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Need toner or ink jet cartridges?  These Monks have what you need.  Click Here. This article was on the occasion of Borlaug's 90th birthday in 2004. His contribution to the world is what we know today as high-yield farming, developing crops that were able to grow in a wide variety of climates and more quickly. One of the fun activites at the Olympics... Women's Volleyball.  Click here for the story.
September 19th
Click here and learn to speak like a Pirate!
Potti-mouth Whoopi Goldberg gets canned by Slim-Fast.  Click here for the story. The Governator tells 'em how it is.  Click here for story.
Norm, you lucky dog. These photos came out just before the 2004 Republican Convention. Click here to learn more about Legends of the Sea.
The original Venice carnival dates back to the 13th century and is famous for its use of masks, which were donned by revelers to conceal their social status and identity, often so they could play tricks on each other. ''Mid-air collision! Mid-air collision!  We're going in ... Uncontrollable ... Uncontrollable! We're going in. We've had it, boy. Poor jet, too. Told you we should take chutes. Say goodbye to everybody.''
From 2004: Austria has a new postage stamp with Arnold's face on it.
It wouldn't be Labor Day without the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon,
Remembering Mattie Stepanek
One of the funniest political bits we've seen. Traffic is heavy on this site, so you may have to try a few times.
Under California law, if they divorce (make that when), he would get half of her $100 Million net worth. Click for story. A Capitol 4th of July from PBS.  Tonight at 8 pm Eastern.
The psychology of Saddam.  Click here. Oneupmanship. Wow the folks at work with this. Lawrence resident Steve Craig owns it -- a Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat fighter, the only one still flying among a fleet of nearly 2,000 produced for the Navy and Marine Corps during the early years of World War II.
Ben makes $20 Million a picture. ( even the bad ones ) According to some, most blacks see government spending, government regulation, and judicial activism, things most Republicans oppose, as very much in their interests.
June 17, 2004 -- In a bombshell confession, Bill Clinton has told why he had a torrid affair with Monica Lewinsky: “Just because I could.”
The owners of the Chicken Ranch brothel in Pahrump hope to sell the business for $6.95 million. The 1935 Labor Day storm may have been the strongest, but it was far from the deadliest. The hurricane that flattened Galveston, Texas in 1900 killed 6,000 to 8,000.
This is the 60th Anniversary of D-Day.  Click here to learn more. The slogans ''More fun when you sleep over'' and ''Get your history straight and your night life gay'' kind of says it all.
Click here to learn more.
General Yeager Biography
Al got a little hot under the collar ... Memorial Day, which falls on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while serving in the American military.  Click for more.
My son Glenn was in Caliornia this week to appear on ''Jeopardy''.  The pilot for their flight home invited them into the cabin for this photo.  Did he win? Find out on April 7th. Bob Keeshan passes away at 76.  Click here to learn more.
January 27th
Today is Thomas Crapper Day More
From 2004: Mayor Daley's administration spends nearly $40 million a year hiring hundreds of trucks -- primarily dump trucks -- that often do little or no work. Some truck owners have political clout, some are mob figures or their relatives.
May 19, 2004
Feeling old?  Click here to learn more about Raquel Welch.
Cops rough-up 86 year old Mike Wallace over a parking problem.  Click here to learn more.
What is Dihydrogen Monoxide?  Click here to find out.
Warn your friends
about Dihydrogen Monoxide
This website needs more  COWBELL! The airplanes for sale on this old website are long-gone, but the page about ''wannabes'' continues to be interesting. In January 1979, Roy Ziegler flew his Beech Musketeer into the Bermuda Triangle and was never seen again. Two Thumbs Up from the Pope.  Click here to learn more.
For Sale: Size 12 Wedding Dress, only used once. Bush Pilot Airstrips of the World Wanda Baucus, wife of Democratic Senator Max Baucus, was upset another woman was being waited on ahead of her, and started throwing punches.  Click here for more.
Sheryl Crow to perform live on airline flight.  Click here to learn more.
Alistair Cooke 1908 - 2004
Women have no rights in the Arab world. Click here to learn more.
The possibilities for these new stamps boggle the mind. Click here to bid on eBay auctions for the Spielberg movie ''1941'' starring John Belushi as fighter pilot Wild Bill Kelso.  One of the all-time great films.
Click here to learn more. Timely tips from the Flammable Pleasures Division of RJ Reynolds.  Click here to learn more.
The History of Flight by the Minneapolis Star & Tribune Newspaper.  Click Here. Click here to learn more. in 2003, Dru Sjodin, a 22-year-old North Dakota college student, was abducted and killed by Level 3 sex offender Alfonso Rodriquez Jr.

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Favorites Bold Tragedies Politics

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