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I honestly don't know if the author, Kelleigh Nelson, is a whacky wing-nut, or if she is telling us the facts. An article to read and discuss. In 1950, a wildfire burned in New Mexico’s Capitan Mountains. Firefighters there found a young bear cub clinging to a tree branch. Firefighters presumed the cub climbed the tree to escape the raging fire. The little bear was alive, but severely burned. Firefighters rescued the cub and aptly named him Smokey. At least 137,500 absentee ballots were cast through unlawful vote trafficking throughout several of Wisconsin’s largest cities in the 2020 election, according to research presented last week to the state Assembly’s Committee on Campaigns and Elections by the public interest organization True the Vote (TTV). The mystery of the seven-hour gap has fueled furious speculation as to why calls are missing. That includes allegations that Trump was using "burner phones" (which he has denied) or that the logs were purposely suppressed. But the gap might have a less mysterious explanation.
''Open the books'' works hard to capture and post all disclosed spending at every level of government – federal, state, and local. Forensic linguistics is broadly defined as the study and application of language in a forensic context. Highly publicized murders have been solved used forensic linguistics, including the infamous ''Unabomber''case. On ''Star Trek'' Mr. Spock referred to the humans aboard the spaceship as ''carbon based lifeforms'', and he was correct. Not just humans, but all life on earth is carbon based. Once a year, Jews devote an entire week to recalling the events of the Exodus, internalizing these messages, and growing in their faith. One way they do this is through the ritual Passover meal known as the seder, which is the heart of the Passover celebration.
Donald Trump is suing Hillary Clinton and several other Democrats, alleging they tried to rig the 2016 U.S. presidential election by tying his campaign to a Russia hoax. The Oscars are tanking. Filmmakers with even the most equitable and diverse sets may not give a damn whether their films are eligible for an Oscar or not because hardly anyone will be watching. According to Joe, Jill got the degree that lets her call herself a doctor, because she felt second class without one.  ''She said, 'I was so sick of the mail coming to Sen. and Mrs. Biden. I wanted to get mail addressed to Dr. and Sen. Biden.'' ''That's the real reason she got her doctorate.'' Will Smith was the talking point of Sunday night's 94th Academy Awards when he slapped presenter Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife. The Internet was soon awash with memes and reaction to one of the most shocking moments in Oscar history.
Designated a National Park in 1872, but 10 years later commercial developers were building illegal hotels, restaurants and other venues while prospectors and loggers pillaged the park almost at will. Many visitors treated the hot springs as their own personal hot tubs, causing irreparable damage. Buffalo Bill moved to stop it. ‘Just straight-up lying’: Little Red Lying Hood Jen Psaki’s doing a characteristically terrible job of selling us on Joe Biden, and even the liberal press is getting sick of it. Wonder no more: In the days of the sailing ships there was no plumbing. So, the crew answered the call of nature by relieving themselves from a platform built at the front end of the hull, or ''head'' of the ship.   A million Americans live full-time in RVs, according to the RV Industry Association. Some have to do it because they can’t afford other options, but many do it by choice.
Legend says that Saint Patrick chased all the snakes out of Ireland. The problem? These creatures never actually lived in the country. In fact many animals found throughout Europe and North America don’t live on the island of Ireland—the ocean keeps the critters away. The current invasion of Ukraine is not the first time Russia has taken drastic action to quell Ukrainian dreams of independence, engineering a man-made famine in the 1930's. Estimates of the dead range from 4 to 20 million. As soon as James Stewart’s feet touched the tarmac, Sally said with utmost enthusiasm, ''Welcome to Carlsbad, Mr. Stewart, my name is Sally Connors and I’m here to help you in any way that you need.'' ''Let's Go Brandon'' may be specific to the age of memes, but insulting epithets for presidents are nothing new.  ''Tricky Dick'' had an appealing rhythmic quality, as Nixon was seen as unscrupulous long before the Watergate scandal.
''Spring Ahead'' and ''Fall Back'' may end forever. Many states have passed measures to stay on daylight saving time permanently, a move that some have called ''lock the clock''. This requires an act of Congress, as states are not allowed to remain on daylight time year-round. Congress has proposed doing just that with the Sunshine Protection Act. Those three words uttered by career criminal George Floyd prior to his death by drug overdose while in police custody rocked the nation in the spring of 2020. The historic eruption of lawlessness and violence that followed under that rallying cry opened new fault lines in the nation's cultural and political landscape. A good strategist will never disclose what he will or will not do in advance of combat, but Biden blabbed our plans to his friends in China, who promptly told the Kremlin. Welcome to Area 51 – the mysterious research center in the USA, mired in controversy and impenetrable secrecy.
Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s character in ‘Servant of the People’ is straight out of a Frank Capra movie. It’s easy to see why the people of Ukraine voted for him, even if they didn't imagine him defending their country from Putin. The author of this article fails to see that limiting free speech isn't democracy, it is facism. The author says, It is time to schedule a recall election for both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. They are clearly in over their heads and incapable of governing. It seems like every week, another rocket is launched into space carrying rovers to Mars, tourists or, most commonly, satellites. The idea that space is getting crowded has been around for a few years now, but just how crowded is it?
The Degüello (Spanish: El toque a degüello) is a bugle call, notable for its use as a march by Mexican Army buglers during the 1836 Siege and Battle of the Alamo, to signal that the defenders of the garrison would receive no quarter by the attacking Mexican Army under General Antonio López de Santa Anna. In 1930, Nebraska Gov. Charles Bryan went on vacation, leaving Lt. Gov. T.W. Metcalfe in charge. The power went straight to his head, and thus the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska was born, with Metcalfe appointing his friends as admirals. Nebraska has absolutely no ocean access, the only state that is triply landlocked. Discovered 1930s letters to St. Paul Montgomery Ward complaint department good for laughs & tears. The letters saved by Montgomery Ward employee Verna Gregg ended up with her grandson, who has published them in a book. Despite his campaign promises not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000, Biden's IRS agents are going after thieves and burglars who don't report their stolen loot as income.That's how they got Al Capone. To avoid being charged with tax evasion, crooks are required to declare illegal income by placing the amount on the ''other income'' line.
Prisons you can stay in range from notorious, supposedly haunted spots with basic bunks and a not-so-warm welcome, to places that have been transformed into luxury hotels with only the odd barred window giving away their past. Economics journalist Stephen Moore says that with the national debt now at $30 trillion, Congress should demand an immediate audit of every government program to find the waste. Then, instead of spending more, it is time for an across-the-board 10% cut to every program. In 2022, a confused political hack from Delaware staged a one-man insurrection by invading the sacred precincts of the Capitol building, hijacking all the TV networks, and yelling that the planet would be destroyed unless we gave him all our money so he could burn it and turn it into green energy. A new billboard ad in New York City's Times Square urges President Biden to reject oil from Russia. ''Hey Vlad. Screw You!'' the billboard states. ''Nyet to Russian Oil. Time for American oil. Drill more, pay less. C’mon Joe. This ain’t hard.''
As we live longer, more people are caring for loved ones well into their retirement years. Having a loved one around in old age is a blessing for many, and caring for a loved one provides a sense of purpose. But the duties are upending what many had expected from their retirement years. Around 1880, the nuns prayed to St. Joseph - the patron saint of carpenters - to help with a solution for their chapel stairs. A visitor arrived at their door with his mule and some tools. When completed, the stairs had no central column or support beams, all the weight is self-supported at the base. The mysterious craftsman did not use nails or glue, only wooden pegs, and disappeared without being paid. Was this story true? Milton Friedman was an American economist and statistician who received the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and the complexity of stabilization policy. As the host of the television show ''Wheel of Fortune'', Pat Sajak works 48 days per year, $312,500 per workday, and $52,083 per episode, six of which are taped each workday. And, those salary numbers are from 2015, his new contract is rumored to be for much more.
Four out of 45 US presidents have been assassinated over the course of American history.  But many more chief executives escaped assassination attempts thanks to heroic bystanders, diligent guards, misfiring pistols, and crazy luck. This irreplaceable, former U.S. Army base, consisting of 575 private military-built, concrete and steel, all-risk bunkers, is now repurposed and affordably priced, ready to provide life-saving shelter for your entire family or group. You can visit and stay in your bunker as often as you like, even live in it fulltime as your primary residence or a home away from home. Birds Aren't Real is a satirical conspiracy theory which posits that birds are actually drones operated by the United States government to spy on American citizens. A journalist described Birds Aren't Real as ''a joke that thousands of people are in on''. Richard Gere is a Buddhist, an admirer of the Dalai Lama, whom the Chinese view as an enemy of the state. The cancellation of a star of the magnitude of Gere shows how bad the problem is, how much in bed Hollywood is today with its grim partners in the East.
