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From 2006: Building Ethanol plants has been great financially for many farmers and investors,  but it is not an economical way to produce fuel, nor good long-term, turning food into fuel. The moment Saddam's executioner pulled the lever on the trap-door, Washington's secrets were safe. The Eighth Circuit Appeals Court rules it was ok for police to seize the life savings of a man carrying it in cash. Special characters are made by pressing and holding one of the ALT keys, then typing the indicated numbers. You must use the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard. For example: ALT + 0200 = .  The letter appears after the Alt key is released.
The airline was around for less than 3 years.  Hooters thought customers who liked the restaurant would surely want to fly in their airplanes. Those aren't brains. Check the status of any sex abuse case involving a Catholic priest or bishop by clicking here. The story of Prince Charles possibly having a gay encounter was hot news in 2003. Stephen Colbert's reporting on the story is a comedy classic. Caution: may be NSFW. Cell phone companies didn't want to put GPS in cell phones, but the FCC required it, saying it was needed for 911 calls.
You are probably not going to die from what you fear the most, but from what you fear the least. Click for more. At first, police said they would only use stun guns in cases where the alternative was deadly force.  Now, they seem to use them when a verbal command would do. From 2006: Erica Chevillar, 25, is a social studies teacher at West Boca Raton High School. She is also one of about 80 models featured on the Web site of the USA National Bikini team. I just find these websites, I don't endorse them or necessarily believe what they say. Deeply religious individuals may find this material offensive or disturbing.
The F-89 Scorpion fighter was responding to a UFO sighting, and the last words from the cockpit were ''I'm going in for another look.''
2007 Update
1953 Newspaper Article
The inventor of the ''Pocket Fisherman'', the ''Veg-O-Matic'' and more, Ron Popeil is America's number one pitchman. Leaving a hotel in Chicago after making a speech while a huge antiwar protest rages nearby, President Bush is suddenly struck down, killed by an assassin's bullet. Bound to be a big seller, Ben & Jerry introduce beer-flavored ice cream.
''The Crocodile Hunter'', Steve Irwin, was killed by a Stingray while filming near Australia's Great Barrier Reef. My college political science professor said, ''If you don't get anything else out of this class, remember this: All statistics are made up''. CNN Anchor Kyra Phillips went to the ladies room and forgot to turn-off her wireless mike. We all heard her talk about her family to a friend. It could have been worse, right? Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) accused Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) of obstructing his porkbuster-database bill with an anonymous hold.  Stevens is famous for his pork projects, including the Alaska ''bridge to nowhere''.
In 1939, the IRS announced that Gary Cooper was the highest paid wage earner in America.  And, he went on to earn big money until his death in 1961 at age 60. A Catagory 5 Typhoon is about to hit Wake Island in the Pacific. The National Weather Service says this storm is going submerge the island and roll up a surge that will probably destroy everything that's not made of concrete. The systematic conscription of military troops, by extending tours of duty, and the recall of former servicemen who still have military obligation, could be preceding the return of the ''draft'' in the United States. Grand Forks, North Dakota is short of police cars after a man led cops on a wild chase that wiped-out 10 cruisers.
''First Dollar Revenue Sharing Agreements'' pay actors like Tom Cruise from the first ticket sales, and actors can get wealthy on a picture that actually loses money.  Paramount says Cruise's bizarre off-screen antics cost them millions. President Bush wanted to attend a fundraiser for Sen. George Allen (R-VA) and the Secret Service asked that all car pool lanes be shut-down.  DOT says ''NO!'' and Bush winds-up taking one of his 23 (YES, 23) helicopters. Fred Clark wanted it known that he lost his battle as a result of an automobile accident. True to Fred's personal style, his final hours were spent joking with medical personnel while he whimpered, cussed, begged for narcotics and bargained with God to look after his wife and kids. Tom Cruise's last seven films grossed over $100 million each, but his off-screen behavior was just too much for Paramount's Chairman, who gave him the axe this week.
