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As BBC engineers were recording the bird-song prior to transmission, a faint hum gradually became audible, slowly increasing in volume, as 197 bombers flew overhead on their way to raids in Mannheim. The author says the chronology of Ancient Egypt is very incomplete and questionable in its assumptions, but this is complete enough for me. This is really what full-time motorhomers don't do. Your cell phone is probably next to your missing television remote control. Use this website to find it.
HAARP is a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense program which has generated quite a bit of controversy . Be sure to watch the CBC video. On April 2, 1978, there was a loud explosion on Bell Island which caused damage to some houses and the electrical house wiring in the surrounding area. In December, 1937, Japanese forces captured the Chinese capital of Nanking. What followed was the killing of over 200,000 men, women, and children. Operation Ortsac was the code name of a proposed invasion of the Cuban mainland by the United States military. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, upon discovery of SS-4 missiles being assembled in Cuba, the US Government considered several options including a blockade, an airstrike, or a military strike against the Cuban missile positions.
Prepare to be amazed. The District of Columbia's rat law, The Wildlife Protection Act of 2010, requires that rats not be killed, but captured and relocated.     WHAT?? The host of The Manning Report talk show has some very unusual opinions.
Japanese-American internment was the relocation in 1942 of 110,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese who lived along the Pacific coast of the United States. Contrary to popular belief, the eagle does not face the arrows during times of war, but President Truman did change the bird's view to the olive branch in 1945. Those movie spy plots aren't as far-fetched as you might think.
''America in WW II'' is the only magazine that tells the story of Americans fighting World War II at the battle front and on the home front. In 1852, Elisha Otis introduced the safety elevator, which prevented the fall of the cab if the cable broke. Shabbat is the weekly day of rest in Judaism, observed from sundown on Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night. The desk in the Oval Office is made from the timbers of the British ship HMS Resolute, and was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford Hayes in 1880.
The U.S. Treasury database can only identify savings bonds that have reached final maturity and were issued after 1973. After the bombing was over, 26,000 buildings lay in wreckage, and 25,000 men, women and children lay dead in the street or buried under the rubble. Unassuming people getting in the ''Cash Cab'' are shocked when they discover they're contestants on a television game show. Much of what we know about the life of the pirate known as Blackbeard comes from a book published in 1724, and cannot be verified through other sources.
We can thank Wilson A. Bentley of Jericho, Vermont for what we know about snowflakes. Some say we are not extracting this oil because environmentalists and others have blocked all efforts to help America  become independent of foreign oil. Of all the men who had held the highest office, Harry Truman was the least prepared. But he would prove to be a surprise. Long office hours and a hectic schedule made the Belcher's realize they were missing out on family time.
Many think the census and journey didn't happen, but the author of the Gospel needed Jesus to be born in Bethlehem to fulfill an ancient prophesy. Founded in 2007, The Hit Parade Hall of Fame includes music talent from 1950 until today. A biography by Don Fulsom, a veteran Washington reporter who covered the Nixon years, suggests the 37th U.S. President had a serious drink problem, beat his wife, and he was gay. Father Reiser was a saint on earth, and beyond.
Attend a live taping of your favorite TV show!
Attend a live taping of your favorite TV show!
Attend a live taping of your favorite TV show!
Tired of the cold and snow? Head to Florida. When Henry Paulson became Secretary of the Treasury, he never forgot his buddies on Wall Street. Economist Joel Waldfogel calls holiday gift-giving ''the subversion of the usual way that economic activity works''.
Can people really influence the physical world with thought alone? That is the quandary posed by the film ''The Men Who Stare at Goats''. The Zimmermann Telegram was intercepted and released to newspapers, causing public outrage that resulted in the U.S. declaring war against Germany. North Koreans are taught that all modern devices, like the microwave, toaster, television, and foods like the hamburger, were invented by Kim Jong il. When Kim Jong il's father Kim Il-sung died in 1994, those that did not mourn enough were severley punished. The same thing is happening now.
Lower air pressure at high altitude can cause fluids to leak from the capillaries in both the lungs and the brain which can lead to a fatal fluid build-up. China insists the carrier is intended for research and training, its use has raised concern about the country’s military strength and its increasingly assertive claims over disputed territory. Taking a nap in the afternoon is cheap entertainment, and can make you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Hi Yo Silverrrrr, AWAYBZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTT ... *thud*  (A cop tasered one of the riders.)
