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This underwear is worn by Mormons as a reminder of promises they made to be honest and faithful to the Lord.  And, to keep them from attempting any funny-business. White youth trying to act like a black are usually not accepted by whites or blacks, and a new derogatory term has developed for them, ''Wiggers''. ''Old man, give me your wallet or I'll cut you,''  The Marine put down his bag of groceries and kicked the kid in the nuts. Thanks to for providing this video. Does anyone know the story behind it? When and where it happened? Please call or email.
Australian model Kristy Hinze says she was instantly attracted to her 63-year-old billionaire boyfriend Jim Clark because of his brain. Hey, it worked before. Picturing himself sorting bunny boots by size at a remote Alaskan military base, Brig. Gen. Thomas Hartman chokes when asked by Sen. Lindsey Graham if waterboarding a captured U.S. pilot would be considered torture. As far as the government is concerned, the real problem with moonshine isn't making it, but selling it.
From 2008: The Geek Squad was sued after an anonymous Best Buy employee alerted ''The Consumerist'', an online consumer advocate website, about the Geek's practice of copying photos from customer hard drives. In 1939, not just anybody could buy this film. It cost $5 per roll, when minimum wage was 25˘, an hour, and the film had to be sent back to Rochester, New York for development. From 2006: Any movement, government or religion that is so fragile that it cannot tolerate mocking words or pictures is too insecure to be considered valid. In 1846 the Donner party of pioneers heading to California were trapped by severe winter storms in the mountains. Those that survived did so by eating those that didn't.
Riverside Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada has partnered with Sun Country Airlines to offer great hotel and airfare packages from several U.S. cities. Click to learn more. Most of us had parents who taught us to accept their religious beliefs as undeniable fact. But, do we have a right or obligation to ourselves to question a few things? By 1943, 5,700 people were using the sample social security card from a wallet sold by Woolworths. Over the years, more than 40,000 people would claim it as their own. The President's limo is a Cadillac DTS, little of the original vehicle remains. It can withstand anti-tank grenade launchers, and chemical and biological attacks.
When Bush leaves office in January, 2009, whoever is president has a monumental problem to solve. Keith Olbermann lets Walmart have it with both barrels on MSNBC's Countdown. A week after Walmart won in court, the woman's 18 year-old son was killed in Iraq. These 10 conspiracy theories have one thing in common. They are all true.
Want to know if your neighbors are criminals?
Because of lawyer-client confidentiality, the attorney had to wait 26 years until his guilty client died, before he could release a signed confession to the court. The Aeroscraft would have a range of several thousand miles and, with an estimated top speed of 174 mph, could traverse the continental U.S. in about 18 hours. German Zeppelins will carry tourists over London instead of bombs. Sure, that's what they would like us to believe... Bush and Putin, ''two old warhorses,'' as the American president put it at the NATO summit meeting in Romania on Friday — completed a joint statement on Sunday morning that included language describing how they would in the future address the issue of missile defenses that administration officials had suggested was unlikely the day before.
In the movie ''Junior'' Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant. Now, someone has done this for real.          Spoiler: He used to be a She. Joe Kennedy did everything he could to get his son Jack elected President. With close friends controlling newspapers and unions, he was successful. Vitamin Water has 1% real juice and is loaded with sugar. The teenage years are a time of transition from childhood into adulthood. And, that spells trouble.
China has a long way to go when it comes to human rights. Showing the power they have, police act quickly to shut-down a website that allowed citizens to tell about bad experiences with police officers. On April 1st, 1998, Burger King introduced the Left-Handed Whopper, to better serve millions of left-handed customers. The hydrophones used to monitor the Juan de Fuca Plate are leftover from a network the Navy used to listen for submarines during the Cold War.
The Urban Dictionary defines the Rick Roll as follows:  Clicking on a link you think is to something you want to see, but it actually directs you to a video of Rick Astley singing ''Never Gonna Give You Up.'' You've been Rick Rolled. Four general suggestions emerge from the last 45 years of nicknaming operations: make it meaningful, target the key audiences, be wary of fashions, and make it memorable. The building permit says a million bucks, but you know there has to be a lot of donated labor and materials beyond that. Reverend Wright will be retiring from preaching in style in these God-Damned United States. Filmmaker Geert Wilders is under constant police protection, but says it is his duty to speak out against what he sees as a threat to Dutch culture posed by Islam. The film's title ''Fitna'' is an Arabic word meaning ''strife''. Approximately 17 minutes in length, the film attempts to demonstrate that the Qur'an motivates its followers to hate all who violate Islamic teachings.
