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Phoenix police officer Brian Lilly shot Anthony Arambula six times in the back while he was still on the phone with the 911 operator - twice when he was on the ground. While a commercial success in 1956, ''The Searchers'' received no Oscar nominations. In 2008 it was named the Greatest Western of all time by the American Film Institute. According to the local paper, none of the bombs found would actually work, but the prospects of solving a crime bigger than speeding is giving local law enforcement in my hometown of Princeton, Minnesota some serious wood. The heck with a cruise ship. Relive the glory of a WWII mission with three days and two nights of action-packed activities that celebrate the B-17 Bomber.
Letterman knows how to handle an extortion by making the information no longer valuable, but he forgot the 11th Commandment: ''Show not thy rod to thy staff''. A smooth flat stone sitting on the beach is a stone that’s meant to be thrown. The arrest of actor Randy Quaid for unpaid hotel charges is just the latest in a pattern of skipped bills, paranoia, and premonitions of his own violent death. Author Christopher Hitchens wonders why we punish innocent airline passengers, instead of going after those who are really the problem.
Is there really treasure? Is this a ''slow news day''?
Follow-up story: HOAX!
Steve Irwin died in an encounter with a stingray in 2006 while snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. The fuel in PSA flight 182 burst into a massive fireball upon impact, and a witness reported that she saw her ''apples and oranges bake on the trees.'' From the trial of Socrates to the present day.
The greatest deal I know of from the U.S. Government. A regular season pass to our National Parks is $80 a year, but anyone 62 and older can buy a lifetime pass for just $10. If you woke up this morning with a hankering for slow-cooked goat, you can find the recipe, and a lot more, on the Foodista website. Between 1883 and 1889, the twenty mule teams hauled more than 20 million pounds of borax out of Death Valley, without the loss of a single animal or wagon. During the presidential campaign of 1944, Fala went with the President to the Aleutians. Republicans circulated a false story that Roosevelt forgot the dog there and sent a navy ship for him, wasting several million taxpayer dollars.
Is the reporter swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool? New window not opening? Bypass your pop-up blocker by hold down your [CTRL] key. Your target doesn't need to be using a bluetooth earpiece.  If his or her phone is ''bluetooth capable'', it can be hacked. We have an opportunity to get diseases that our parents weren't exposed to, like ''password fatigue'', caused by having a lot of passwords to remember. Do they want to look stupid? Some of the ''kids'' trying to look cool by wearing hats backwards, or at rakish angles, are old enough to have kids of their own.
First built and tested in 1944, The German Horton Ho 2-29 twin engine jet bomber had greater range and speed than any plane previously built Robert Newton's portrayal of Long John Silver in ''Treasure Island'' set the standard for how pirates are played in the movies. Thanks to the Internet, large companies can no longer afford to ignore unsatisfied customers. To begin with, shock absorbers don't absorb shocks, the springs do that. Click here to learn more.
Are the stories your hear true? Dan Brown's new book and movie ''The Lost Symbol'' is doing for the Freemasons what his previous works did for the Catholic Church's Opus Dei. Dr. Martin Borlaug's contribution to the world was high-yield farming, crops that were able to grow in a wide variety of climates and quickly, saving millions from starvation. ADM executive Mark Whitacre was the highest-ranking executive to ever turn whistleblower for the government.  And, while he was doing it, he embezzled $9 million. Built in 1931, MV John J. Harvey, at 130 ft and 268 net tons, is among the most powerful fireboats ever in service.
In 1968, to protect the lives and property of citizens,  9-1-1 was designated the universal emergency telephone number in North America. The Airport has two small interfaith chapels, where Cook and his staff help people in need of assistance. The B-36 was the largest American bomber ever built. In 1909, the color photography pioneer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii began to capture Russia in color images on behalf of the czar, the scope and importance of his undertaking were clear. He planned to document the empire with the color photography technique he developed.
Critics of Reagan's 1989 speech to school children say the president forced his views on supply side economics, conservative values, and Christianity on the children. Rob Miller, the Democratic challenger in Joe Wilson's Republican-leaning district, raised more than $100,000 overnight following Wilson's rude remark to Obama. This is a day we honor those who labor. On September 7, 1876, the Jesse James and Cole Younger gangs rode into Northfield, Minnesota to rob the local bank.