Before the days of long security lines, sad snack packets, and minimal leg room, flying was seen as a luxury experience. Boarding an airplane in the 1950s was comparable to taking a fancy cruise. In the novel ''Fathers and Sons,'' Ivan Turgenev wrote, ''A nihilist is a man who doesn't acknowledge any authorities, who doesn't accept a single principle on faith, no matter how much that principle may be surrounded by respect.'' These words may have been written in the 19th century, but they apply to Americans of today who follow the path of instant gratification achieved through wanton violence. Since the start of the pandemic, Trudeau has acted like COVID entitled him to unlimited power in the name of public safety — sort of like Gov. Andrew Cuomo on amphetamines. Now he claims he is entitled to use an iron fist to crush the trucker protest movement against a vaccine mandate. The author says: ''President Biden should immediately issue an executive order lifting the mask mandate on airline flights, a prudent action that finally brings back a sense of normalcy to air travel.''
''I have a foreboding of an America in my children's or grandchildren's time - when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the key manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues.'' Chivalry is best known as the belief and practices of the knights of medieval times, and this code of ethics or conduct was upheld by the knights of yore. These codes were written many centuries ago, and a man who was to be called a knight had to abide by all of the several rules that summed up the ''knight's code.'' The story of how the Doomsday Clock began ticking 75 years ago, the brainchild of a Chicago artist. In 1954, Democratic Senator Joseph McCarthy charged that a young associate in Welch's law firm was a member of the Communist Party. Joe Welch was stunned. As he struggled to maintain his composure, he looked at McCarthy and took him down. The audience burst into wild applause.
''Let me just try putting Briele in with her sister, to see if it helps'', the nurse said to the alarmed parents. ''I don't know what else to do''.
A surge protector blocks power surges that may get sent to your RV. This may be from a lightning storm or a malfunction with the power grid. That surge will do a lot of damage to any appliance or electronic equipment that are plugged in. If you somehow get the hot wire and the neutral conductor swapped, that’s known as reverse polarity.
The good news is that Zoomers aren’t nearly as entitled on the job as millennials. The bad news? They could really use a hug. A lifelong inventor whose creations ranged from high-tech defense weaponry devices to electrostatic printers, Ron Howes built an impressive resume that will always be best known for the enormously popular toy that he fathered nearly a half century ago: the Easy-Bake Oven.
Google Maps Timeline is a service that tracks where you have been … well … where your phone has been. It shows the route that you took to get to the grocery store and back. It displays the exact times that you were on the move. It even guesses the names of the buildings you entered. But, is it a great tool or an invasion of privacy to be misused by others? Take a look at the famous, insightful and interesting quotes and thoughts by Joe Biden who has had a distinguished career with a plethora of successes and some stumbling points that are indispensable with such an occupation. ABC's 2 week suspension of Whoopi Goldberg over remarks that trivialized the Holocaust is drawing harsh criticism from many who are appalled over the network's double standard after it fired actress and comedian Roseanne Barr over a joke. Now, a 1993 recipe submitted to a community cookbook by Goldberg (who is not Jewish but has pretended to be Jewish for years) is drawing fire.
Defibrillation involves the delivery of an electric shock to the heart which causes depolarisation of the heart muscles and re-establishes normal conduction of the heart’s electrical impulse. The machine used to deliver this therapeutic shock to the heart is called a defibrillator. The Saudis deny any role in 9/11, but the CIA in one memo reportedly found ''incontrovertible evidence'' that Saudi government officials — not just wealthy Saudi hardliners, but high-level diplomats and intelligence officers employed by the kingdom — helped the hijackers both financially and logistically. For all the feminist criticism of men supposedly treating women like dogs, it is actually today’s feminism-infected women that are treating men like domesticated animals. Unfortunately, this Readers Digest article didn't include any of the whoppers told recently.
A list of people Joe Biden probably won’t name to the Supreme Court, not even Hillary Clinton. But, when she ran for the Senate in New York she discovered a Jewish ancestor, helping her win. So, maybe there's an African American in her background she can find. Abbott and Costello know who’s on first, and they’re under oath this time. After all the votes were tallied, it wasn’t even close. Plowy McPlowFace won the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s inaugural ''Name a Snowplow'' contest with 65,292 votes. The next-closest vote-getter was Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya, which garnered 29,457 votes. More than 122,000 votes were cast in all. Elmyr de was a Hungarian painter and art forger, who is said to have sold over a thousand forgeries to art galleries all over the world. His forgeries garnered celebrity from a Clifford Irving book, Fake (1969); a documentary essay film by Orson Welles, F for Fake (1974); and a biography by Mark Forgy, The Forger's Apprentice: Life with the World's Most Notorious Artist (2012).
