ads here.
Upload your photo to this website, sponsored by Office Max, and become a dancing elf. In their first display of fiscal discipline, Democratic leaders in Congress vowed to strip funding for pet projects. But, under pressure from home districts, it may be business as usual, as lawmakers work to keep funds flowing. Let's see how long this lasts. Having a smile on your face and not watching the news helps getting picked. A propsective juror in the ''Scooter'' Libby trial didn't know who Vice President Dick Cheney was. A story about a lawn chair balloonist named Larry Walters has been circulating for years. Did it really happen?
Coined by comedian Jerry Seinfeld in his 1990's sitcom, regifting has become a staple of holiday lingo. The "Battle of the Bulge" was the most bloody battle American Forces experienced in WWII, the 19,000 American dead unsurpassed by any other engagement. Bing Crosby's version of ''White Christmas'' became the second biggest-selling single of all time (behind Elton's 1997 ''Candle in the Wind'') but cursed Crosby's career. For seizing the reins of the global media, for founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game, TIME's Person of the Year for 2006 is you.
The author of the book ''Working Ourselves to Death'' warns that if you work all the time you lose your edge.  Diane Fassel says ''the hardest workers are not the best producers in terms of efficiency and creativity''. The student pilot's first landing left the nose gear on the runway, making the second attempt a little more exciting. Overdraft charges are illegal in the UK, and the British government is suing banks there for refunds.  Read what some U.S. bloggers think about their own bank here. Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) was just re-elected to congress. Jefferson was video-taped taking a bribe last year, and $90K of the money was later found in his freezer.
You know those little plastic ends on your shoelaces?  They have a name.  Click to find out what it is, and a lot more. Contribute online, or Wal-Mart matches contributions made in kettles in front of their stores. Click here to learn more. Click here to fly a helicopter. From 2006: The FBI can remotely activate your cell phone and using it to eavesdrop on your conversations. It looks turned-off.
Jeffrey Lundgren murdered a family in his cult, including 3 children, because they weren't ''enthusiastic enough''.  He filed a lawsuit, saying lethal injection might be painful, because he is obese and has diabetes. They did it anyway. Alex Overwijk is an Ottawa, Canada high school math teacher who can draw a perfect circle on the blackboard in less than a second. Jack Cafferty reporting on the Pentagon's request for another $100 billion to cover the cost of the the Iraq war. Michael Weilbacher claimed to be a retired Marine Major, with lots of medals.  He was never in the military.
2 million people are displaced in Darfur and need your help. Click to learn more. Click to see links to aviation and other websites of interest. In mythology, the Gryphon was a fabled monster, having the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.  A paratrooper wearing this can jump from 33,000 ft. and fly 250 mph for up to 100 miles. Create your own Warning Labels by clicking here.
The co-star of one of the most popular films ever, hardly anyone today knows who Vera-Ellen was.  Click for more. Before eBay stopped several auctions, bids for a copy of OJ Simpson's book were several thousand dollars. If you feel inconvenienced by airport security, consider what this young African-American man had to endure. Armed with a shotgun, a 92 year old Atlanta woman shot 3 cops before they killed her. The problem? The cops were raiding the wrong house.
Six imams (Islamic religious leaders) were removed from a US Airways flight after a passenger complained that they were acting in a suspicious manner. Want to make odds on the success of a another dollar coin that is barely discernible from a quarter? Are you a man or a mouse? Squeek to me! Sometimes men are victims of abuse at the hands of their female partners. Movies and TV shows would have you believe that traveling during the holidays is a terrible thing.  All of life's secrets are revealed in the movies.
Some of these kids haven't been out of their parent's basements since they stood in line to buy the X-Box 360. Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee came up with a creative way to get around the law prohibiting giving gifts to the governor. We probably didn't think about this particular disaster item before Hurricane Katrina, but now we all realize the importance of having a toilet. Click here to learn more. Women are property in Saudi Arabia, and have few rights. The al- Qateef high criminal court sentenced the victim of a gang rape to 90 lashes because she was alone in a car with a man other than her husband.
This young man has some serious personal issues. Depending where you work, this may not be safe. In 1975, this was a bold comedy bit to show on network television. If you are offended by racial language, do not open. Jitterbug cell phones can't send text messages, browse the Internet, or snap pictures. Instead, their sought after features include oversize buttons, large-print type, and an old-fashioned dial tone. This will be one of the easiest FAA reports of all time to fill-out. The entire approach and landing was captured on video when this private jet pilot screwed-up.
In this ''Daily Show'' bit, President Bush hires a celebrity translator for his 9/11 memorial speech.  Click to see it. Though privately owned, Pan Am received the same kind of favorable treatment as government-owned foreign carriers. In the 1930s and early 1940s, the government allowed only Pan Am to fly outside the USA. Sex offenders in many cities are banned from Halloween costume parties and aren't allowed to put up decorations like jack-o-lanterns that might attract youngsters. Click here for the latest breaking news.