Tired of the same old burgers and fries? Try something new, like Haggis from Scotland. It is said that all Scottish food originated with a dare. Like, ''Hoot mon, yu aren't goin' to eat that, are ye?'' If campaign contributions stopped tomorrow, Hillary would be in real trouble. Click for more. While it is true that Joseph Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler Youth Group, and was captured by U.S. forces after deserting the German army, he was not a Nazi party member, and has vowed to end sexual abuse in the church. The school nurse took away the crutches because of a school policy prohibiting them without a doctor's note, and to prevent injuries to other students.
See what students and parents are saying about teachers in your local schools. See what Dwight Carlson's students say about him.
What happened to that deal where this war wasn't going to cost us a dime? Get ready for higher gas prices, as oil companies pass the new tax on to the consumer. The media website '''' was forced to remove the 16 minute film ''Fitna'' after receiving death threats.
Clinton’s tale of landing at Tuzla airport “under sniper fire” and then running for cover was simply not credible. The survey reports that apart from current partners, celebrities were the most common fantasy figures, closely followed by strangers who women have caught a glimpse of and former lovers. Research at the University of Michigan shows that hashing out marital disagreements is actually good for your health. It's squelching anger, especially when you feel you've been wronged, that's dangerous. I should say anything. What were we talking about?
American Airlines continues to ground more flights. What does Hollywood know? Pack your bags. On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, the full saga unfolds in Bush’s War. The internet provider Go Daddy has alienated some of their clients by shutting-down websites without notice, making it difficult to transfer domains to other servers, and charging a lot of undisclosed fees.
In 1995, Cliford Stoll predicted the internet would never amount to much. ''No interactive multimedia display comes close to the excitement of a live concert. And who'd prefer cybersex to the real thing? '' A classified ad popped up on Craig's List, saying the owner of a home in Jacksonville, Florida was forced to leave the area suddenly and that his belongings, including a horse, were free for the taking. Although tornadoes have been observed on every continent except Antarctica, most occur in the USA. Have you ever wondered if you are a geek, a dork, or a nerd? Take this test to find out.
Police in Hagerstown, Maryland searching a downtown home found a man hiding 15 plastic bags of crack cocaine in his buttocks. Like Mom said, always wear clean underwear, you might be in an accident. Or, frisked by the cops. In 2008 Frank Woodruff Buckles became the last known surviving American veteran of the First World War. The 107-year-old veteran was honored  in Washington, visiting the White House and the Pentagon. Mad is an American humor magazine founded by editor Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines in 1952. Offering satire on all aspects of American life and pop culture, the monthly publication deflates stuffed shirts and pokes fun at common frailties. ''Happily for the busy lunatics who rule over us, we are permanently the United States of Amnesia. We learn nothing because we remember nothing.'' - Gore Vidal
In March, 2008, Cheney told reporters the war was a success. The Vice President must have been referring to a different war that the American people were not aware of. These leaders were ranked by Parade Magazine based on their human-rights abuses, the level of suffering they caused, and the amount of absolute power they wield. In 2008, Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine released a report documenting continuing misuse of Patriot Act powers by the FBI. A Time magazine article said Americans don't care. Surveys showed otherwise. For $5.90 you can get two spare keys, and they fit every Diebold voting machine sold.  Or, with a little work, you can cut a key just by looking at the photo in Diebold's catalog.
Historians think the plot had already begun to buzz around Rome when soothsayer Titus Vestricius Spurinna famously warned Caesar ...''Beware the Ides of March.'' The accurate forecast, therefore, may have been based more on Rome's worst kept secret than any special psychic powers on the part of the seer. As the Senate convened, Caesar was attacked and stabbed to death by a group of senators who justified their action on the grounds that they were preserving the Republic from Caesar's alleged monarchical am
There are bound to be activities near you. Today, everyone is Irish!
Proof that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland !
About 9% of those questioned in the exit polling admitted to being Republicans, and they voted for Hillary Clinton, causing her to win by a narrow margin. Why did they do it? Click to find out. Michael Sheridan was stripped of his title as class vice president, barred from attending an honors student dinner and suspended for a day after buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate.
The United Facist Union candidate is Jackson Kirk Grimes, and look out, he's running again! When Hargesheimer rushed to hide from the Japanese, children would follow with makeshift brooms, sweeping away his prints from the sand. ''If they'd seen my boot prints, I think they would have tortured everyone in the village until they produced me''.
Fred Hargesheimer's Obituary
Antonio Meucci invented the telephone in 1871, five years before Alexander Graham Bell, but Meucci couldn't afford the $10 fee charged by the U.S. Patent Office. For those who are part of what Warren Buffett calls ''The Lucky Sperm Club'', life is supposedly one long shopping trip with an no-limits ATM card. What will happen when they suddenly inherit the parents' money?
You can't make stuff up like this, some of these stories just write themselves. North Koreans are taught that Kim Il Sung was the inventor of everything, even their toaster. Some believe he's even walked on the moon. Could you actually run a car on water?  Some people want to sell you the technology. If you believe this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to unload. Heartburn (GERD, Acid Reflux) could be just a minor discomfort after eating, or it could be a chronic condition affecting the quality of your life.
A firm, hearty handshake is always an appropriate way for men to greet each other. But when men achieve a greater familiarity, a man hug becomes appropriate. Why stay at those fancy Las Vegas hotels when you can fly in to the Bacon Strip Ranch for the weekend? John Belushi died at age 33 of acute cocaine and heroin intoxication. Belushi died in bungalow #3 of the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles. The last two stars to see him alive were Robert De Niro and Robin Williams, both of whom had visited Belushi, on separate occasions, shortly before his death. Click to see the latest news.
Obama could still wind-up with more delegates. Read what the bloggers have to say. The mayor and several members of the Mandeville, Louisiana police force have been getting $100 to $500 Wal-Mart gift cards every Christmas, paid for from the ''Toys For Tots'' fund. Stan Brock, of ''Wild Kingdom'' fame, now works to provide health care where it is needed in remote areas of the world, including Tennessee. Before you criticize Jefri's brother, and get your checkbook out to help this man, read the story.
Try this Free. The caller ID for any number you enter will show-up on your call. I can see all kinds of possibilities with this service ... Shot-down over German occupied France, Van Selus escaped with the help of a brave young French woman, by pretending to be a man on his honeymoon. Julius Caesar's affair with Cleopatra may have led to an extra day in February every four years. Click to learn more. The student's family had incredible medical expenses, and the student had no money for lunch. Want to be a teacher? Good news, common sense no longer required.
Dallas police officers said it worried them that the arena was packed with people who got in without even a cursory inspection. Sorry, Bob. A federal court jury found the owner of your company guilty of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, bank fraud and money laundering. President Reagon telling a story about a moose. A list of the presidents you would least suspect of being funny would include Abraham Lincoln and Calvin Coolidge. CBS coverage of this story on ''60 Minutes'' did not air on some Alabama stations because of ''technical problems''. But the outage raised eyebrows in Alabama and elsewhere, with some bloggers claiming it was a deliberate attempt to keep the segment off the air.
The genocide continues, and many blame Africa's problems on the evils of colonialism. And, they blame the violence on the borders colonialists created that ignored ethnicity.
This is the story of the four most critical hours in aviation history — an ordeal that began at 8:15 a.m., when the first indication that something was wrong came during a telephone call to American Airlines. Part Two Part One
Reporters David Heath and Hal Bernton found members of Congress have appropriated 12,881 earmarks, some received by campaign contributors, which cost taxpayers over $18 billion last year.
The Seattle Times Database
Since 2005, Obama's political action campaign has given $694,000 to the re-election campaigns of super delegates, Hillary's committee dolled out $195,000 to the same group. It would be criminal to give money to a regular delegate.
The media is doing a great job telling the world the cover story about the shooting down of spy satellite USA-193.
The missile test in 2007
John McCain is going to need some help getting out of this situation. Loan-Sharking ''Payday Lenders'' try to improve image with TV ad campaign, promoting disclose of fees on a new website as proof of ''Responsible Lending''.  Really? Gina Eilese's pin-up calendar boosts the morale of our soldiers and sailors stationed overseas, and recovering in V.A. hospitals.  I know she boosted mine.