One of the more flagrant examples of turning a political career into exorbitant wealth is Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has served in Congress for nearly 34 years. During that time, Pelosi has managed to amass a net worth of $315 million. If you're self-employed or have a side hustle and get paid through apps like PayPal, earnings over $600 per year will now be reported to the IRS. Prior to this,  if you had more than 200 transactions and over $20,000 a year would be reported. My son Joe's dog Buster was a one of a kind dog, litter mate to our female Lily who died in 2021. He will be missed by our family, and others who got to know him. What a great dog Over his decades in office, Joe Biden’s family fortunes have closely tracked his political career.
Buried deep within the massive infrastructure legislation recently signed by President Joe Biden is a little-noticed ''safety'' measure that will take effect in 2026. Marketed to Congress as a benign tool to help prevent drunk driving, the measure will mandate that automobile manufacturers build into every car what amounts to a ''vehicle kill switch.'' When driving an RV, there are winding, narrow roads leading to and from highways that need extra precaution. There are many low-clearance and narrow bridges and tunnels, as well as roads that suddenly become dangerous with no warning. Here are some of the roads across America that you want to avoid driving in a recreational vehicle. Decades after its release, the movie has gained respect because Tom Horn and McQueen's performance were ahead of their time. Audiences were used to action-packed Westerns with gunfights and brawls. McQueen offered them something different, a meditation of the West and a character study of one of America's best-known figures of the era. President Joe Biden blamed a lack of competition in the meat processing industry for rising meat prices at the grocery store, saying they are exploiting ranchers, farmers, and consumers. But when asked to explain how they do that, he was short of detail, proving again he hasn't a clue about what is really going on.
What exactly a given gang sign means, even to insiders, depends on who's flashing it, who's receiving it, and where the exchange is taking place. Anom, an encrypted phone company marketed to criminals which the FBI secretly took over, surreptitiously recorded every message sent by the phones’ users. But the truly global undercover operation had another secret: The phones also collected users' precise GPS location. A magazine cover celebrating African beauty is being criticized for making Black women look "tragic." The February 2022 cover of British Vogue featuring nine Black models is coming under fire by critics on social media who say poor lighting, makeup and styling make the women appear unnatural. Calling Harry Reid a ''statesman'' is not the same as calling O.J. Simpson, a double murderer who attended the funeral of his butchered-to-death wife, a ''grief counselor'', but it’s close.
As tens of millions of dollars in transactions pour in for NFTs, enthusiasts say these investments will soon expand beyond trading art, music, video clips and memes. Silicon Valley investors say the moneymaking possibilities in NFTs are limitless. I wonder if any of these people know about the Tulip Bulb craze in Holland in the 17th century? A love bomb, and the feelings you get when someone showers you with loving actions, declarations and behavior, differs greatly from the thrill of a healthy relationship. The problem is that it’s over-the-top, and in many cases it’s a classic manipulation technique, and a potential sign of an abusive relationship in the making. Operation Mincemeat was a deception conceived by British Intelligence to fool the Germans regarding the true target for the Allied invasion of Sicily. A dead body would be 'planted' off the coast of Spain carrying secret documents which purported to reveal that the targets for the forthcoming invasion would be Greece and Sardinia, not Sicily. Calvin Coolidge’s most famous quote is ''The business of America is business'', and he is perhaps the least understood or studied president of modern times, but one we could use today.
We can take some educated guesses about where individual Founders would have stood today based on their personalities, their philosophies, and their biographies.  ''Let's Go Brandon'' started at an October NASCAR race in Talladega, Alabama, where the crowd was chanting ''F--- Joe Biden''. The television reporter covering the event told her audience the crowd was yelling ''Let's Go, Brandon'', the winner of the race. Mike Lindell may be correct by blaming the ''cancel culture'' for his drop in business, but he continually makes one of the most common errors in communication. Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh is one of America's greatest investigative reporters, covering many of the most important stories of his time, helping expose the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War, and bringing attention to the Watergate cover-up, and Richard Nixon's secret war in Cambodia. His 2019 interview in Salon magazine is most revealing.