John Stossel of ABC's ''20/20'' says that for lots of grads, a college degree brings massive debt and no sign of a high-paying job. Not everyone should go to college. The Great Wedding Train is a unique way to celebrate your wedding in a style popular 100 years ago, when the train brought a church to towns without one. At the peak of production in 1946, Ercoupe was turning out 34 airplanes a day, beating the pants off Cessna and Piper. Ex-congressman James A. Traficant Jr., who delighted in ''Star Trek'' references and polyester suits, has been released from prison after serving 7 years for corruption.
Will this be a repeat of the 1976 debacle when swine flu vaccine killed more people than the virus itself? Some parents are worried that President Obama's televised message to kids in classrooms on the opening day of school is part of a heinous agenda. The Roman Catholic church encourages couples to pray before sex to remind themselves that intercourse is a selfless act, not driven by hedonism. Following the signing of surrender documents, Japanese delegates start to leave U.S.S. Missouri. At this moment the sky is darkened by hundreds of U.S. planes. Most Japanese remained straight faced but a few raised their faces and opened their mouths.

Follow the progress of the fire on the LA Times website. Senate Bill 773 would permit the president to seize control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency. The Emerald Ash Borer probably arrived in the United States on solid wood packing material carried in cargo ships or airplanes originating in its native Asia. A 65 year old non-smoker in good health can buy $100,000 in term life insurance for under $100 a month. Why would he buy a $7,500 policy for about the same price?
Joaquin Murrieta was the leader of an outlaw group known as ''The Five Joaquins'', who stole from the rich to provide assistance to the impoverished people of California. One of the most extraordinary singers in the world, Barbra Streisand has sold more than 100 million albums. When these scammers charge $1.97  for postage, what they really want is your credit card or bank account number, so they can charge you $70 a month forever. Anyone who has spent a lot of time in the woods has probably experienced a feeling of being turned around and lost. But, in that situation, do they really walk in circles?
In Alliance, Nebraska, thirty-eight automobiles were placed to assume the same proportions as Stonehenge with the circle measuring approximately 96 feet in diameter. John Dean, a man who should know, tells how David Frost really got Richard Nixon to talk. People who tell the truth all the time, don't have to remember what they said. But, are there situations when lying is justified? This article about world-famous violinist Joshua Bell posing as a subway musician won Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten a Pulitzer Prize.
Swift has a pilot manufacturing plant in Indiana capable of producing about 200 gallons of its fuel a day, and company officials say they are convinced it can be manufactured in industrial quantities at a cost well below leaded avgas. The Internal Revenue Service will play a key role in monitoring and enforcing health care mandates against individual taxpayers. Dealerships put up the cash for the rebates after being told by the Obama administration they would be paid back within 10 days of the sale. That is not happening. The malady called Jerusalem Syndrome is no joke. You may end up thinking you're John the Baptist or the Virgin Mary.
Inside Ceramatec's wonder battery is a chunk of solid sodium metal mated to a sulphur compound by an extraordinary, paper-thin ceramic membrane. The membrane conducts ions -- electrically charged particles -- back and forth to generate a current. Who says learning about religion isn't interesting? A lot of people think Brett Favre should have stayed retired, and the list might include John David Booty, who wore Jersey #4 until Favre signed, and other Vikings passed-over for quarterback. One of the main reasons for joining a union is to get health insurance. Universal health care eliminates the need for this union benefit.
In 1888, when the two crews of builders met near the center of the Stewart Tunnel, which is built with a two degree curve, they missed each other by half an inch. The Cinerama image was formed by three separate 35mm projectors aimed at the huge 146 degree rounded screen, giving the viewer a sense of being right in the scene. Non-alcoholic beer had its beginning in America during Prohibition in 1919. ''Near-Beer'' had very low alcohol content, less than ˝%, and got around the law. Norman Rockwell's 'Freedom of Speech''. Linking to just one article does not do this subject justice, so take your pick.
Seeing too much artwork in too short a period of time can be hazardous to your health. Some restrooms are really crappy. Amazing. Who would have guessed it cost this much? The frankfurter failure is Pasang Sherpa, 51, of Long Island City, who agreed late last year to pay almost $643,000 annually for the right to sell food and drinks from carts on either side of the iconic steps. Congress doesn't seem to have too much interest in addressing this problem. Banks contribute heavily to both political parties, so bankers have friends in high places.