This 2003 article is interesting reading for those looking for a cheap flyer. This is serious. 1 in every 10 clicks ( or more!) on a Google ad could be fraudulent, and affiliate ads generate 39% of Google's total revenues. The Pentagon contends financial problems can distract personnel from their duties or make them vulnerable to bribery and treason. A segment of the September 12, 2006 ''The Daily Show'', critical of the President and the Iraq war, was pulled almost immediately because of ''copyright violations''.
You'll get noticed by the boss, for sure, if you use this computer workstation. Click to see more goofy inventions. The IRS loves to go after high-profile offenders. Wesley Snipes is charged with six counts of failing to file income tax returns. Snipes starred in movies such as ''Blade'', ''White Men Can't Jump'', and ''Demolition Man''. Here's a long-shot for you. But, if things ultimately turn out well for the people of Iraq, they should also turn out well for anyone who bought Iraqi currency at today's prices. Championing the display of the 10 Commandments in public buildings, Representative Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) gets caught pandering to the Christian Right when he is asked to name them on The Colbert Report, and he can't do it.
Congress deleted a proposed ban in the new Port Security Act on hiring dockworkers convicted of murder, conspiracy, and other felonies, because half of the workers presently employed are guilty of those things. Knowing the Port Security Bill would pass, it became a ''Christmas Tree'' on which to hang unrelated amendments.  President Bush signed a bill into law that, as usual, very few of those supporting it actually read. Pirate James Hill is running for Congress in Iowa. The “Go Fast Jet Pack” has been the vision of Troy Widgery since childhood memories of James Bond in “Thunderball.”
Amazingly, nobody died when a Hawker XP800 hit an ASG-29 Sailplane at 15,000 ft.  The glider's transponder was turned-off, making it invisible to the jet. If you get your hands on these McDonald's Monopoly game pieces, you're a winner. Click for the list. A classic Sesame Street video - How Crayons Are Made Developed by Samsung, and using the methanol-based fuel cell, a notebook computer such as Samsung's Q35 model can run for eight hours a day over a five-week period.
Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr. is the pastor and founder of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.  Freddie hates soldiers, homosexuals, Catholics, and just about everyone. Forward Looking Infrared Radar ( FLIR ) is pretty amazing.  Compare the radar to the video camera image. Acting for the International Islamic Front for Jihad Against the Crusaders and the Jewish People, headed by Osama bin Laden, Markaz-ud-Dawa's leader Jamaat-ud-Dawa of Pakistan issued a Fatwa telling Muslims to kill Pope Benedict. The AARP reminds us to get informed before we vote.  Click here to see how your politiicians are doing.
The driver was a diabetic paraplegic, driving erratically.  The cops beat first, asked questions later. 8 year old Bindi Irwin wrote her tribute to her father and read it at the Australia Zoo memorial service in Queensland. It has been two years since the Bush Administration declared the situation in Darfur as genocide, but violence continues to increase, and conditions are deteriorating. Former President Bill Clinton accused ''FOX News Sunday'' host Chris Wallace of carrying out ''a conservative hit job'' on him during an interview in which Wallace asked Clinton about his administration's handling of the Al Qaeda threat.
Because of the suspicions that attach to the oil industry and its ties to the Bush administration and GOP-led Congress, there are some conspiracy theories that dropping gas prices have more to do with politics than markets. A lyrical and haunting portrait of a system that has failed America - time and time again in a repeating cycle. The narrative builds an historical context for the present administration's actions, and unfolds a story of how Americans, even the most staunch supporters of Bush's policies, have gradually learned  they've been lied to, lied about and then lied to again. The CIA is an intelligence agency of the U.S. Government. Its primary function is obtaining information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals. This website offers viewers an interesting and interactive way to conceptualize global CO2 emissions, as well as the birth and death rates of different geographical locations. The simulation uses statistical data for these different rates to provide general information about worldwide trends.
Determined to remain neutral, President Woodrow Wilson's administration would not prevent American citizens from serving in the French army during. Although attracted by the propaganda benefits of an American squadron fighting for France, the French government feared contravening American neutrality, therefore volunteers had to first join the French Foreign Legion and were then detached to the squadron. The American Escadrille (squadron) first saw combat in May 1916 during the Battle of Verdun. The American Roadster gets 70 miles to a gallon of natural gas, and you can fill-up at home for about $1 a gallon. In his September 6th, 2006 speech, President Bush acknowledged for the first time the existence of the CIA's secret prisons, believed established at military bases or safehouses in such places as Egypt, Indonesia and eastern Europe. George C. Scott had to tone-down General Patton's famous speech for the movie ''Patton''.  Click to read what the General actually told his troops. Caution: May be offensive.
Can you find Estonia and Latvia on the European map?  Click to take the test. Flee bad weather in style. A new aviation service in West Palm Beach, Florida guarantees well-heeled members a seat on a chartered jet out of the hurricane area, and reserves them five-star hotel rooms and limousines.
Pope Benedict XVI angered Muslims by quoting a 14th century Byzantine emperor who had criticized the Prophet Mohammed for bringing evil to the world and using the sword to spread their religion.
Senator McCain argues that if we start making our own interpretations of the Geneva Convention, then other countries may do the same with captured U.S. soldiers.

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