Truman's cruise of August 16-September 2, 1946 was his first real vacation since taking office in 1945. USS Sequoia was the United States presidential yacht used from Herbert Hoover to Jimmy Carter, who sold it in 1977. An attempt to back it back in 2004 failed. It isn't nice to speak badly of the dead. But, in this case, the family is making an exception to the rule. The Orphan Train was a social experiment that transported children from crowded coastal cities of the United States to the Midwest for adoption.
The President covers the cost of a private beach front residence in Kailua, Oahu, that costs $3,500 a day, but taxpayers pay the $1 million in other expenses. The Christmas Station has a mix of popular Christmas music from the classics of yesterday to the best holiday pop hits of the 80's, 90's and today. Many are earning six-figures working on an oil rig in North Dakota, but have to search for a place to sleep. Despite the warnings that had been issued about possible Japanese aggression, the attack when it came was a complete surprise to most people.
To hear Rosa Parks tell it, her act of defiance and the bus boycott that followed her arrest were simply the spontaneous expressions of humble black folk. But, the entire event was carefully planned to fool the public. Clark owned one of 1500 air guns produced for the Austrian Army and designed by Tyrolean clockmaker Bartolomeo Girandoni between 1787 and 1801. Toygaroo rents toys for a fraction of what it would cost to buy them. Send 'em back in January. It doesn't take very much to keep me entertained.
Most people don't realize how many web sites and services have your password. Zoom in to see planets closest to the sun. Select a planet to see its moons orbiting. Select ''Minor Body Names'' in Options and be amazed at what you didn't know was out there. In Charles Dickens' novel  ''Bleak House'',  a heavy drinker died of Spontaneous Human Combustion, fueling speculation that it was caused by drinking. The Chinese have called it their ''Underground Great Wall'', a vast network of tunnels designed to hide their country’s increasing missile arsenal.
I can't wait to hear what they do to this guy. Organizers are encouraging consumers to either occupy or boycott retailers that are publicly traded. D. B. Cooper has become the Bigfoot of crime, evading one of the most extensive and expensive American manhunts of the 20th century. After two kids were seen kissing, school administrators actually reported it to the cops as a possible sex crime.
November 17th is Facebook National Unfriend Day. This machine can hover like a helicopter, take-off and land vertically, and fly forward at high speed using wings, which a helicopter can't do. ''A Decade Later: A Call for TSA Reform'' calls the TSA a bloated and inefficient bureaucracy with 65,000 workers, and a buyer of inadequate technology. Details are emerging from court documents filed in the legal battle over the $400 million copper-mining fortune of the late reclusive heiress Huguette Clark.
During the 1961 season, Roger Maris hit a record 61 home runs for the New York Yankees, breaking Babe Ruth's record of 60 home runs set in 1927. This series of photos from World War II was published by ''The Atlantic'' in 20 weekly installments in 2011.
From our collection of thousands of articles.
Most Americans have no idea what the CIA has done in the name of democracy.
A Timeline of CIA Atrocities - Italy 1948 the CIA corrupts democratic elections - 1953 Iran - CIA overthrows the democratically elected leader, replacing him with dictator Shah of Iran - 1954 Guatemala - CIA overthrows the democratically elected president to protect Rockefeller owned United Fruit Company - 1954 CIA attempts to overthrow the government of North Vietnam, resulting in the Vietnam War - 1956 using Radio Free Europe, the CIA incites Hungary to revolt - 1957 the CIA attempts to overthrow the government of Laos - 1959 the U.S. military helps "Papa Doc" Duvalier become dictator of Haiti - 1961 the CIA sends 1,500 Cuban exiles to invade Castros Cuba - 1961 Dominican Republic - the CIA assassinates dictator Rafael Trujillo - 1961 Ecuador - the CIA backed military forces the democratically elected president Jose Velasco to resign - 1961 Congo (Zaire) - the CIA assassinates democratically elected Patrice Lumumba - 1963 Dominican Republic - The CIA overthrows democratically elected Juan Bosch - 1963 Ecuador - CIA backed military coup overthrows President Arosemana - 1964 Brazil - a CIA-backed military coup overthrows the democratically elected government of Joao Goulart - 1965 Indonesia - the CIA overthrows the democratically elected Sukarno with a military coup - 1967 Greece - a CIA backed military coup overthrows the government two days before elections - 1968 Operation CHAOS - President Johnson uses the CIA to increase spying on the American public - 1969 Uruguay - notorious CIA torturer Dan Mitrione arrives in Uruguay to teach his skills to death squads - 1970 Cambodia - The CIA overthrows Prince Sahounek - 1971 Bolivia - a CIA-backed military coup overthrows the leftist President Juan Torres - 1973 Chile - The CIA overthrows and assassinates Salvador Allende - 1975 Australia - the CIA helps topple the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Edward Whitlam - 1975 Angola - Henry Kissinger launches a CIA backed war in Angola, and over 300,000 die - 1980 El Salvador - Archbishop Oscar Romero pleads with President Carter to stop aiding the military government slaughter. Carter refuses, and Romero is assassinated - 1981 Iran/Contra Begins - the CIA begins selling arms to Iran at high prices, using the profits to arm the Contras fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua - 1983 Honduras - the CIA teaches military officers how to torture dissidents - 1989 Panama - the U.S. invades Panama to overthrow a dictator of its own making, General Manuel Noriega - 1991 The Gulf War - Iraqs dictator, Saddam Hussein, invades Kuwait with military weapons he got from the CIA to attack Iran in 1980 ...Click For More ...
