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Transit authorities in cities across the country are quietly installing microphone-enabled surveillance systems on public buses that would give them the ability to record and store private conversations. The systems are raising a number of privacy and security concerns. In the opinion of the author, Joe Biden's cognitive deficits are increasingly apparent, even to the most amateur observer. Whether he has dementia at this point is immaterial. Half the world thinks he does and that weakens the United States and imperils us all. Touching the thumb and index finger to make a circle, with the remaining three fingers held outstretched, is a gesture that people around the world have made for centuries, mostly in positive contexts. Between 7 October 1940 and 6 June 1941 almost 28,000 high explosive bombs and over 400 parachute mines were recorded landing on Greater London. Daylight bombing was abandoned after October 1940 as the Luftwaffe experienced unsustainable losses.
Waffle House restaurants have a reputation for staying open during extreme weather - and for reopening quickly after being forced to close due to tornadoes and hurricanes. If you live in Florida, you've probably heard of the ''Waffle House Index'', an informal metric used by emergency officials to measure the severity of a storm. The Ritchie Boys consisted of 20,000 servicemen, trained for U.S. Army Intelligence during WWII at the secret Camp Ritchie training facility. 2,200 of them were Jewish refugees born in Germany and Austria. Most of them were assigned there because of fluency in German, French, Italian, Polish, or other languages needed by the US Army during WWII. Vice President Kamala Harris is regularly mocked and criticized, and is known for laughing when confronted with tough questions or at the most inappropriate times. But, she really outdid herself when she commended the United States's strong alliance with the ''Republic of NORTH Korea'' while visiting our ally SOUTH Korea. One hundred years ago, government officials divvied up water in the Colorado River among the seven states that rely on it including Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The agreement, known as the Colorado River Compact, was based on one critically important number: the total amount of water that the Colorado River can supply yearly.
Specially equipped NOAA aircraft play an integral role in hurricane forecasting. Data collected during hurricanes by these high-flying meteorological stations help forecasters make accurate predictions during a hurricane and help hurricane researchers achieve a better understanding of storm processes, improving their forecast models. The aircraft is a Boeing E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Post (AACP), though it is sometimes also referred to as the ''Flying Pentagon''. It is a strategic command and control military aircraft operated by the United States Air Force, which serves as a survivable mobile command post in the event of emergencies and crises. In one of the most devastating health debacles in our nation’s history, some 54,000 residents and workers in long-term care facilities died of causes related to the coronavirus within four months of the first known infection. Between 1919 and 1947, William Randolph Hearst and architect Julia Morgan constructed a sprawling palace in San Simeon, California complete with 165 rooms, elaborate swimming pools, and even a private zoo.
While experts broadly agree that plug-in vehicles are a more climate-friendly option than traditional vehicles, they can still have their own environmental impacts, depending on how they’re charged up and manufactured. Here’s a guide to some of the biggest worries — and how they might be addressed. Confronted with the thought of death, many of us perform the psychological equivalent of hiding in a box with our knees under our chin. But John Donne saluted death; he wrote it poetry, he threw it parties. In August 1964, the United States entered the Vietnam War after reports of an unprovoked attack in the Gulf of Tonkin. But the reports were false — and the president knew it. According to the author, though we may have the same talents and abilities across lifetimes, we may be famous in some lifetimes but unknown in others. For example, a past life for President Donald Trump has been identified in which he was a French governmental official in Eastern Canada when France was colonizing this part of North America, around the era of the American Revolutionary War. Who were you in a former life?
True Costco fanatics know that a big part of the wholesale club giant's success comes a quarter pound at a time, and is served at the Costco food court: The legendary hot dog and 20 ounce soda combo, which clocks in at a wallet-pleasing $1.50. The looney-tuner from the USA is a man pretending to be a woman, and the woman from Belgium is overweight by at least another whole person. You might try quoting Al Pacino as ''Tony Montana'', and risk getting your faced slapped, but here are 25 pick up lines from movies that make great ice breakers. There are so many people with funny names out there that you might not believe they are real.
In his speech, Biden claimed to distinguish MAGA Republicans from mainstream ones and then proceeded to conflate them. That may resonate with partisan Democrats who have never seen a conservative they didn’t consider a bigot or a fool. But it gives the lie to the idea that dismantling MAGA Republicanism is the prime objective of the president or his party. A story that is going world-wide. Mike Lindell, the ''My Pillow'' patriot, was surrounded by FBI agents at a fast food restaurant and had his cell phone seized. ''Don't tell anybody, understand?''  Screw you, I'm telling everybody. Diamond and Streisand recorded separate versions of this song that were spliced to together by Gary Guthrie, a producer at the radio station WAKY-AM in Louisville, Kentucky. As it happened, Streisand and Diamond both attended New York City's Erasmus High School, where the Brooklyn-born future superstars were in the school choir at the same time. Their chemistry and performing skills made their duet on this lovelorn song a very convincing one. The mysterious UFOs seen by WWII airmen are still unexplained. They were cigar-shaped, glowed red and could turn on a dime, which ruled out even the most sophisticated rockets of the time. At first the men said nothing, fearing they’d be ostracized. But then the sightings spread through the units.