Listen to ''Imus in the Morning'' 6 am to 10 am Eastern. The CIA explored hundreds of ways to kill Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and some were pretty bizarre. For over 20 years, Air Journey has been the world’s leader in escorted flying Journeys, delivering exhilarating flying experiences to the world’s greatest destinations. Travel in a small group on a pre-arranged itinerary, or let us design the perfect journey for you. There is an Air Journey for every pilot Millions of eyewitnesses watched in stunned horror yesterday as light emptied from the sky, plunging the U.S. and neighboring countries into darkness. As the hours progressed, conditions only worsened.
There is a sub-culture in the world where people whisper about ''so-and-so dipping into principal...'' Unfortunately, this can and does happen.
Aaron Russo's documentary ''America: From Freedom to Fascism'', debunks the justification of both the IRS and the Federal Reserve, and what to expect in the future.
Aaron Russo (1943 – 2007)
See Movie Trailer

At $100,000 a second, these ads better be good !
I'm going into the consulting business. Much like Vito Corleone, Ponzi came to America as an impoverished Italian immigrant. And, like Corleone, Ponzi decided that actual work was over-rated. Superheros, or ''Reals'' as they call themselves, create heroic identities with names like Black Arrow, Green Scorpion, and Mr. Silent, and fight crime wear bright Superman spandex or black ninja suits. The former president of Mexico, who defeated the Texans at The Alamo, retired and moved to New York, taking with him the idea of selling Mexican chicle as a rubber substitute. He met with inventor Thomas Adams who turned it into ''chewing gum''.
Born in 1943, I remember nuclear attack drills, paper routes, ducktail haircuts, and Pat Boone's white buck shoes. A 30 year old has different memories.
Some 10 -15 year old cars get 30-35 mpg and run great. Click here to check some out near you on
Fuel Economy Ratings
In this online election you can live anywhere in the world. Vote now for the next president of the United States. 20 Chicago voters were given bad pens to fill-out ballots. When they complained, they were told by an election judge that the pens had invisible ink.
The government of Sri Lanka is about to declare war on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) terrorist group, commonly referred to as ''The Tigers''. If you love dogs, this story is a real tear-jerker. $9,399 gets you a 50-yard-line ticket, four nights in a four-star hotel, transportation to the stadium and other perks (private jet not included). According to the Kosher Nosh Yiddish Dictionary, schlemiel is a habitual bungler and schlimazel is an unlucky person.
The group ''National Popular Vote'' says states can pass legislation mandating that all of their presidential electoral votes go to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless of the election outcome in their state. There are a lot more types of pizza pie than you might think. Click here and get hungry. From 2007: A rich man (or woman) might have trouble getting into heaven, but they've got a good shot at becoming President of the United States. The Airbus A380 is packed with the latest technology.
Brian Springer's pirated satellite feeds reveal the collusion between U.S. politics and the media. A must-see 57 minute documentary. Opens new window. The article downloaded said Muslim fundamentalists who claimed the Koran justified the oppression of women had misrepresented the views of the prophet Mohamed. XXX Church began its ministry in 2002, attempting to touch the lives of those who call porn a career. Here are 14 of the 100 questions on the U.S. Citizenship test. Can you answer them?
In his 1952 television speech, Nixon said his wife Pat wore a ''respectable Republican cloth coat.'', not a mink. The only contribution he admitted receiving was a cocker spaniel the children named ''Checkers''. The end of the Calendar Round was a period of unrest among the Maya, as they waited to see if the gods would grant them another cycle of 52 years. Doomsday theorists speculate the world may end on the calendar's last day. Some are accusing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney of shenanigans at the Florida Republican debate. Charles Fawcett led an exciting life.
Our local bank is open. The owner can't stand the thought of not charging folks for being overdrawn. In a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency, the ministry said the maid used a pillow to suffocate her employer Aisha Al Makhaled and then stole her jewelry in the southern province of Asir.
The Aussie Millions Poker Championship is the biggest poker tournament in the Southern Hemisphere. It takes place annually at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.
My son Andy played
in this tournament in 2008
(and lost).
Being offended makes you feel good all over.

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