Funeral directors advise clients that cremation is an ''irreversable process'', and DNA and other testing later on, for things like poison, is not possible. Really? Former health insurance executive Wendell Potter saw insurers hijack our health care system and put profits before patients. Now, he is speaking out about it. In 2003, the president of the United States called the president of France and asked for French troops to join America on a mission from God to attack Iraq. Florida Fish & Game officials say Burmese pythons can travel over a mile a day by land, and they can swim even farther, to reach areas outside the Everglades.
The gelatin in Jell-O comes from the collagen in cow or pig bones, hooves, and connective tissues. After grinding up these various parts, they are treated with a strong acid. I was a paperboy in the 1950's, and 35˘ paid for a week of delivery, including Sunday. I collected every week, and some wouldn't answer the door -- they didn't have the 35˘. Researchers found using tanning beds could increase the risk of developing cancer by 75 percent, particularly if used by children and young adults. The Statue was a joint effort between America and France and it was agreed upon that the American people were to build the pedestal, and the French people were responsible for the Statue and its assembly here in the United States.
The college hoax strikes again. Marjorie Dillon makes $7.25 an hour plus tips. Her 80 year old grandmother co-signed for some of her loans, and could lose her house. 45 States haven't changed the minimum wage for tip-employees since 1991, and restaurants and waitresses depend on customers tips to make the system  work. Now you can stay connected to the web, email, online shopping and social networking on these airlines. The ''Note to God'' iPhone application will be available soon as a 99˘ download.
A minimum wage can be destructive to the economy, but it could be devastating to an economy in a recession. The Western Wall can now be accessed using Twitter, allowing believers everywhere to have their prayers placed between the 2,000 year-old stones without leaving home. Swine flu could strike up to 40% of Americans over the next two years and several hundred thousand people could die. An editorial cartoon roundup by Daryl Cagle depicting the trials and tribulations of air travel.
The parking lot at LAX has more than 100 residents, including captains, first officers, mechanics, flight attendants, support staff and air cargo employees.
The film suggests compromising photographs of Princess Margaret taken on the island of Mustique were at the center of a 1971 bank robbery in London. From the article: Despite massive interest in the crime, details about the loot and the criminals responsible were immediately suppressed by MI5 and senior government officials. Speculation quickly arose that compromising sexual photographs of the Queen's sister, the late Princess Margaret, had been uncovered in the bank vault. As the robbers tunnelled into the bank, they had no idea they were about to spark a secret service cover-up and claims of a royal sex scandal. In the sexually uninhibited Seventies, the island of Mustique was a gilded playground where Princess Margaret and her lover could party in private.
All of the writers on the 1950's show ''You Are There'' were victims of the McCarthy-era blacklist, and used the tales of Joan of Arc, Galileo, Socrates and others to make thinly disguised points about contemporary witch hunts. The rugged mountains of the American West have many wonders, including the 22 mile ''Chinese Wall'' in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness.
The hunter is told about an animal called the snipe as well as a ridiculous way of catching it, holding an open gunny sack and flashlight and calling ''here snipe, here snipe!'' High gas prices are hard on recreational vehicle manufacturers, dealers, rv parks, and owners. With the coming release of HTML 5, we’re about to hit a breaking point where innovation will be stifled if websites continue to support Internet Explorer 6. Auto insurers have been giving hybrid owners a discount on their premiums, but not for much longer.
A huge percentage of ''fact'' emails are simply not true, some people get their jollys by spreading false stories. Learn how to check these out before forwarding them on. These fellows will be in prison for a while, I hope it was worth it to them. Since Wild Bill Hickok was laid to rest in Deadwood, South Dakota several of his tomb monuments have been stolen or vandalized. The one in this 1891 photo is long-gone. How did we live without this? lists movies that are currently in theatres, and gives the best times you can head to the restroom without missing too much of the plot.
Personalize your Capital One credit card. For centuries, this tiny little seed was used as a staple food by the Indians of the Southwest and Mexico.  From 2009: Consumers receiving local television signals over analog antennas now must use converter boxes to receive programming on their TVs. Why did this happen? The collapse of Tab Express Flight School set off an avalanche of lawsuits contending fraud, and criminal investigations by the state attorney general, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other agencies.