Secret prisons reflect a parallel legal system for prisoners who are denied access to communications, deprived of their due process rights, and hidden from public scrutiny. Wally's owner, Joie Henney, a reptile rescuer, has more than 30 years  experience with alligators and has cared for Wally for six years. Lewis Wallace wrote ''Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ,'' a thrilling and globally renowned biblical epic, in 1880, and it is one of the most widely read and influential books in history. It has sold some 50 million copies, and it is among the top two-dozen books of all time. A teacher in Ireland has been suspended from work and then jailed for contempt of court after he refused to use the correct pronouns to address a transgender student.
The no-covid club gets more exclusive every day. And some members have no idea how they’re still there. Here are the stories about a few of them. What most people don’t realize is that even if you don’t use any Google products directly, they’re still trying to discover as much as they can about you. Google trackers have been found on 75% of the top million websites. This means they're also trying to track most everywhere you go on the internet, trying to slurp up your browsing history. MacArthur referred to his hat as his ''Philippine Field Marshal's cap'' and wore it for the duration of World War II and into the Korean War. However, the modified army headdress was against regulations, and MacArthur never officially obtained permission to wear it. President Truman is reported to have said ''Look at him, he's not in uniform, he's in costume''. Former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden's friendship may not have been the bromance Americans were led to believe. A new tell-all book reveals that Obama and Biden's relationship seemed to be one-sided after it was revealed that Obama once said ''Shoot  Me Now'' to his aide as Biden rambled on while delivering a speech. By Obama's own admission, Joe Biden's presidency will be his third term.
Sometimes a book's mere existence has an eminently greater cultural significance than its content. Such is the case of Dr. Fauci: A Little Golden Book Biography. The 24-page illustrated work, billed as ''an inspiring read-aloud for young children,'' does not exist to entertain America's toddlers, but rather to soothe the secular souls of Millennial parents whose mental and emotional well-being have steadily deteriorated since November 8, 2016. The horrific human atrocity of World War II ended aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay as Japan formally signed documents of surrender on this day in history, Sept. 2, 1945 in a ceremony that lasted only 23 minutes. ''Maga Republicans do not respect the constitution,'' Mr. Biden said at the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ''They do not believe in the rule of law.  They do not recognize the will of the people. They refuse to accept the results of a free election'' he added, referring to Mr. Trump's claims that the 2020 presidential vote was rigged against him. According to estimates from The National Safety Council, tens of thousands of accidents will happen over the weekend, more than 52,000 people will seek medical attention for injuries sustained in a car accident this weekend and nearly 500  will, unfortunately, suffer fatal injuries.
It was clear to cryptographers before World War II that the single-stepping mechanical motion of rotor could be exploited by attackers. In the case of the famous Enigma machine, these attacks were supposed to be upset by moving the rotors to random locations at the start of each new message. This, however, proved not to be secure enough, and German Enigma messages were frequently broken.
The Most Powerful Man on Earth
Yes, Monkeypox is a ''gay disease''. The reasons our public-health elite doesn’t want to admit it are political, not medical. Try to imagine the fear. Not knowing where you are. Who are those people? Why are they touching your stuff? Why are they touching you? Who is that person in the mirror?
It seems that Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates has his hand in a lot of pies these days. From being the country’s largest private farmland owner to continuing to advocate for vaccines, he seemingly does it all. According to a new Bloomberg report, he was even instrumental in getting the Inflation Reduction Act to Biden’s desk. Do you see a pattern here? Our current oil shortage did not arise from a foreign war or tsunami, but from a deliberate policy to curtail oil production to force a more rapid transition to battery-powered transportation. The code had long baffled cryptographers, law enforcement agents and armchair sleuths obsessed with the shadowy killer, who was blamed for five murders in the late 1960s.
In 1970, Elvis Presley showed up at the White House and wanted to see the President. Then, things get a little crazy. The jigsaw puzzle of William Howard Hughes Jr.'s life has many missing pieces. After disappearing into thin air in 1983 he was wanted across the globe by numerous agencies, from the Air Force to the FBI to Interpol. At one point it was thought that he defected to the Russians. Some suggested he sabotaged the disastrous Challenger space shuttle launch. Mike Lindell, an advocate of election integrity measures, is hosting an online event called Moment of Truth beginning at 9 am on August 20th. Some politicians and advocates are now gaslighting the public into believing that men have no advantages over women in sporting events. Even though the rest of the nation can see this is not true, President Joe Biden has chosen to go forward, proposing rules that schools allow males to compete with biological females, to prevent discrimination against men pretending to be women.