''Jeopardy!'' contestant Amy Schneider was born a man, but she’s being toasted as the highest-earning woman in the show’s history, much to the chagrin of those decrying the accolade as an example of stolen female glory. DNA is the oldest network that exists among us, older than Facebook or marriage records, older than society or family, immutable and ineradicable. DNA left at a crime scene may lead authorities to you and your relatives, one of whom may be the person they are looking for. Health authorities seized on the unifying threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and exaggerated its threat to create mass hysteria is backed up by leaked details of how the UK government manipulated its population during the early days of the pandemic. It’s time to join together with loved ones and celebrate America’s newest holiday: January 6th! To make the most of your holiday, consider these ten patriotic ways of remembering the day.
Kente silk cloth was worn by affluent Ashanti, among the first ones to profit from the slave trade, capturing and selling their enemies to the English and Dutch. The bright colors chosen by Nancy Pelosi are for wearing at joyous occasions, not sad events, where red and black are used. Thinking this might buy votes from African Americans, who know when they're being pandered to, the plan backfired. George Costanza knows better than to go down to Times Square for New Year's Eve. With no porta-potties or bathrooms available, most of those happy smiling folks you see celebrating on television are wearing diapers. Today, most people experience New Year’s Eve in Times Square as a television show with musical interludes. But, going back to the first event in 1851, Times Square has had some interesting year-end celebrations. Hiraeth is a homesickness for the places from your past you can’t return to or even those you’ve never been to. Hiraeth can also mean nostalgia for your past self, the people who are long gone, or the emotions you used to feel.
During a speech in  2002, George Bush cited a number of reasons, in addition to alleged terrorist links and weapons of mass destruction, about why Saddam was so dangerous, noting, in particular that, ''After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad''. As their command module floated above the lunar surface, the astronauts beamed back images of the moon and Earth and took turns reading from the book of Genesis, closing with a wish for everyone ''on the good Earth.'' Lia Thomas has broken numerous University of Pennsylvania women's swim records. In her 1650-meter freestyle win, Thomas beat second-place finisher and teammate Anna Kalandadze by more than 38 seconds. That means that the women who had held those records no longer hold them, because universities allow biological men to join women's swim teams. Congress is considering a special tax on billionaires, expanding the estate tax and clamping down on the trusts that wealthy families use to avoid taxes.
It’s safe to say that McDonnell Douglas was well aware that their F-15 Eagle was an incredibly capable platform, but even they were reluctant to believe that the Israeli aviators had managed to fly one without a wing. A previously unseen Oct. 2020 email from Dr. Francis Collins, the outgoing head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to his colleague Dr. Anthony Fauci is raising concerns about government-sponsored suppression of free speech—a direct violation of the 1st Amendment. Working Americans have had trouble this year affording basic needs amid the nation's soaring inflation rate. A 6.8 percent surge in consumer costs has meant necessities like food and gas have become unaffordable for many, whose salaries haven't kept up with inflation. In 2011, Waffle House adopted the ''Waffle House Index'', a color-coded system notifying the community and government organizations like FEMA of a local disaster's severity and destruction. Code Green indicates a full-service menu, while a limited menu is under a Code Yellow umbrella, and if Waffle House is closed, then it's Code Red.
Vast numbers of Americans are turning to seemingly cumbersome CPAP machines to combat obstructive sleep apnea. Why do baby teeth not fall out in some adults? Sometimes, it could be because the adult teeth that should have replaced the baby ones are missing. The condition in which teeth are missing – usually permanent ones – is known as tooth agenesis. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, the richest pastor in America, avoids paying an annual property tax bill of $150,000 by claiming that his massive lakeside mansion is a clergy residence, which qualifies it for a complete tax break. In the early 1970s, astronomer and solar scientist John Eddy noted several important star alignments involving the central and circumferential cairns, indicating the Bighorn Medicine Wheel was used by prehistoric Native Americans as an astronomical observatory and calendar.
Every political cartoonist takes a risk to exercise freedom of expression, especially those who feature radical Islamists. Drawing an image of the Prophet Mohammed is forbidden, and can be a death sentence for the artist. A Lab Poodle mix is popularly called a Labradoodle. This mixed breed combines traits from both parents. Both parents are intelligent and make good family dogs, so you can expect your Labradoodle to be the same. Labradoodle size, color, coat type, and personality can vary widely. People were surprised to learn this animal was transmitting the oldest and one of the most feared diseases to human, leprosy. Where did they get it? We gave it to them. '' I think that's ridiculous ''. Jill Biden dismisses concerns about her husband's mental fitness and claims he works 'almost 24 hours a day'.
Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers fought back with extraordinary courage, often at the sacrifice of their own lives. Those without weapons to fight took great risk to save wounded comrades and to save their ships. Pilots took off to engage Japanese aircraft despite the overwhelming odds. Countless acts of valor went unrecorded, as many witnesses died in the attack. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden ignited backlash after telling Americans they should ask friends and relatives to essentially show their papers before letting them in the door. Hopefully, the metal won't be recast into a statue of the career criminal rushed to sainthood by the left, George Floyd. Someday, people are going to be very sorry they did this. ''The reality is though, I will wake up tomorrow in the America of the year 2021, a nation unrecognizable to those who came before us and fought to protect it, which is what you must do now,'' Williams said. ''They’ve decided to burn it all down with us inside. That should scare you to no end as much as it scares an aging volunteer fireman.''
The author questioned how the government was handling the Covid pandemic, writing letters to the editor of the local paper. My dad told me ''never, ever, write a letter to the editor of the paper, you'll be viewed as a goofball to the readers''. If your case is less than perfect, the prosecutor is going to produce evidence showing that you displayed one of these.  He will argue that these signs serve as clear evidence of your desire or even eagerness to shoot or kill someone. On November 7, 1937, the Los Angeles Examiner published a prescient map predicting how Imperial Japan could attack the U.S. during World War II. While the rest of us were napping during lockdown, two 17-year-olds from Ontario were working hard to invent a new device to help people who are deaf, using a camera and tiny computer to translate American Sign Language (ASL) into spoken English.
In her new book, ''Laptop from Hell'' Post columnist Miranda Devine reconstructs the Biden family’s quest for cash by using files left on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. Etymologically, “procrastination” is derived from the Latin verb procrastinare — to put off until tomorrow. But it’s more than just voluntarily delaying. Procrastination is also derived from the ancient Greek word akrasia — doing something against our better judgment. A Montana Army National Guard soldier is the first woman ever to graduate from the Army’s intensive, seven-week sniper course. Sgt. Daniel Perry was swarmed by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters, including Garrett Foster, who approached his car with an AK-47 in the ''ready position'' as protesters began banging on the car and throwing bricks.
It’s not just the ''let’s go Brandon'' meme. The latest viral trend to mock President Joe Biden are Biden gas pump stickers that say ''I did that'' and show the president pointing in the direction of the prices. Velu Nachiyar & Kuyili: With the exception of Tamil Nadu, both women are relatively unknown across the country despite their epic warfare tactics and historic win against the British in the eighteenth century. In 1881 in Old Fort Sumner, New Mexico, William H. Bonney, known as Billy the Kid, runs into an old friend, Pat Garrett. Garrett informs Billy that the locals want him out of the country, and in five days, when he becomes Sheriff, he will make Billy leave. Even politicians can be sued for slander for public statements made ''outside their seat'', including vile statements made by presidential candidate Joe Biden.
Solo shares that alcohol measurements were not an intentional design element when it comes to the widely used plastic cup. Instead, the company recommends other common uses for Solo cup measurements, like mouthwash, cereal and the recommended amount of water we need to drink each day. If you're like many guys, it's not for lack of trying. You might be spending hours clicking profiles and messaging women on dating sites. You sometimes get a response, but rarely from anyone you actually want to date. These people think the criminals killed by Kyle Rittenhouse in self defense were the real ''heros'' that night. And, they have a few more whacky views on life in America. Long marginalized and misrepresented in U.S. history, the Wampanoags are bracing for the 400th anniversary of the first Pilgrim Thanksgiving in 1621.
Cousin Eddie, the character from ''National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'' and I have a few things in common, for example, we both showed up at a relative's home in our motorhome for a 3 week stay. My friends and family could probably come up with a few other similarities. In a controversial passage in Plato's ''Republic'', Socrates introduced the idea of the ''noble lie'' (gennaios pseudos). A majestic fiction, he says, could sometimes serve society by persuading uninformed citizens of something good for them. The general’s death from Covid, despite his vaccination status, indicates one thing very plainly: the vaccines don’t work. If they did, if they really prevented anyone from contracting the disease, Powell might still be alive. In 1954, homosexuality was illegal. Alan Turing was given a choice between prison or chemical castration. He committed suicide.
