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Whether warning of danger or marking safe passage, lighthouses stand as beacons of safety and security. In a 2009 Fox News interview, Former VP Cheney admitted the Republican administration pushed the 2008 auto bailout to give President Bush time to leave office. If the Harvard University study is accurate, it would make it hard for companies to use the Twitter micro-blogging site as an accurate gauge of public opinion. Although not always seen, the Banshee's mourning call is heard, usually at night when someone is about to die.
The secret dress rehearsal in England for D-Day turned deadly when machine guns firing overhead started to sink in the sand, and then came the ambush by German E-boats. The Americans had the PT boat, and the German torpedo surface vessel was the Schnellboot, better suited for the open sea, and had a much longer range. When 72 year-old great-grandmother Kathryn Winkfein refused to sign her speeding ticket, the deputy sheriff, fearing for his life, zapped her with several thousand volts. From the Spanish Conquistadors, to western outlaws, to simple pioneers crossing the prairie, legends abound regarding where these hardy pioneers hid their valuables.
An interesting and disturbing trend seems to be on the rise in America, and that is fully grown adult children living at home with their parents. Gary Dahl, an advertising executive, was talking to friends one night in 1975, when the conversation turned to pets. Dahl felt real pets were too much trouble, he had a rock. An average of just 20 people a day flew out of the Murtha Airport last year. But, the airport was built, and continues to be funded, thanks to legendary porker John Murtha. 45% of parents surveyed provide at least some financial support to adult children. And, in some cases, this depletes retirement savings and even drives the parents into debt.
A 266-page report marked ''Highly Confidential'', detailing hundreds of nuclear storage sites and programs, was accidently posted on a government website. Congressman Murtha maintains he has ''no influence'' on the awarding of contracts, but he is chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee. What do you think? The former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate signed with ABC Radio Networks to do daily commentaries. And, you can listen on-demand here.
During Obama's overnight in Los Angeles (where he attended a Democratic Party fundraiser) the FAA placed flight restrictions on flights near LAX, Santa Monica, Hawthorne Municipal, Van Nuys and Burbank airports. Presidential TFRs have a very large and direct adverse impact only on general aviation aircraft, although general aviation never has been proven to be a threat.
Norman Thompson, a Shriner and member of the Antioch, Ohio Shrine Funster Clown Unit for 15 years, passed away at age 79 and was laid to rest with full clown honors. Sad times in America. With Chrysler preparing to file bankruptcy, 84 year-old Lee Iacocca was told his pension is being cancelled, and please return the company car.
2006 Fortune Interview
Susan Boyle was the favored contestant, but did she win? Click to see a recap of the final 2009 show. When sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski  died in 1982, his parting words to his wife were, ''You must work on the mountain -- but go slowly so you do it right.''
Krueger’s Special Beer was the first commercially packaged beer in a can, and the very first can was sold in Richmond, Virginia in 1935. When Californian Jeff Miller called me, looking for a pilot to accompany him across the Atlantic and around Europe, I knew just who to call. Click to share the adventure. If the thought of ticks wasn't creepy enough, did you know they can detect heat and carbon dioxide emitted by their intended victim, and will stalk it for their blood? Use this handy device to clean the inside of your monitor.
At the annual Gridiron Club dinner, Biden disclosed the existence of a secret bunker under the old U.S. Naval Observatory, now the home of the vice president. An amazing story from Larry King's autobiography, ''My Remarkable Journey''. Charles Lindbergh left New York on May 20, 1927, heading toward Nova Scotia to minimize his time over water. The 15-hour leg over the Atlantic was a harrowing experience. Foreclosure swindlers are thriving largely because the lenders that inflated the housing bubble have been slow to help homeowners as those mortgages blow up.
Based on a tip from a fired employee, the FBI raided the owner's business locations and home, even taking iPods and XBoxes, and his teenage daughter's savings account. As sure as the True Believers are they will escape this earth when the Rapture arrives, Joshua Witter is just as certain he will be left behind to deliver their mail. Many believe the present plan of bailing-out banks isn't working, and we would be better-off by giving the money directly to the people with mortgage and credit card relief. The men claimed to be from a war-torn village in Africa, and their father was a rich general who gave them cash to buy a business and start a new life in America.