Chicagoans and non-Chicagoans alike are familiar with the legacy of Al Capone. The king of crime ruled Chicago's underworld during the ''sinful, ginful'' 1920s, and experts say he was responsible, directly or indirectly, for the murders of between 300 and 700 people. But, most agree the city was safer under ''Scarface Al''. On August 14, 1945, President Harry S. Truman announced the Japanese government had surrendered, bringing World War II to a close. Emperor Hirohito of Japan informed his own citizens on August 15th on the radio, the first time the  Japanese public had ever heard his voice. While it is true that President Nixon, on August 15, 1971, suspended the convertibility of the U.S. Dollar into gold in international transactions, thereby ending the Bretton Woods regime and putting the ''final nail in the coffin'' of the gold standard, Nixon's action was preordained by what LBJ had done three and a half years earlier. Younger and middle-aged men, and let's not forget widowers, are the loneliest they’ve ever been in generations, and it’s probably going to get worse.
Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before, FBI agents were reportedly searching for classified documents that Trump brought with him from the White House to Mar-a-Lago after his presidency ended. If you thought Hunter Biden's business deals were shady, just wait. Pauly Jr. is on the payroll of two lithium mining companies and Asia just happens to be a lithium gold mine and Taiwan just happens to be a world leader in lithium battery production. He's also heavily invested in Singapore's energy sector. If the IRS shows up at your door in combat gear like this, you must owe a lot of back taxes. Why does an IRS agent even need to be armed? Under ''spend it or lose it'' budgeting practices, if they don't spend it, next year's budget will be less, and millions are wasted at the end of the fiscal year. Supporters of former President Donald Trump marched to his Florida home of Mar-a-Lago to show support for the country's former leader following an unexpected FBI raid. Fans had cars decked out in pro-Trump stickers and signs, including ones that supported a 2024 presidential bid.
The Silent Generation comes after the Greatest Generation and before the Baby Boomers. They are the people born between 1928 and 1945. They are now retirees ranging in age from 75 to 92 years old. TIME magazine in a 1951 article noted: ''The most startling fact about the younger generation is its silence.'' Why? Military Corruption dot com is dedicated to fighting for the truth and exposing the corrupt in all branches of the military including various divisions of the American government associated with the military. The website attempts through the exposure of corruption to fix what they believe is broken. Hotel guests leave behind millions of half-used bars of soap every day. A nonprofit is on a mission to repurpose them. ''Donald Trump is an evil reprobate and a big meanie, and a danger to our Constitutional rights,'' growled the retired politician who orchestrated the brutal torture of hundreds of detainees who were held without trial. ''We must make sure he never gets elected to office again. And also, vote for my daughter, Liz.''
Don't we all want our pets to have the very best of everything? Here are 17 crazy cool pet products that your pet might not need, but they'll definitely want. V-Disc (''V'' for Victory) was a morale-boosting initiative involving the production of several series of recordings during the World War II era by special arrangement between the United States government and various private U.S. record companies. The records were produced for the use of United States military personnel overseas. Many popular singers, big bands and orchestras of the era recorded special V-Disc records. A clockmaker, hoping to capitalize on interest in fitness after the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, produced a pedometer named the ''10,000-steps meter'', creating a walking aim that, through the decades, somehow became embedded in our global consciousness. But, is it really necessary to walk 5 miles a day? Iwo Jima is located half-way between Japan and the Mariana Islands, where American long-range bombers were based, and was used by the Japanese as an early warning station, radioing warnings of incoming American bombers to the Japanese homeland. This is the story of the raising of that flag.
The three most important aspects that make a car a worthy purchase is cost-effectiveness, reliability, and enjoyment. This article will break down these features and deduce the valuation of the car by what customers have to say about their Tesla experience. 95% of all those infected with monkeypox are men engaging in homosexual activities. So, why are we trying to vaccinate everybody? FLY2RV offers an easy, convenient way to rent an RV at one of 42 participating general aviation or commercial airports across the U.S. Simply book your RV, fly in and your dream RV will be waiting when you land. Definition: The political cartoon refers to comic drawings drawn up with the purpose of transmitting opinion commentaries on political subjects or personages. It uses humor as a form of expression, but it is considered a political tool of great seriousness and transcendence.