A remarkable discovery in the desert outside of Tucson, Arizona has scholars buzzing around the world. For some strange reason, I really like this ''My Pillow'' commercial. So what does it take to make a good ad? Well, as you’ll see in the examples shown, there are a few common traits the best commercials share. Over the course of around 250 years, seafaring Norsemen left their homes to pursue riches abroad. The era has become almost legendary and left a lasting legacy on the world. But how much do you know about the long history of the Vikings? In August 2021, a claim was made that Snopes’ co-founder and CEO David Mikkelson was revealed to be a serial plagiarizer, sloppily violating copyrights of other publications in an attempt to make the site look extremely proactive in uncovering news.
From 1850 to 1900, times and places out West were still unsettled, lands were wide open, new territory needed exploring, law enforcement was not a 911 call away, and those ventured far from the dusty streets of civilization depended on themselves and reliable tools for their daily existence. By the middle of the nineteenth century, smoking in general was a big thing, socially acceptable, manly, and becoming ever easier with the introduction of cigars, cigarettes and matches. Tobacco would induce a state of 'vertigo, loss of power in the limbs, a sense of deadly faintness, cold sweat, inability to speak or think, nausea and vomiting.' This might be unpleasant, but in Salter's experience it would halt an asthma attack. Back in the 1980s when the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder was the burger to beat, A&W had the great idea to debut a 1/3 Pound Burger at the same price as a Quarter Pounder. More meat for your dollar—what could go wrong? The more you yoga, the more you toot. Not only is it normal to fart in yoga, but it may be good for you.
In the era of Cold War the Western information space was full of numerous fantastic stories about Soviet submarines. Having taken shape in books and websites, those tales still keep Americans and Europeans on the trot. tries to demolish the foremost fables of Western ''folklore'' of 1950-80's.
More about Sub K-129
Levine is being celebrated as being the first female four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. This is an affront to women everywhere. Levine is transgender, a man pretending to be a woman, and we are expected to pretend right along with him. Air America's slogan was ''Anything, Anytime, Anywhere''. Pilots delivered everything from rice to munitions to bodies, both living and dead, and the work was never boring. There was no such thing as a typical day. Your atomic clock needs to receive signals from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado (NIST) to correct the time. Place your atomic clock in a window, or outside, facing towards Colorado. Leave it for at least four minutes so that it can find the signal. On a daily basis, the clock will search for a signal at 2 AM for eight minutes, but, depending where it is mounted in your home, may not find it.
The Halloween model of low-budget production, fresh-faced casts, and unstoppable, knife-wielding, holiday-minded killers has been adopted by scores of other filmmakers and films. Most horror movies that take place in a house follow a similar plot. The family move into a house where a murder took place years ago, the house was on a budget so they bought it and they are happy until strange things start to happen. The Ustasha of Yugoslavia was a Muslim-Catholic alliance of Nazi killers so beastly that even Nazi officials in Berlin were horrified. The Ustasha and three related crack divisions of Arab-Nazi Waffen SS comprised of tens of thousands of Muslim volunteers and terrorized people of all faiths in Yugoslavia. Evidently, common sense and years of experience are no longer needed to get a job at the White House.
The fledgling pharmaceutical industry, sponsored by the ‘Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research’, had something they never had before – a large supply of human test subjects. Supplied by the U.S. military’s first draft, the test pool of subjects ballooned to over 6 million men. A lot of the greatest pilots who ever lived will tell you that Bob Hoover was the greatest pilot who ever lived. Shot down in  France in World War II, Hoover spent 16 months as a POW, spending much of the time in solitary confinement as punishment for two dozen escape attempts. Finally, he succeeded just before the end of the war by stealing a German fighter. The ribbons on Admiral Levine's chest are basically ''participation awards''. Click to see real military ribbons. Dia de los Muertos, also called the Day of the Dead, is a three-day celebration in Mexico during the days of October 31, November 1, and November 2. During these three days, the locals believe that the spirits of their loved ones travel from the world of the dead to visit the living.
A senior Biden health appointee who made history when she became the nation's highest-ranking openly transgender official has also become its first openly transgender four-star officer. There is a massive propaganda push against those choosing not to vaccinate against COVID-19 with the experimental mRNA vaccines. Mainstream media, the big tech corporations, and our government have combined efforts to reward compliance and to shame and marginalize non-compliance. Ron Bolen figured a 12-hour hike up the mountain, seven up, five down. His backpack contained water, a collapsible water bottle, water purification tablets, a couple of protein cookies, rain gear, a first aid kit and his phone, onto which he had downloaded a map of the area.