Police in the U.K. are asking the public to report people who wear too much ''bling'' or buy expensive items without apparent means to afford them. As Wisconsin law currently stands, the court said police can mount a GPS on cars to track people without violating their constitutional rights -- even if the drivers aren't suspects. The Eiffel Tower caused mockery and lawsuits when it was selected as the centerpiece of the 1889 Paris Exposition Universelle, beating-out a gigantic working guillotine. OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain, and the ... HOLY CRAP ! ... GET IN THE CELLAR !
The myth: college graduates earn $1 million more during their lifetime. The reality: they only earn about $7,500 a year more, and they'll need it to pay back all those loans. Congress has supplied a sweet deal for sugar producers since 1789 by imposing import tariffs, effectively supporting the price of sugar at several times the actual world price. A new cyberbullying bill aims to punish those who intend to cause ''emotional distress'' online with fines and jail time. Read a couple of pages from a deposition taken in a recent lawsuit against Paris Hilton, and wonder no more.
Halifax was overcrowded with military personnel who resented what they considered a hostile attitude from the civilians. When peace came, the riot started. People disappear in tough times. In the 1930's it was common for someone to ''go down to the corner for a pack of cigarettes'' and never be seen again. In Hardin, Montana, where the deer and the antelope play, there is an empty $27 million prison. No local demand, and state law forbids out-of-state prisoners. Without intending to break any laws, you could accidently open an emailed link and wind-up with a ruined life, like this man, when the FBI lured him into clicking open a website.
Charles Rangel is under investigation for allegedly helping a company preserve its offshore tax loophole -- in exchange for a million-dollar gift to a school named in his honor. Things were normal at the railroad station in Antwerp, Belgium until the music started. Click to see what happened. Star Wars fans everywhere celebrate on May 4th.
(May 4th)
Cinco De Mayo celebrates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle of Puebla in 1862. But, the French then sent 30,000 more troops and won the war.
Danny Gans, 52, a legendary Las Vegas singer and comedian, passed away at his home in Nevada. This man was devastated after not receiving a Christmas bonus. He couldn’t afford to buy his kids presents, and suicide seemed like the only way out. Can you stop him? In the documentary, ''Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss'', teenage girls talk about having sex, going to sex parties and, in some situations, crossing into prostitution. Law enforcement and safety officials, not to mention the child endangerment folks, would go into shock if this happened in the United States.
More than you ever wanted to know about alcohol. In each of the four major pandemics since 1889, a spring wave of relatively mild illness was followed by a second wave, a few months later, of a much more virulent disease. We always heard how rich people would check into a hospital with ''complete exhaustion'', but if you didn't have money, you were just tired and should go home and rest. A television reporter shadows a federal prisoner as he travels alone and unguarded from Minneapolis to Dallas on a bus, a cost-cutting standard practice.
If you wind-up sleeping at the airport, either by choice or chance, try to pick one of the good ones. Minneapolis is great, Paris is not. How is your airport? 'Anzac' was the acronym for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. In 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers set out to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula. The objective was to capture Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, an ally of Germany. The ANZAC force landed at Gallipoli on 25 April, meeting fierce resistance and the war dragged on for eight months. Allied deaths totaled 56,000, including 8,700 Australians and 2,700 New Zealanders. April 25 became the day to remember those who died.
April 25th
What is happening right now? Click to find out. Samuel Morse is remembered for his Code, still used, and less for the invention that enabled it to be used, as landline telegraphy eventually gave way to wireless telegraphy.
The active ingredient in marijuana cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread, say researchers at Harvard. Congress did not impose a gas guzzler tax on SUV's, trucks, or mini-vans because the time the law was enacted in 1978, they represented a small fraction of vehicles on the road, and were used more for business purposes. Critics contend that the dominance of the modern SUV is a direct result of the Gas Guzzler Tax. Bank scandal in Minnesota. The real estate developer dies, the appraiser commits suicide, 3 bankers are heading to prison, and taxpayers and lenders are out millions. The director of ''Slumlord Millionaire'' isn't returning phone calls, and Rubina Ali's father has been arrested for trying to sell the little girl. The movie has grossed over $300 million.