As the deadliest pandemic in recorded history – it killed an estimated 50 million people in Europe and the Mediterranean between 1346 and 1353 — it's a question that has plagued scientists and historians for nearly 700 years. In 2017, United Airlines received some bad press for hauling a doctor off a plane by dragging him down the aisle. Political cartoonists jumped on the story. The rugged stone, massive scale, fine detail, and ingenious mechanical systems of this magnificent Gilded Age mansion recall the powerful presence of James J. Hill, builder of the Great Northern Railway. Completed in 1891 at a cost of nearly $1 million (about $30 million in today's money). Pope Francis apologized to Canada's native people on their land for the Church's role in schools where indigenous children were abused, branding forced cultural assimilation a ''deplorable evil'' and ''disastrous error.''
Put together nine months before the start of the war, the National Intelligence Estimate spells out what the CIA knew about Iraq’s ability to produce biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. It would become the backbone of the Bush administration’s mistaken assertions that Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs and posed a direct threat to the post-9/11 world. The pink triangle, symbol of the ''gay rights'' movement, is familiar to many Americans. As the badge used by the Nazis to designate homosexuals in the concentration camps.This all-important victim status engenders sympathy for the homosexual cause among well-meaning heterosexuals. Thus, millions of otherwise rational Americans support a movement whose sole unifying characteristic is a sexual lifestyle they personally find repugnant. Researchers in Denmark say that surgical masks did not protect the wearers against infection with the coronavirus in a large randomized clinical trial. I like gadgets as much as the next guy, but measuring the CO2 level of the air in a passenger jet to assess the risk of getting the Covid-19 bug might be considered by some as ''Analysis Paralysis'', over-thinking a problem.
You may get into a disagreement with a neighbor at some point. Maybe they don't like where you park your car. Or you're awakened by the sawing and hammering of their late-night woodworking projects. Sometimes, neighbors can be so unpleasant that they make your life miserable. If you're confronted with an annoying or angry neighbor, what should you do? There are several reasons for the higher fares, not all of which are within the control of airlines, including skyrocketing fuel prices. Some people have the energy and the inclination to build their own, here are some examples of very unique and amazing cars. The devastating effect of the earthquake on a very poor nation provoked worldwide concern and inspired an outpouring of aid money intended to rebuild Haiti. Private and philanthropic organizations like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, provided some $10.5 billion in aid, with $3.9 billion of it coming from the United States. Enter the Clintons, to do what Bill and Hillary do best.
A writer rides the rails from New York to San Francisco, discovering dazzling landscapes and fascinating fellow passengers along the way. Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda for the Third Reich, would have admired President Joe Biden's ability to tell whoppers about all issues, big and small. Like, how he used to drive an 18 wheeler, or how high gas prices are the fault of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Zone Improvement Plan, was introduced in 1963, in which geographical areas were assigned a numeric code for easier sorting and delivery. Along with this came the now-familiar all-caps, no-periods state abbreviations. Starting in the 1880's and for much of the 20th century, more than 150,000 children from hundreds of indigenous communities across Canada were forcibly taken from their parents by the government and sent to what were called Residential Schools. Funded by the state and run by churches, they were designed to assimilate and Christianize indigenous children by ripping them from their parents, their culture, and their community.
While swimming in the ocean, it’s essential to keep in mind there may be some other critters in the water. Besides the typical jellyfish sting or the occasional nibble at the toes by little fish, there are sharks in the ocean as well. Due to recent heightened geopolitical strife, it has become more important than ever to understand how to survive a nuclear bomb and its fallout. A nuclear bomb can be survived outside of the epicenter. Anyone within the epicenter of the blast radius will automatically be terminated. The further out from the epicenter the better should a bomb drop. Sales tax is the most unfair of all taxes, imposed more strongly on lower income families. Sales tax is regressive. Why? Because people who earn less pay a larger percentage of their salary in the form of sales tax, as compared to those who earn more. You might not be getting the salmon you paid for. America’s favorite fish is swimming in a sea of controversy, from alleged corporate price fixing and false sustainability claims to mislabeling and fraud.
A 100-year-old World War II veteran, U.S. Marine Carl Spurlin Dekel, heartbreakingly wept as he celebrated his birthday last week, claiming that the country he loves and others died for has ''gone down the drain''. Was 2020 stolen? It’s deeper than that. You’ve heard it said ''Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.'' What about those who code the vote? What if our leaders aren’t actually being elected by us, but instead are selected? The Melanoid Nation Foundation is an advocate for justice and human rights for people of African descent adversely affected by systematic racism, and they assume that all white people are racist until proven otherwise. ''Lawrence H Pfaff Sr. was born in Belmont, NY, on April 16, 1941. He passed away on June 27, 2022, living a long life, much longer than he deserved. He is survived by his three children, no four. Oops, five children.'' And, the obituary gets worse as you read it.