Critics that Fauci was funding research in labs that were actually creating pandemic pathogens that, if leaked or if they fell into the wrong hands, might create the very human pandemic they were trying to prevent. Well, guess what?
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In 1868, Horatio Seymour was nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, and Frank Blair, Jr.was nominated for vice president. The campaign slogan was ''Our Ticket, Our Motto, This Is a White Man’s Country; Let White Men Rule.'' It was one of the most audacious space missions ever. As the spacecraft touched down on a comet and neared its closest approach to the Sun, recounting the drama, disappointments and jubilation of a 30-year quest. Planeloads of migrants are being flown to locations all across America by President Biden's administration to quietly resettle them in communities who are not aware of it until it is too  late. Half a century ago, Democrats looked at the country and realized they were never going to convince Americans to agree with them. But they noticed that people in most other countries of the world already agreed with them. The solution was obvious.
The Biden administration decided to dispatch 13,000 Afghanis, including at least one pedophile, to Wisconsin. Sparta, a small town of less than ten thousand, could only watch as a population of Afghans outnumbering its own population created a new Afghanistan on the premises of Fort McCoy. 13,000 people who either don't know how to, or refuse to use, a modern toilet. It’s not an understatement to say this bill, if passed, will fundamentally change our country forever. Americans will wake up in a few years and wonder what happened to their freedom. We can’t let that happen. 'Fox News Primetime' host Ben Domenech explores how respect for U.S. military has transformed under the new administration. As Domenech talked about the brave men in the ranks who still risk their lives to protect us, he got a little choked-up, and I followed right along behind him. More than 2.7 billion miles from the sun—29 times farther than Earth treads—a tiny sliver of sunlight reflected off something plummeting toward our home star. Something icy. Something unimaginably old. Something big.
In 1859, a woman identifying herself as ''the Queen of Heaven'' appeared in Wisconsin. Some might say these encounters are a form of necromancy, others that the person reporting the vision is mentally ill or just seeking attention. Virginia voters were bombarded with an unsolicited fake newspaper, designed to look like a real local one, that included misleading content echoing Democratic gubernatiorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe's campaign message. From 2012: Industry insiders have speculated that Wheaties, like Corn Flakes, wasn’t healthy enough for the Fiber One crowd and wasn’t bad enough for those who wanted to eat Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes. Known as dactyloscopy, a system of fingerprint identification was developed from the work of Sir Francis Galton by Sir Edward R. Henry. Nowadays, fingerprinting is used across the entire world and has many valuable applications.
William Shatner, age 90, who, as commanding officer James Tiberius Kirk, said ''to boldly go where no man has gone before'' at the start of each episode of Star Trek, is actually going to do it, which will make him the world's oldest astronaut. Hopefully, the asteroid will strike in an ocean, but if not, we might have to bend over and kiss our collective asses goodbye if this doesn't work. Where is Bruce Willis when we need him? In the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, most of the city was destroyed by the blaze. The fire was so enormous it actually leapt across the river. One-third of the city's population of 300,000 were left homeless and at least 300 people died. While the Amerika intelligentsia persists in butchering your children’s souls in their grisly game of social engineering, they have the temerity to deny they’re doing it and then to turn around and call you a ''domestic terrorist'' if you object.
The Wayback Machine is perhaps one of the most useful tools available on the Internet. Now Internet Archive has created the ''Wayforward Machine'', which travels forward in time to a deeply dystopian apocalyptic 2046. The sister of dictator Kim Jong-un and youngest child of Kim Jong-il, had spent her life in the shadows. But, recent developments indicate she's the likely heir to the North Korean leadership - whether her brother likes it or not. As race car driver Brandon Brown gushed about his Talladega win, the raucous Alabama crowd delivered a message to NBC’s listeners: ‘F*** Joe Biden.’ The NBC reporter engaged in a desperate bit of damage control, explaining to the listeners that they were actually chants of ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ The unexplained illness, which was first recorded in Cuba has since spread to US embassies across the world with a reported 130 cases. Symptoms include hearing loss, severe headaches, memory issues, dizziness and brain injury. But is it really just '' mass hysteria''?

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