Ending 30 years of abuse of power by police who mis-interpreted a previous ruling, the Supreme Court sharply limited the ability of police to search your car. A conspiracy theory seeks to explain a disputed case or matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance rather than an individual or isolated act, or a pure chance situation. The complexity of Canada's citizenship changes is causing concern in this era of transmigration, working and studying abroad, and intercontinental marriage. The Brick Testament is the largest and most comprehensive illustrated Bible, with over 3,600 illustrations that retell more than 300 stories from The Bible, all done with Legos. CAUTION: Stories and illustrations may be NSFW (just like the real Bible).
A high percentage of people fired are caught completely off guard, when they should have known it was coming. There is a story circulating on the internet about a man who would routinely feed a bucket of shrimp to sea gulls, as a way of thanking them for saving his life. The story is true. The Daily Record newspaper reports that Susan Boyle made a recording in 1999, when she sang blues ballad ''Cry Me A River'' for a charity fund-raiser. Only 1,000 were produced. An amendment to Canadian law restores citizenship to anyone who became an citizen of another country between 1948 and 1977, and it applies to all their children.
If you're self-employed without any major assets or loans, the odds of getting busted are extremely low.  But ... Not wanting to offend the 20%, Obama offends the 80%. The AFL-CIO continues to do a good job telling the membership they are getting screwed by management. Some of the annual salaries and bonuses paid to the top people in American businesses are amazing, take a look. Is it true that some people live on cruise ships or at the Holiday Inn cheaper and better than in a nursing home?
A county worker wants to be compensated for the lunch he missed on the day of the Binghamton, New York massacre. Citizens Against Government Waste released the 2009 Congressional Pig Book, revealing 10,160 earmarks worth $19.6 billion. Check to see the bacon coming to your state. Nevada legislators tried unsuccessfully to balance the state budget on the backs of the hard-working women employed in the state's legal brothels, with a $5 per-customer tax. Denny Hecker's auto empire, a lifetime in the making, took but a year to crumble, with 17 of 26 dealerships closing.
Everyone snickered and smirked when 47 year-old single and unemployed Susan Boyle walked out on the stage to sing on ''Britains Got Talent''. Prepare to be amazed. According to their website, has over 50 years of experience in praying for other people. Click to ask them to pray for you. Snowflaking is a powerful technique used in personal finance for becoming debt-free. Click to learn more. Dubai was meant to be a Middle-Eastern Shangri-La, a glittering monument to Arab enterprise and western capitalism. But, with hard times, an uglier story is emerging.
For most people, it takes a long time to learn to tap dance. But, someone with your ability should be able to learn in 19 minutes and 18 seconds by watching this video lesson. Having cash and Ron Paul materials now makes you a suspect. What the TSA agents didn't realize, the interrogation was being recorded on a cell phone. The Qiblah is the direction of the Kaaba. Some Muslims determine this direction using a rhumb line, while most use the great circle route. This GPS unit shows both. On a raid to seize zip lock bags, cops guzzled sodas and scarfed down fresh turkey hoagies, Little Debbie fudge brownies and Cheez-Its. Oh, and $10,000 in cash and cartons of cigarettes disappeared.
Walkscore calculates walkability by giving points for stores, restaurants, parks, or schools  within 1 mile or less of an address, and realtors are starting to use this information. The Ka'ba - Kaaba - is the canonical center of the Islamic world and every pious act, particularly prayer, is directed toward it. In 2007, Churchill was fired for plagiarizing his academic research. Churchill said they were looking for an excuse to fire him because of a controversial essay he wrote in 2001. Should not this creature from Jekyl Island, The Federal Reserve, for all its manifold crimes and sins against the republic, be summarily put to death? Buchanan thinks so.
Within minutes of getting the secret information and promising not to tell, the White House leaked it to several agencies, and the video and a transcript of its audio track had been had been given to cable television news and broadcast worldwide. Roman Numerals was the standard numbering system and method of arithmetic in Ancient Rome and Europe until about 900 AD, when the Arabic system came into use. From 1861 to 1863, the price of wheat tripled, butter and milk quadrupled. Women began to protest the exorbitant price of bread, and took to the streets. And, you thought your pension plan was bad.