The Battle of Gettysburg was fought July 1-3, 1863, around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during the Civil War. With the largest number of casualties of the entire war, it is often described as the war's turning point. Union General George Meade defeated Confederate General Robert E. Lee, ending Lee's attempt to invade the North. Beginning in 1754, when Benjamin Franklin's ''Join or Die'' cartoon appeared in the Pennsylvania Gazette, political cartoonists have long used their skills to praise, attack, caricature, lampoon, and otherwise express their opinions on the most urgent political issues of the day. The Betsy Ross Flag is probably the most well known of the many American Revolutionary War Flags. The familiar 13 red and white stripes and the blue field with 13 stars in a circle is commonly seen on patriotic memorabilia, books, artwork, tv shows and more. However, scholars are not completely convinced about the authenticity of the legend. With Americans celebrating Independence Day this weekend, Mark Dice illustrated that many beachgoers in San Diego don’t even know when the Declaration of Independence was signed or what the 4th of July even represents.
The Sioux chief Sitting Bull was arguably the greatest Indian chief of all the tribes in the American West in the 19th century. In the decades since his death, his name has become known to most Americans and treasured by many as the supreme embodiment of Sioux values. Joe Biden accidently reveals ''cheat sheet'' reminding him to 'take YOUR seat', 'YOU give brief comments, (two minutes)' and 'YOU depart' at meeting with wind-energy executives. Please tell me this president doesn't have the nuclear launch codes. ''Boy Scouts marched in Seattle in a parade celebrating so-called ''Gay Pride Month''. The Scouts led the parade carrying American and rainbow flags, which represent ''LGBTQWTF'' ideology. I can only imagine the new and exciting activities at scout camp this summer. Wanda says, ''It's like the country is no longer a democracy''. Sykes blames the red states that she described as ''the middle of the country''. She doesn't realize we are a Republic, not a Democracy, and the Electoral College is there for a reason.
On his evening television show, Stephen Colbert downplayed the detention of his staff by US Capitol Police as a 'non-surrection' and joked that Triumph the Insult Dog should be charged with 'first degree puppetry' - though police say they could all still be criminally charged. One of the more controversial provisions would amend the Military Selective Service Act to require women to register for the draft. Republicans succeeded in striking the proposal in last year’s NDAA, but it made it through the committee over their objections. What are these people thinking? Things will change pretty fast when these women start getting sent home in body bags.  FBI agents Mulder and Scully are reunited by a TV host who promotes conspiracy theories and believes that alien abductions are false flag operations, actually being carried out by our own government and powerful individuals bent on taking over the United States and then the world. Like everything else about General George Custer, his martyrdom was shrouded in controversy and contradictions. The final act of his larger-than-life career played out on a grand stage with a spellbound public engrossed in the drama. In the end, his death would launch one of the greatest myths in American history.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, just ask him, tested positive for COVID-19 even after receiving all four shots and wearing two masks. The Man Who Inspired Father’s Day Was a Single Dad and a Civil War Veteran. William Jackson Smart was a twice-married, twice-widowed father of 14 children. Authorities are searching for four inmates who escaped from a federal prison in Virginia. Evidently, the four escapees saw no reason why they shouldn't get ''Juneteenth'' off like everybody else. 2016 Episode 6: ''My Struggle II''- Agent Scully believes DNA was tampered with when humans were given a vaccine shot. When a disoriented soldier arrives at the hospital, Dana realizes he has anthrax, which could lead to a worldwide contagion. Monica reaches out to Dana, who confirms her theory, which is all part of Smoking Man's plan for the world.
The appetite to travel again after more than two years of lockdowns and mask mandate debates has yielded one completely predictable result: Many airports and airlines are unprepared for a massive surge in traffic, and things might get much worse this summer. While the corona virus is not directly comparable with many past experiences, including the Medieval Plague, both present a persistent threat to human health and safety. When the Black Death swept Europe in 1347 to 1353, an estimated 25 million people lost their lives, about one third of the population, at that time. Back in 1985, When our present president was taking campaign contributions from the gun lobby, he sang a different tune when asked about gun control. According to Burger King Australia, the intended message of the Pride Whopper was to spread equal love and equal rights. ''Our strongest concern is if we offended members of the LGBTQ Community, we truly apologize.''