A top expert on the Mideast says it is possible Iran could pick August 22, the anniversary of one of Islam's holiest events, for a cataclysm Shiite Muslims believe will forever resolve the battle between ''good'' and ''evil''. The full-sized rear wheel drive Ford Crown Victoria is still the favorite cop car. Click to find out why. Steve Weaver would like to invite you to come and see his West Virginia. Shirley Phelps Roper is the daughter of the founder of Westboro Baptist Church. Shirley thanks God for killing soldiers, people on 9/11, and especially for killing homosexuals. The woman is completely nuts.
A brochure given to laid-off NWA employees contained a number of money-saving tips, including one encouraging dumpster-diving. Single male (red hair, long arms, interests include hanging in trees and grooming) seeks female for long-distance relationship and possibility of meeting up in future to help save species. The U.S. Marshall Service is responsible for transporting prisoners around the U.S.  Their group of planes, dubbed ''Con Air'', was the subject of a 1997 hit movie. Both Israel and Lebanon are appealing to Americans for support.  Most of what you see in the media seems to supports the Israeli position.  What about Lebanon?
A list of ten steps to a good marriage comes from a 1950s home economics textbook. If you feel outraged, you should be.  This is not normally a jailable offense, and you have several days to prove you have insurance before anything is done.  Law enforcement will be scrambling to justify this one. Welcome to Minnesota. A former county commissioner, Hank Johnson, won by 59%, in an election many called ''ABC'' (Anybody But Cynthia). McKinney refused to congratulate Johnson. The ''Bad Cop News'' website is no more.
With local land fills full, trash from Koochiching County is being trucked across Minnesota for burial.  A Plasma Gasifier would turn the garbage into gases usable for fuel.

More about the process
You can find out how people feel about almost any issue by checking the blogs.  CAUTION: While filters eliminate or change certain words, the language can be strong.
Some of the most bizarre celebrities, like Gary Brolsma, did not anticipate becoming famous, but they did because of the internet. Click to learn more.
Some of the most bizarre celebrities, like Gary Brolsma, did not anticipate becoming famous, but they did because of the internet. Click to learn more.
Say goodbye to your civil liberties if the White House gets approval to establishing military courts with broad powers to convict anyone they consider ''guilty anyway''.
Back in the 1940's and 1950's, our family listened to Arthur Godfrey on the radio every morning, and watched him on television two times a week at night. Today, few people know who he was. Salesmen work hard to make a living.  If your are one, or thinking about becoming one, you may be interested in this article.  Written by a used car shopper who would like to think he knows everything about it.  Does he? These kids don't know they aren't happy. A judge ordered the Miami-Dade School District to put ''Vamos a Cuba'' ( ''A Visit To Cuba'' ) back in the library.  Some parents wanted the book removed, saying kids shouldn't be happy in Cuba. Although he admits to taking holiday trips to Russia, London Bishop Richard Chartres says that travel by jet is damaging the environment, and ''has moral consequences''.
The Canadian government arranged the rescue of stranded Canadian tourists in Lebanon, getting them on a boat to Cyprus.  Poor accomodations ruined the entire trip for many of those rescued, who were hoping for ''The Love Boat''. Sunny Delight has announced a new ''healthier'' version of their drink.  The original had 16 teaspoons of sugar per cup. Kelly and Rich Willis did what many of us always wanted to do: quit your job, sell your house, and hit the road.  Click here to read all about their 18 month adventure. It is hard to believe, that in this day and age, anyone in business or government could be totally ignorant about how the internet and email works. Meet Senator Ted Stevens.
Butterfly McQueen was an intelligent and educated woman, but her film career ended when she refused to keep playing sterotype negro roles. Click for more. Much of what you hear about Social Security just isn't true.  Click here to get the facts. 800 million Chinese fans can't be wrong.  Mark Rowswell is the most famous Canadian in the world, and most people in the U.S. and Canada have never heard of him. Learn about snoring, bed bugs, sleep-walking, dreaming.
Banks, insurance companies and other businesses that owe money to customers and cannot find them are required to turn the funds over to the state government. Click here to see if your state has missing money that belongs to you. Send me an email and tell me about the money you found!
Kim Jong Il has some real mental problems to deal with. The language in this article may offend some, but it is an interesting profile of a dangerous man. The nun was the priest's lover, she set fire to his house, and tried to kill him with a machete after finding him in bed with one of the ladies from the parish. South Dakota is a great place to go on vacation.