Most Americans have no idea what the CIA has done in the name of democracy.
Most Americans have no idea what the CIA has done in the name of democracy. The author of this article, Steve Kangas, was found shot to death in 1998, and ruled a suicide. Few believe that.
Since the Jerry Sandusky story hit the news, attorneys say they've seen a spike in phone calls from people with long-buried secrets.
On November 8, 1923 Adolph Hitler led his Nazi followers in an abortive attempt to seize power in what became known as the ''Beer Hall Putsch''. FEMA's first-ever test of the national alert system will occur at 2 pm EST on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 simultaneously across the U.S. and its territories. Every year on Nov. 10, the beacon is lit to commemorate the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald and all the other vessels lost on the Great Lakes. In 1926, Congress passed a resolution that ''the anniversary of November 11, 1918 should be commemorated with thanksgiving and prayer''. Here is a map to locate a Veterans Day activity near you.
The rapid adoption of tablet computers like Apple’s iPad has not reversed the slide in paying customers for news, as media company executives had hoped. The Thompson Submachine Gun was also known as the Trench Broom, the Tommy Gun, Ukulele Music , the Chopper, and the Organ Grinder. The ''Crystal Cathedral'' is in bankruptcy, and court documents suggest the Schuller's took nearly $10 million from the church's endowment fund. Jack Abramoff, the notorious former lobbyist , tells ''60 Minutes'' the reforms instituted in the wake of his scandal have had little effect.
''The Last Best West'' has just about any movie cowboy or authentic old west hat you've ever seen. There are several pages, so browse around the website. Al Capone can be heard playing his banjo at Alcatraz? James Smithson wanders the halls of the Smithsonian Institute?  Some people say it's the truth. Memories of the storm, and the Andrea Gail tragedy, remain painful in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Minnesota-based Bremer Bank just emailed their 2012 fee schedule to all online customers. Looking at this, you wouldn't know that Bremer gives all after-tax profits to charity. Hey, charity begins at home, right?
This is your pilot screaming ... Color blindness occurs when there is a problem with the color-sensing granules (pigments) in certain nerve cells of the eye. The last of the nation's most powerful nuclear bombs, a weapon hundreds of times stronger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was disassembled. 1) Print attached PDF page.   2) Glue to poster board.     3) Cut out face and eyes.  4) Poke small holes in ears.  5) Tie string to holes.  6) Put on and scare people.
To attract young smokers, RJR Tobacco created Joe Camel, who was so heavily promoted that more children recognized him than Mickey Mouse. World War II Today presents what happened on this day during the war. When South Park's Randy hears there still may be some internet out in California, he packs up his family and heads west in search of a signal. The meat industry's biggest secret - how glue is being used to hold scrap cuts of meat together.
Yes, but apart from the roads, parks, dams, schools, bridges, runways, playgrounds, and public buildings... what did the New Deal ever do for us? Those who do not lock up when leaving home have a variety of reasons, saying burglars would get in anyway, or family members might get locked out. If you can eat the 4 lb. steak with all the trimmings within  an hour at The  Big Texan steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas, the meal is free. The partition of India was the largest mass migration in history of some 10 million. As many as one million civilians died in the accompanying riots and fighting.