In the past week, a judge in Wisconsin was murdered, and an attempt was made on the life of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, and these two clowns are fighting protection efforts. We certainly don't want to make fun of anyone based on looks, but evangelist Joyce Meyer, who makes millions telling people things they already know and she can't prove, made the mistake of having plastic surgery to stop the clock on aging, and it did not go well. Tucker Carlson says Pete Buttigieg should resign immediately, he is totally unqualified for his position as 'Transportation Secretary', a job he knows nothing about. One night in December 1976, Roy Orbison was closing his show at Caesar’s Palace, when Presley suddenly came on stage. Elvis announced to the crowd that Roy Orbison was ''quite simply, the greatest singer in the world''.
Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have a plan to get inflation under control and address the economic anxiety felt by millions of Americans. It's not a plan in the conventional sense, but rather a public relations campaign to convince you that the economy is actually doing quite well. A satanist drag queen and porn star who wants to destigmatize gay incest porn is emceeing an upcoming pride fest that enjoys support from the Minnesota taxpayer. June is Gay Pride month, and many companies are bending over backwards to provide celebrating LGBTQWTF populations with Pride-themed merchandise and special offers. Alcohol can thin your blood, and is a heck of a lot more fun to take, because it prevents blood cells from sticking together and forming clots. This may lower your risk for the type of strokes caused by blockages in blood vessels. But, drinking could increase your risk for bleeding type of strokes, especially if you drink in large quantities.
In his memoir, ''Hello Darkness, My Old Friend'' (Simon & Schuster, June 2020), Sandy Greenberg credits his friend Art Garfunkel with lifting him from the pits of despair and helping him to begin navigating life as a blind man at just 20 years old.
The Sound of Silence
In 2013, Former President Bill Clinton  joined President Obama - a man whose 2008 presidential campaign Clinton once referred to as a ''fairy tale'' - in advocating for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, a bill he signed into law in 1996. Hackers enroll fake students and collect up to $900 million in financial aid and Covid-19 aid each semester, taking seats away from actual students hoping to enroll in those classes. Millions in tuition was paid to the colleges, who now don't want to pay it back. Even while voting against LGBTQ interests, including same-sex marriage, RINO Lindey Graham has not escaped questions regarding his own personal life, particularly about the longstanding rumors of his bachelorhood being evidence of his own gay identity.
In 1968, the U.S. government passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which put major holidays on specific Mondays to give federal employees three-day weekends. Memorial Day was one of these holidays, along with Washington's Birthday, Labor Day and Columbus Day. One thing that is important to remember is that Memorial Day is different from Veterans Day. It's intended to remember those who gave their lives, not everyone who's served. So, while it's always good to thank people for serving in the military, it's unnecessary to do on Memorial Day and some think it's even inappropriate, and wishing someone a ''Happy Memorial Day'' is really the wrong thing to say, it also isn't Christmas or New Years. Here is how the late William Safire began his New York Times column of Jan. 8, 1996: ''Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady - a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation - is a congenital liar''. Brace yourselves for endless rainbow profile pictures and viral Twitter videos of gender-ambiguous people twerking in the streets with little to no clothing. You’d think adults would want to keep children far, far away from these displays of cultural degeneracy, but the opposite seems to be true: Sexually charged children’s pride activities are popping up all over the country.
Although Blumenthal served in the Marine Corps Reserve during the Vietnam War, he did not leave the United States. Yet in 2008 Blumenthal was caught on camera, saying, ''We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam.'' His work back home as a reservist was fixing campgrounds and organizing Toys for Tots drives. The unofficial Democratic Party slogan seems to be ''Never let a good crisis go to waste'', and both Barack Obama and Joe Biden jumped right in to use the Uvalde tragedy as an excuse to promote their personal agendas. In the mid-20th century, launching satellites into space helped us determine the exact circumference of the Earth: 24,873 miles. But 2000 years earlier, a man in Ancient Greece came up with nearly the exact same figure using just a couple of sticks and his brain. Warren Buffett, the ''Sage of Omaha'' gives his most expansive explanation for why he doesn’t believe in bitcoin.
Death wobble. No other pair of words strikes fear into the heart of a driver quite the way these do. It starts small: a simple shudder or vibration. But before you know it, you're white knuckled, grasping the steering wheel tight, trying to settle the vehicle down before losing control. There are around 175,000 white and orange U-Haul rental trucks in the United States and Canada for do-it-yourself movers. And they all have something strange in common: Arizona license plates with the word "apportioned" slapped on them. The reason?
This is the story of the Race to Alaska, through one of the most complex waterways in the world. 15 knot currents, gale force winds, cold water, deep water, logs, bears, cold, fatigue, and endless unknowns. First prize: $10,000. Second prize: a set of steak knives.
The man who built the old Morton Salt complex helped shape Chicago. Joy Morton and his salt company didn’t just dominate the salt industry, they helped create the city as we know it.