Kaing Guek Eav, better known as Duch, is the first former Khmer Rouge official to accept blame for crimes committed by the regime 30 years ago. Nixon always insisted that others, including President Eisenhower, encouraged him to dispute the outcome but that he refused. But, was that really true? Conficker is thought to have infected more than 10 million PCs worldwide, and April 1 is the day that the worm is set to change the way it updates itself, moving to a system that is much harder to combat. A sting operation by the Minnesota State Lottery resulted in several arrests on felony charges. These helpful clerks offered to throw your winning ticket or scratch-off away.
The last gold audit at Fort Knox was in 1953,  showing 700 million ounces, 70% of the estimated world's supply. Annual audits are required by law, but haven't been done since. If everyone quit smoking, the government would be in real trouble. Do you believe the 62˘ per pack increase in the excise tax will all go to fund health care for children? You can't sell it, but it is perfectly legal to grow it, smoke it, and nobody will be kicking down your door at 2 am. The people who write those articles about how much money you need to retire are living in la-la land.
Airfares peaked last year as fuel prices skyrocketed. This year, fuel prices plunged but passenger demand dropped in a recessionary economy. There are real deals out there. Maryland lawmakers are thinking maybe it's time to find a way to scrub ''Northern scum'' and a few other sensitive pre-Civil War phrases from the official state song. The story goes: one hoof in the air, wounded and died later, two hooves means died in battle, all hooves on the ground shows the soldier died later of natural causes. Most of the things you want to do, the ones you tell about by saying ''Someday I'm going to ... '' you never do.
Who would believe a product would make them look 50 years younger? A desperate consumer who wants it to be true, that's who, and advertisers take full advantage. NASA's mistake was allowing write-ins. Colbert urged viewers of his Comedy Central show, ''The Colbert Report,'' to write in his name. The truth is, we're all to blame for today's e-mail woes. So, to create change in your inbox, start with yourself. Living in a car isn't something that anyone would recommend. But, when you lose your job, your house, and your money runs out, it might be the only choice,
The story circulates that condom pores are larger than the AIDS virus, allowing it to pass through. That is true with the old style made from animal intestines (called ''lambskin''), but not true with modern highly protective latex versions. Dayton, Ohio may have to pay ''back pay and pensions'' to black applicants who failed a test for police and firefighter positions, because the test was too hard, claiming it was written for someone with a high school education or GED. Our year is not exactly an even number of days, and Earth's slightly noncircular orbit, plus the gravitational tug of the other planets, constantly changes our planet's orientation to the sun from year to year. Employees were warned not to wear any clothing with the AIG logo, to travel in pairs and park in well-lit places, and to avoid any public discussions about the company.
On St. Patrick's Day, consumption of Guinness Beer is measured in thousands of gallons a minute. The MIAC warned police officers that violent militia members are ''usually'' supporters of presidential candidates like Ron Paul and are opposed to the Federal Reserve and taxes. The late John Murtha (D-PA) was the leader in campaign contributions from recipients of earmarks. Historians think the plot had already begun to buzz around Rome when soothsayer Titus Vestricius Spurinna famously warned Caesar ...''Beware the Ides of March.''
Obama's ancestors lived in Moneygall, Ireland. You can serve more than green beer and Guinness on St. Patrick's Day. These mixed drink recipes will make you an expert bartender on March 17th. At a ''Great Conversations'' event at the University of Minnesota, author Seymour Hersh revealed information about assassinations authorized by President Bush. A homebrew version of the $60 million simulators used to train pilots, Matthew Sheil's contraption is almost identical to the cockpit of a 747-400.
In a secret meeting that lasted just 90 minutes, SS General Reinhard Heydrich laid out the plan to eliminate all 11 million Jews living in Europe. Historians cannot find any evidence that Christians were killed in the Colosseum, even though church leaders told the stories as fact for centuries. It probably never happened. Portugal's Agucadoura, the world's first wave farm, is now operational, and consists of three wave energy converters generating over 2 million watts. A common sight in the 1930's is coming back. Click to see more photos from the Great Depression.
If you don't cancel your ''Free Credit Report dot Com'' membership within 7 days, good luck. Some people don't notice the charge on their credit card, and have been paying $13 a month for years. A VA hospital administrator with no balls rolled-over for a new employee who objected to the headline on the August 14, 1945 newspaper on display.
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The book ''The Year of Living Biblically'' answers the question: What if a modern-day American followed every single rule in the Bible as literally as possible?

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