Hoping to find someone with more money than brains, some lucky winners of tickets to the Michael Jackson Memorial are offering them for sale on eBay for big bucks. In a movie career that flourished in the 1950's and 1960's, Karl Malden played a variety of roles in more than 50 films. Election officials aren't chosen for their clerical skills. Avon, Minnesota is about as close to Lake Wobegon as you can get, so it's where Garrison Kellior observed the 35th anniversary of ''A Prairie Home Companion'' in 2009.
April, 1942 - Over 77,000 American and Filipino troops became victims of one of the most brutal episodes in the Pacific War - the Bataan Death March. Col. Kenneth L. Reusser has passed away at age 89, a veteran combat pilot in 3 wars, he was shot down 5 times. A group of dedicated veterans is working hard to expose phony heros, POWs, Navy SEALs, Green Berets and others falsely claiming that they served in elite military units. Getting Married with a Hundred Bucks on the 90th anniversary of Custer's Last Stand.
Mainstream media is reporting Michael Jackson's death as unexpected. But tabloids, including The National Enquirer and others, were saying he was in poor health in December, 2008 and might only have 6 months to live. Dentist Orly Taitz has become the most controversial figure in the effort to prove that Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, is foreign-born and cannot be president. According to the author, there is no evidence to prove Jesus ever existed, we only have evidence of the beliefs of his followers hundreds of years later. One of the doors to the hold on the Thomas Cook jet was jammed, meaning bags could be loaded only at one end, making the plane nose-heavy.
Political correctness be damned, it will always be the Confederate Air Force to me. ''A majority of cable news viewers now get their news slanted one way or the other by angry men. O'Reilly is not the worst offender. That would be Glenn Beck. Keith Olbermann is gaining ground.'' To stay happily married, you need a sense of humor. Strangely, while most men think jokes about being married are funny, most women do not. A 3-part series: High-ranking defectors describe bizarre behavior and physical beatings inflicted by Scientology leader David Miscavige.
It is not clear what the modern response should be to requirements of the death penalty for desecrating the Sabbath, but smiting your neighbor for mowing his lawn would certainly make the evening news. Married men, regardless of age, sex, race, income or education, consistently have been found to be healthier than men who are single, divorced or widowed. For many, Father's Day is an afterthought, a holiday just a few steps above the one that celebrates the groundhog and that other one that promotes trees. The City and County of San Francisco has more than 8,000 employees who earn over $100,000. Click to see the list.
Mille Lacs County Sheriff Brent Lindgren cautioned readers that a suspected explosive or unknown device should not picked up or moved. No kidding, really?  This weather radar image shows echoes from wind turbines near St. Cloud, Minnesota. To the untrained eye, these echoes can be mistaken for showers or thunderstorms. The hair styles on the 1960's ''Faith Tones'' album are being discussed all over the internet. The same may be true of our present hair styles when viewed 50 years in the future. Rare are those instances in which entire economies are disrupted to the point that an entire form of currency is discarded, reformed or replaced. But it does happen. Here are nine examples in which currencies became so devalued they failed.
A short story that explains how the economy works. Five people are lucky to be alive after a freak head-on crash involving a plane and a four-wheel-drive Ute. U.S. Customs and Border Protection wants to amend laws banning switchblades to include ''assisted-opening'' ones, like Swiss Army and Boy Scout pocket knives. (From other articles about this situation) The man's sister called police, asking for help with her schizophrenic brother. She did not expect them to come over and kill him.
From 2011: A website has been established to follow the recovery operation of Flight 447 that disappeared off the coast of Brazil on Sunday, May 31 2009 with 228 people aboard. Two Japanese nationals were detained in Italy by the police. The men had 249 U.S. Treasury bonds each worth $500 million, plus 10 Kennedy bonds and other U.S. government securities worth a billion dollars each.
The State of Oklahoma is investigating the actions of state trooper Daniel Martin, a man who obviously loves to get up in the morning and put on his badge and gun.
See Deleted Video Here
Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary says he is serious about charging for restroom use, and will cut the number of bathrooms to make room for more seats.

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