When caught doing something they aren't supposed to be doing, what is the first thing they do? Deny. At the first court hearing, you plead ''not guilty''. You attack your accusers, saying they are crazy for thinking you did something like this. But, in most cases, you did do, and your only way out is to convince everyone that those attacking you are without merit. Built by the White Star Line, the RMS Titanic was the largest ship entering service in 1912. White Star was in competition with Cunard Cruise Line for dominance over the Atlantic passage. Cunard focused on speed. The Titanic prioritized size and comfort. Like modern cruise ships, the Titanic wanted to be the biggest and most awe-inspiring vessel out there. The LSAT questionnaire is an example of the insidious, pro-radical lifestyle biases that are being introduced at every level of American society. If you are a heterosexual white male conservative of Christian or Jewish faith, the odds are high you will be discriminated against. Fox News' Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the controversy over a plus-sized model on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine's annual swimsuit issue, offering up his own unique takes on Yumi Nu who received this year's honor and who according to the left, is not allowed to be criticized.
We often think that stuffed animals are just for children, but if you can get them to admit it, many adults have stuffed animals too! A 2018 study shows that 43% of adults have a special stuffed friend, and 84% of men versus 77% of women admit to owning at least one. The most popular stuffed animal for adults is the time-honored teddy bear. But what benefits do these stuffie friends offer their adult owners? At 268,596 square miles, Texas is a big state - the second largest, after Alaska. If Texas were a country it would rank as the 39th largest by area. However, those stats may not give you a great idea of how actually compares to different countries, since size is often better understood visually. The 'most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history'? Really? BlazeTV host Glenn Beck took to Twitter to respond to Biden's outrageous assertion by sharing 50 incidents of far-left violence from 2016 to 2020. During a speech in Chicago to supporters, President Biden called President Trump ''The Great MAGA King'', as if that was somehow a bad thing. Did that ever backfire! Trump lovers everywhere embraced the term and new t-shirts are flying off the shelves.
April 19, 2022 marked the 49th anniversary of the film’s release, and its futuristic, dystopian themes have some relevance today, so much so that four Arizona State University professors, all in different fields, could address the movie’s, well, prescient takes. Hearst grasped onto the Cuban revolt against Spain in 1895.  His paper regularly published stories sympathetic to the still sparse revolutionary cause and describing in great detail real and rumored atrocities of the Spanish.  Hearst hoped to spark U.S. intervention in Cuba and was persistent in finding ways to achieve it. The Digiconomist's Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index estimated that one Bitcoin transaction takes 1,544 kWh to complete, or the equivalent of approximately 53 days of power for the average US household. In rare cases, coronavirus vaccines may cause Long Covid-like symptoms. Brain fog, headaches, blood pressure swings are being probed by NIH and other researchers.
13 percent of Americans are black, according to estimates from the US Census Bureau. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, black offenders committed 52 percent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. Only 45 per cent of the offenders were white. Insane as it is that the Department of Homeland Security has created a Disinformation Governance Board, it’s utter madness that the woman running it is Nina Jankowicz, who’s a veteran disinfo spreader. Anna Jarvis realized that she'd made a mistake by creating ''Mothers Day'' when she saw the florist, card and candy industries cashing in. She died in 1948 at age 84, alone and penniless, never making any money from Mother's Day, and she never had any children. 8th May 1945: Some amazing photos of crowds celebrating VE Day in London. At three o’clock in the afternoon everyone stopped to listen to Churchill’s victory speech he had written the night before: ''the evil-doers now lie prostrate before us'' he said with a flourish and everyone cheered.
Since last year, Canadian law, in all its majesty, has allowed both the rich as well as the poor to kill themselves if they are too poor to continue living with dignity. In fact, the ever-generous Canadian state will even pay for their deaths. What it will not do is spend money to allow them to live instead of killing themselves. Conservative politicians and commentators are criticizing the Biden administration for creating a new bureau to fight the spread of disinformation online. Several of these critics have compared it unfavorably to the Ministry of Truth, a fictional department in George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984. The real science inspired by 'Star Wars'. From Darth Vader's breathing to the dual sunsets of Tatooine, we take a look back at the real studies inspired by the ''Star Wars'' universe. Literally meaning ''The Fifth of May'', Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican Holiday celebrating the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5, 1862. It was one of the few Mexican victories during France's attempt to colonize Mexico. By seizing Mexico, France would be able to exploit its natural resources and support the U.S. Confederacy.