ESPN dropped singer Hank Williams Jr. from its Monday Night Football telecast after he publicly compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler With all the blood, death and intrigue the Tower of London has been involved with in its 900-year history, there is little wonder that it has the reputation as one of the most haunted places in Britain. According to the author of this article, Tehran would have to be terminally foolish to try to snuff out Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi ambassador, on U.S. soil. Psychosis affects a person’s mind and causes changes to the way that they think, feel and behave.
There is no public record of the operations or decisions of the panel, which is a subset of the White House's National Security Council. Why live full-time in an RV?  In a word, freedom. Freedom to go where you want, when you want. Saved by a passing yacht, Paul Kline and fellow diver Fernando Garcia Puerta were abandoned miles from land when their charter boat left without them. Whether you're a musician, magician, mime, juggler, clown, or comedian, if you can entertain people, you can make money busking. Ok, so what is it?
Washington just likes to run a test every now and then, to be sure you'll still believe anything. Like, Michelle needed that Lysol to clean the White House toilets. About to get your 15 minutes of fame?  Call us first! Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, father of the Macintosh and the brains behind the wild success of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, has passed away, Westboro Baptist Church, known by most as the ''God Hates Fags'' people, protest high profile funerals of celebrities and fallen American soldiers.
Experts say studies show dog owners walk more, walk faster and are more likely to enjoy an active lifestyle because of their companion animal. Ironically, the idea to build a fence comes as Canada and the U.S. try to finalize a perimeter security arrangement that would focus on continental defenses while easing border congestion. The scammers' key tool is a ''doppelganger'' domain, an Internet address that is spelled identically to a legitimate site but is missing the crucial dot, typically found between what's known as a subdomain and domain in the address. As well as the estimated two million rapes in Germany, there were between 70,000 and 100,000 in Vienna and anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 in Hungary, as well as thousands in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia.
I was trying to think of an interesting topic for my homepage today, but my mind was blank. Then, I looked out the window. The difference between ''us'' and ''them'' can be as thin as a layoff, a divorce, a medical emergency. You don't know what happiness is until you get married, and then it is too late. Check this list of crazy superstitions. Maybe some of them aren't so crazy. The first born son of King Edward VII, Prince Albert Victor, but for an accident of fate, would one day have become king. Could he have been ''Jack the Ripper''?
Some fire service personnel have made an effort to preserve older fire towers, arguing that a good set of human eyes watching the forest for wildfire can be an effective and cheap fire safety measure. In 2010, President Obama declared his support for a Palestinian state. A year later, he directed  his UN representative to vote against creating such a state. Why have 165 cruise ship passengers gone missing in recent years? Why is Scotland Yard suppressing information that some crime buffs think could offer fresh leads on the identity of Britain's most notorious serial killer?
An elderly couple struggling to learn how to use a webcam have become viral video sensations after their granddaughter posted the fumbling footage online. Find out what happened in the year of your birth. In Newfoundland, it's called a visit from ''the old hag''. ''What’s the big deal about the Hag?'' I asked. The room went quiet. Faces turned my way. “Never talk about the Hag that way,” one of the men whispered.
Except for Richard Nixon, every president since the invention of the teleprompter has used it, but Obama was the first to do so in a 6th grade classroom. Author Kurt Vonnegut was a prisoner of war in Dresden, Germany during the allied bombing raids. This web site tells you where the product you are looking for is being sold, and for how much. Attack Watch claims Obama’s opponents are trying to ''derail the momentum of this movement'' by using false information, and asks you to report it.
See website in 2011
I guess he's just ''Mr. Christopher'' now ... See what your dog would look like with human teeth. The bombing is generally considered unnecessary, as the war in Europe was almost over. Germans pause to remember the 35,000 civilian victims every February. Ten years after the 9/11 catastrophe, the Bush administration cover-up of why the terrorist attacks were carried out despite the White House, CIA and FBI being repeatedly warned of them still holds.
Only 20 percent of workers have employee-funded group pension plans, compared to forty percent 30 years ago. After WWII, the lure of the open road became a powerful myth with a new generation, especially after Jack Kerouac’s seminal ''On The Road''. Sometime early next year, the agency will run out of money to pay its employees and gas up its trucks. Kids often have a tough time making the back-to-school transition. Click for some good advice.         (That's my granddaughter Ava waiting for the bus.)