With a little planning, you can retire in your 30's. An asteroid possibly as large as a half-mile or more in diameter is rapidly approaching the Earth. Buckingham Palace finally tells us why Queen Elizabeth II carries a purse, and what is in it. Click Here. A website I originally linked to back in 2005. A few years later, the owner let the registration lapse, it was acquired by a stand-up comedian named Gary Owen, who ran it for a few years to promote his entertainment business, and now it is for sale again.  The General Custer information at is gone forever, but ''the Wayback Machine'' remembered it.
''The Onion'' is a satire website, and all the news is fake.  They outdid themselves with this one. North Korea is getting ready to launch their ICBM. The Tampa Port Authority spent a bundle on security, including a 200 camera surveillance system.  But, they didn't hire anyone to watch the monitors. The bank deposit was $80 in cash and $345 in checks. The bank said they didn't get it, the woman swore she put it in the night drop.  A year after being convicted, and her life ruined, the bank finds the bag jammed in their night drop.
CBS shafted Walter Cronkite to give Dan Rather the news anchor position, and now they're doing it to Dan Rather. Why stay at those fancy Las Vegas hotels when you can fly in to the Bacon Strip Ranch for the weekend? It sure gets cold up here in Minnesoota. Yah sure, you betcha. Garrison Keillor has a few thoughts on the subject. Think Global Warming is just a theory?  You need to see Al Gore's movie ''An Inconvenient Truth''.  I saw it, and was shocked to learn how little I'd known about the subject.
Many think the CIA killed their own informant Barry Seal, blaming it on the Medellin drug cartel.  This is one of many articles on this subject. The HBO movie ''Doublecrossed'' with Dennis Hopper in the title role, is available on video. Before dying, Jack Francis of Brigham City, Utah was able to make an emergency landing, saving his passengers. Dave Johnson and I used to play a trivia game called ''The Bar Exam'' at THE OLD BROADWAY, a bar in Fargo, North Dakota.  Dave knew a lot of worthless information. The IRS has been collecting a 3% tax on long distance telephone service to finance the Spanish American War. They just discovered the war is over, so they are reluctantly refunding some (not much) of your money.
Sherman H. Skolnick was a paraplegic legal investigator who made a lot of enemies over his long career.  Some believe that his death in May, 2006 was premature. Did he know too much, or was he just a conspiracy theorist?

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Seeing nothing funny about Adolph Hitler, BBC television viewers were outraged by this 1990 situation comedy, and it was cancelled after just one episode.
1st 10 minutes
2nd 10 minutes
3rd 10 minutes
Sometimes what you think you see doesn't exist.
An investigation is probing the killing of 24 Iraqi civilians by a group of Marines in the town of Haditha last November. Several Marines may face murder charges. New revelations suggest that their superiors may have helped in a coverup. Most Americans recognize Charles Durning as a movie and television star.  But, few know that he fought at Normandy,  the Battle of the Bulge,  survived the Malmedy massacre, and was awarded 3 Purple Hearts and a Silver Star. The IRS lost in Federal court and will no longer collect the 3% excise tax on long-distance telephone calls enacted during the Spanish-American War of 1898 as a ''luxury'' tax on wealthy Americans who owned telephones. Being short saved this child molester from going to prison.  The judge felt the vertically-challenged pervert ''couldn't survive in prison''.
The Justice Department obtained a Federal Search Warrant, and raided the office of Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson, after they had him cold on a $100,000 bribery charge.  Other Congressmen fear they could be next. It sounds so sunny -- the devotion, the camaraderie, the essential goodness of the goal -- that the vitriol Opus Dei also generates seems puzzling. But there's no denying that, outside the loving circle of its adherents, Opus Dei does not gladden all hearts. A woman on a flight from Africa to London vomited and died, scaring the hell out of the passengers and crew. How long you live depends upon where you live, and your economic status. The average Native American in South Dakota lives to 58, the average South Dakotan nearly 78.