The Chinese government is not only mistreating Uyghurs within China's borders, it is hunting them down abroad — with help from countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates — to clamp down on criticism of Beijing’s repression of Muslim minorities. Across the airline industry in the United States, hourly pay for flight attendants starts when all the passengers are seated and the plane’s doors close. Delta Airlines recently announced it will now begin paying flight attendants during the boarding process. 10 Things You May Not Know About Dr. Seuss. To distinguish different degrees of danger, the word ''PAN-PAN'' was introduced. From the French word ''Panne'', which means ''Breakdown''. Unlike  ''MAYDAY'', ''PAN-PAN'' is used in case of an emergency that does not pose an immediate and imminent threat to life.
The Biden administration wants to abuse the CDC's perceived and pretend authority to justify illegally rigging state elections under no longer existent ''pandemic'' conditions as happened in swing states in 2020. According to press secretary Psaki, ''for current and future public health crises, we want to preserve that authority for the CDC to have in the future.'' The entire basis of the recent federal court ruling is that the CDC lacks the authority to issue such ''mandates''in the first place. When ''Lake'' comes first, it's usually to emphasize a feature of the lake - like Lake Superior. ''Lake'' often comes second in the names of smaller, lesser-known features, but all of it can depend on local preference. The Messerschmitt Bf 110 was not the best or the worst of the combat aircraft to see service during the Second World War. It had been one of the German Luftwaffe’s great hopes at the start of the war, as it was fast and heavily armed – so much so that it appeared almost invincible during the Blitzkrieg campaigns. The aviation equivalent of an automotive barn find: a brand-new, fully furnished Boeing 747-8, commissioned and customized for an Arabian prince and abandoned for a decade is now parked at a scrapyard.
ocrates said ''Regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed of ''. But how can you be sure the name you choose for your child is good in the first place? There are experts for that, like Taylor Humphrey, a professional baby namer. As for sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, there are Great White, Tiger, and Bull Sharks. You're most likely to encounter the bull shark, but that is pretty rare, as long as you avoid early morning or late evening swims when they feed. The real danger can come from Stingrays, Lionfish, Sea Urchins, Hardhead Catfish, Jellyfish, or Barracudas. We have all traveled down a section of road where cell phone service drops out. With a SPOT X satellite communicator you can contact roadside assistance, emergency medical services or law enforcement informing them of your situation without delay. You’ll also receive a reply on their estimated time of arrival at your location. A Campaign Hat is a broad-brimmed felt or straw hat, with a high crown, pinched symmetrically at the four corners to form the ‘Montana crease’, and has an interesting history.
Because obesity is so prominent, we often avoid the people on the other side of the scale -- the underweight. And we're not talking about people with eating disorders that keep them thin, but those who can't put on any weight no matter how hard they try. Kahele continues to work as a Hawaiian Airlines pilot, a job that paid him nearly $120,000 in 2020, according to his most recent House financial disclosure report. As a member of Congress he earns an annual salary of $174,000. On April 30, 2022, the Canadian government says it will begin prosecuting Canadians who continue to possess any of the 1,500 models of firearm that, until May of 2020, it had been perfectly legal for them to own. The guns in question have been described by the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, as ''military-grade assault weapons''. Joe Biden is mocked after ‘shaking thin air’ in latest gaffe after speech where he claimed he was a 'full professor' at the University of Pennsylvania, which he never was.
Randy Rainbow, his real name, recently showing viewers on ''CBS Sunday Morning'' his birth certificate, brings his political commentary to the public quickly, directly and with no filter. Here are 25 decisions the president has made over the last year that have affected gas prices, home heating costs, and other energy-related burdens U.S. families and businesses face. The ''Waters of the United States'' rule, usually abbreviated as WOTUS, acts to define the waterways (rivers, creeks, wetlands and lakes) for purposes of regulation. It became a call-to-arms for the political right, who viewed-and continues to view it-as governmental overreach. President Joe Biden is taking another jab at trying to get a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) director confirmed as he nominated on Monday Steve Dettelbach, a former Senate-confirmed U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.
Privateering is essentially legal piracy. In the age of sail, it was common for nations to issue letters of marque licensing private citizens to raid the shipping of enemy nations. The Paris Declaration of 1856 outlawing privateers, but the United States never signed that declaration, and Article I of the Constitution gives Congress the power to issue letters of marque. Mike Huckabee: ''The wonderful family-friendly company that Walt Disney founded is gone, replaced by creepy corporate executives who have lost their minds and will likely lose a lot of their customers. They certainly have lost me.'' Lone Star State Republican Governor Greg Abbott took the bull by the horns when he demonstrated strong and decisive leadership with tough new actions to protect Texans including the use of charter buses to relocate the surplus of  illegals to an area where its part-time political residents have been their greatest champions. While the subject of our bathroom habits is usually either brushed under the rug or discussed in the form of embarrassing jokes, it is actually a complex and important area of health that should not be ignored.

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