Google is beginning to archive magazines and books, including this 2009 issue of Popular Science, with an interesting article about the ''human jet''. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to be scratching your head about the end of bin Laden. Between the Obama administration and media reports, there have been multiple divergent accounts of the Navy SEALs’ mission in Abbottabad, Pakistan, with the story seeming to be colored by politics, sensationalism, and outright fantasy. For 20 years, until 2009, this magazine told the story of a town known simply as Deadwood. Nobody in Roseville, California is complaining about this, not even the cops.
The attempt on Hitler's life on November 8, 1939 was the work of one man on a mission, and  could have ended the war in Europe almost before it started. There may be some benefits in retiring early, even if you don't have any money. In ''Christmas Vacation''  Cousin Eddie arrives unannounced at the Griswold’s suburban home in an old, beat up motorhome, and comedy ensues. Gulet Mohamed is one of a growing number of American Muslims who claim they were captured overseas and questioned in secret at the behest of the United States.
According to stories from national monument visitors and employees, the dead are restless at Little Bighorn. United Airlines is replacing the hefty flight manuals and chart books its pilots have long used with 11,000 iPads carrying the same data. Hey, it was only 42 days and $10 million last year, your Queen spent a lot more than that! Labrador retriever Hawkeye lies down with a sigh at the funeral of his owner, Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson.
Researchers argue that an emphasis on standardized testing has hurt creativity in children. We've all worked with someone like this. Built from scratch, the all-black luxury liner with black-tinted windows is protected with secret devices.  The construction price on the 2 buses was $2.1 million. The Budweiser Clydesdales were introduced on April 7, 1933, to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition.
Comparing the depression of 1930 with 2011. Before hiring you, most employers search the web for more information about you, including Facebook. Memories of August 14, 1945. Amateur photographer Frank Glick drove through Fort Snelling National Cemetery early one morning, and spotted a bald eagle perched on a tombstone
The Newfoundland ferry Caribou was torpedoed by U-boat U-69 on October 14, 1942, during the critical period of the Battle of the Atlantic. 147 passengers and crew died. Iceberg Alley is on the east coast of Newfoundland, where about 800 of the 40,000 or so icebergs that originate in Greenland travel every year. Some are as big as countries. The first thing a visitor to Canada notices is that signs and product descriptions are shown in both English and French. My wife and I hit the road in our motorhome.
Jamaican rum that was eventually to be known as Screech was a mainstay of the Newfoundland diet. Canadian Atlantic Lobster are truly fascinating creatures. It takes about six years for a lobster to reach a weight of 1.1 pounds (500 g). Atlantic lobsters may live as long as 100 years, but scientists say, in theory, they could live forever. Gros Morne National Park is a world heritage site located on the west coast of Newfoundland. They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep. Psalms, 107:23-30.
The United States has grown more diverse, but national park visitors remain overwhelmingly white. Members of the black community don't necessarily have the same interests as whites, and to suggest racism for cultural differences is absurd. You'll be the last one to see this coming. Neither shy nor embarrassed, the British frankly proclaimed their confidence and ambition in the names of their ships. The official name of the train was ''The Caribou'', but it was affectionately referred to as ''The Newfie Bullet'' because it took 23 hours to make the 548 mile trip across the island of Newfoundland.
Some believe these colorful symbols have pagan occult significance.  Others dispute this claim and believe they are only decorative ethnic artwork. The Minnesota Iron Range was the impetus for many of the largest economic events in the United States during the earliest years of the twentieth century. The political and economic climate of Minnesota has changed since Time Magazine wrote about it in 1973. Scammers take advantage of the fact that Google thinks people link to things they like, so a page with a lot of links to it is useful and shows it near the top.
This Kentucky theme park hopes to bring tourists to the area. But, the church-based organization wants to use tax dollars to complete the project. the wild roller-coaster ride of incredible weather events during 2010 makes that year the planet's most extraordinary year for extreme weather since reliable global upper-air data began in the late 1940s. Don't miss the July 4th Concert on your local PBS station. Why do people tip? For good service, of course. It's a reward for a job well done. Well, maybe not.
Ethanol packs less punch than gasoline, a gallon uses a gallon of other fuels to produce, drives up the price of food, and costs $1.78 in subsidies and lost taxes . The Brazilian government has confirmed the existence of 200 unidentified tribal people in the Amazon rain forest. Mickey Mouse was wearing a traditional Islamic robe with a full beard, while Minnie was wearing a niqab, a full-body veil, with just her ears and eyes showing. A lot of normally sane people have fallen for this scam, and they think anyone who doesn't believe in it is crazy.

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