No Problems?  Call anyway, what the heck. Evidently, Pat Robertson has God's unlisted phone number, and talks to him on a regular basis.  We all talk to God, right? But, Pat says with him it is a two-way conversation. The Time Magazine cover for July 5, 1971. The Vietnam War activist who leaked the Pentagon Papers says officials need to speak out against current administration lies. Bank Vice President Sheri Doub posed with other women in bathing suits for a article in the local paper.  The bank claimed it caused ''great embarrassment'', and fired her. Ms. Doubs is suing for $500,000, and for her job back.
Some think South Carolina State Senator Glenn McConnell is still fighting the Civil War, as he works to raise $100 million to restore the Confederate submarine Hunley. Finding and restoring the Confederate submarine Hunley is an interesting story.  Click here to learn more.
President Al Gore tells the nation that, because gas is down to 19 a gallon, we need to help bail-out the oil companies.  ''They'd do it for us'', he says. Click here and start thinking. The school principal claims to have no discretion in cases like this, and it is an automatic 10-day suspension for this boy.
Pre-approved mailings promise help rebuilding credit, and anyone can get a $300 Aspire Visa card.  But, after an opening fee of $29, an annual fee of $150, and a monthly fee of $6.50, and 19.5% interest, late fees of $35 ...
Minnesota's own ''A Prairie Home Companion'' is coming to the big screen at a theatre near you.  Click to learn more. Was Christ married? Did Mary Magdalene bear his daughter, Sarah? The DaVinci Code has spurred worldwide interest in alternate views of Church doctrine. Click for more. When a $1.8 million lottery winner offered Father Darrin Gurr a check for $5,000 he turned it down, saying she should be more generous.  So, she wrote a new check for $80,000 and gave another $80,000 to local poor people.
In 2004, we reported on a fellow in New Zealand who was building his own cruise missile for $5,000.  Given what was going on in the world, that may not have been a good idea. Things got pretty interesting at a Best Buy store when 50 people, dressed in blue shirts and tan pants, just happened to be in the store at the same time. Click to learn more. The negative Rick Santorum ads being run by the PAC ''People over Profit'' are actually the work of the Trial Lawyers Association. Click to see the website. From 2005: Is there a real estate bubble?  Click here to find out.
If you are a minister who has a girlfriend with a cell phone, and you have a wife with a gun, take this as a warning. Using a clip from the 1967 movie ''Clambake'', and inserting Dolly Parton in the passenger seat of a Corvette convertible, Dolly Parton and Elvis are together again.
Some 5 -10 year old cars get 30-35 mpg and run great. Click here to check some out near you on
Fuel Economy Ratings
Antioxidants are important for your health, and purple grape juice is an excellent source.  Click here to learn more.
The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that police roadblocks to ''check papers'' was a scam to issue expensive tickets and an excuse to search vehicles, not to protect the public. Scott Crossfield, the first man to fly twice the speed of sound, died in the crash of his single engine Cessna. Rolling Stone Magazine published a very unflattering article about President George W. Bush. According to the article, many historians are now wondering whether Bush, in fact, will be remembered as the very worst president in all of American history. Varig Airlines has a little problem with one of their planes.
According to Time Magazine, Minnesota's Mark Dayton is one of the 5 least effective Senators. He is not seeking re-election. When ''The Flintstones'' first aired in 1960, it was sponsored by Winston cigarettes, and the characters even did the commercials, lighting-up and promoting the cigarette.
Update: See commercial here.
The U.S. Government wants to help you learn to handle your money.  Click here to take a quiz. Since the destruction of the Gaza airport in 2001 during the Palestinian uprising, the government has maintained a full staff, because the employees need the jobs. The money comes from other governments, including the USA.
Bernardo ''The Tractor'' Provenzano finally captured after 40 years hiding in Sicily.  How big is that island, anyway? Of course, there's always the old standby for decorating Easter eggs: food coloring, water and a drop of white vinegar in a soaking cup. But The Daily News Journal asked the Murfreesboro Rutherford Art League how the experts in creativity would add a little flair to their egg hunts. We hardly ever hear about men being the victim of domestic abuse, but it happens more often than you think. The Titanic in Branson, Missouri is the world's largest museum attraction. Click to learn more.

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