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Rani Ki Vav is a stepwell situated in the town of Patan in Gujarat, India. It is located on the banks of the Saraswati River. Its construction is attributed to Udayamati, the spouse of the 11th-century Chaulukya king Bhima I. Silted over, it was rediscovered in the 1940s and restored in the 1980s by the Archaeological Survey of India. In 2014, Rani ki Vav Patan was listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. Kim Jong Nam was Kim Jong Il’s oldest son and Kim Jong Un’s older brother. He was poisoned and died in an airport in Malaysia in February 2017. He was believed at one time to be the next in line to succeed Kim Jong Il as the leader of North Korea until he fell out of favor after attempting to visit Tokyo Disneyland. Feinstein was hardly the only Democratic politician who is way too old to still be in office. It's only a matter of time before one of them ''retires'' due to natural causes. Here's a look at some of the elderly and infirm Democrats who are most likely to vacate their seats in the near future on account of being dead.  Turns out that this arrangement of spikes at the tip of a stegosaurus tail had no formal name, but Paleontologists were so impressed with Gary Larson's 1982 cartoon, they began to use ''thagomizer'' to describe those spikes.
Most people have a basic understanding that oil comes from dead plants/animals/organic matter. However the misconception comes when thinking about which animals and plant remains helped create that oil. In grade school I was told "oil comes from dead dinosaurs". Joe Biden has joined members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union on the picket line in Michigan, a first for a sitting US president. The president told strikers to ''stick with it'' at a warehouse west of Detroit, where they have been striking for 12 days. ''You deserve a significant raise,'' he said to strikers demanding a 40% raise and other benefits. California's Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has chosen Dianne Feinstein's replacement, she died last week at age 90. Feinstein was the longest-serving woman in the US Senate and also one of the most corrupt, funneling billions to her husband's company. Governor Newsom, who's only qualifications seem to be his looks and that he is Senator Nancy Pelosi's nephew, announced that he has selected a black lesbian from Maryland to replace Feinstein, and she will be moving to California immediately. Michael Mann's ''Heat'' is one of the all-time great crime dramas, a classic cops-and-robbers thriller known for its stunning set pieces, fascinating characters, and knockout cast. Starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Val Kilmer, Ashley Judd, Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore, Amy Brenneman and Natalie Portman, among others, ''Heat'' tells the story of Lieutenant Vincent Hanna (Pacino) and his pursuit of famed criminal mastermind Neil McCauley (De Niro).
Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and his wife Nadine have been indicted on bribery charges, Justice Department officials announced, detailing what officials said was a corrupt scheme involving gold bars, stacks of cash and using the senator's powerful position to secretly benefit the Egyptian government. TWA Flight 3 was a twin-engine Douglas DC-3-382 propliner on a scheduled flight from New York, New York, to Burbank, California, with a stopover in Las Vegas, Nevada. On January 16, 1942, fifteen minutes after takeoff from Las Vegas bound for Burbank, the aircraft crashed into a sheer cliff on Potosi Mountain, 32 miles southwest of the airport, at an elevation of 7,770.  All 22 people on board, including movie star Carole Lombard, her mother, and three crew members, died in the crash. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) relaxed the dress code for U.S. senators (but not their employees) so that notorious slob John Fetterman (D., Pa.) can wear hoodies and basketball shorts to work. While the brandy old fashioned might be Wisconsin’s unofficial state cocktail—it even has its own month of celebration, September—the brandy slush is the state’s year-round party drink.
The Duck Derby is back! That's right, Second Harvest's Annual Duck Derby is happening Saturday, September 30 at City Park in New Orleans. You can enter the race for only $5 - and you'll have a chance to win $5,000 and other great prizes. You can easily see Mount Rushmore in just a few hours, there’s not much to do at the memorial except hike a boardwalk trail and admire the sculpture from below. After you finish at Mt Rushmore you can spend the rest of your time exploring several fantastic nearby attractions. It is only fitting that a man who has built homes for so many others would return to his own home as he sees his time growing short. And when his time in hospice draws to a close, there is likely to be no medical team rushing in, no chest compressions or shocks. There will be only a final breath, and then there will be quiet. My friend Steve agrees with Clint Eastwood's theory about aging: ''Don't let the old man in''. In his 84th year, Steve is as active as ever, actually getting married to a lovely lady younger than he. The age difference? It might be fatal, I said, to which Steve replied, ''if she dies, she dies''.
On any cement work in New York over $2 million, only six firms, all of them previously selected by the Cosa Nostra, would be allowed to bid. In exchange for that privilege of bidding on the jobs, the six firms had to pay the Colombo, Gambino, Lucchese, and the Genovese Families two points on every contract. The firm selected to win on a job that should be $8 million, for example, would bid $10 million, the other five firms would bid more and lose. RVing can be a great escape from the drudgery of everyday life. It’s a chance to get out in nature, explore new places, and spend time with your loved ones. But this lifestyle also comes with a price. Spending long periods of time out on the road can have a serious impact on your mental health. Sliced tomatoes can last longer than an unsliced one, and if packaged properly they will last several days in the refrigerator or several months in the freezer. Tomatoes were initially regarded as ornamental but dangerously poisonous. Some people said that their bright red color clearly signaled poisons lurking within. Some were understandably wary since the tomato was closely related to deadly nightshade as well as mandrake (which may or may not have actually had aphrodisiac effects).
Biden's commemoration of 9/11 in Alaska was strange to begin with, and his behavior was even more bizarre than usual. He opened his remarks with jokes and praise for his own athletic skills, and then told the troops he was at ground zero the next day on September 12th, looking straight into the GATES OF HELL, and he will never forget it. It didn't happen, Joe was in Washington, DC on the 12th as the Senate condemned the attack. The agency now must decide whether products containing the ingredient, like some Sudafed and NyQuil products, should no longer be sold or perhaps give companies lead time to substitute other ingredients. Apart from a few pieces of debris washed onto an Indian Ocean island, no trace has been found of Malaysian Airways flight MH370 that vanished with 12 crew and 227 passengers in March 2014. The official hunt for the plane, traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, was called off in January 2017. But now scientists believe they could have the answer to one of the ocean's biggest mysteries and it lies in the shells of barnacles. In 1944, the Allies seemed to have the upper hand in the war — until they attempted to take three cities at once from the Germans in Operation Market Garden. "Market" was the airborne element, and "Garden", the ground forces.
The excessive drop of acorns is actually normal and is part of a wider phenomenon known as mast years. The event consists of botanical activity that happens every two to five years. During the intervals, the oak tree produces an excessive amount of acorns that are 20 times larger than its standard production, to ensure the survival of the trees by procreation. Disappearing big planes are rare events, given the extent of modern tracking data available nowadays. Nonetheless, every now and then, the disappearance of a big passenger jet flies under the public radar. That's the case with a Boeing 727-200 that departed from Luanda's Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (LAD) 20 years ago today. The trijet took off late one afternoon and was never seen again. An astounding video shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11. The footage shows BBC reporter Jane Standley talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head. The report was removed within hours, but it had already gone viral on the Internet. Liberty Safe faced intense criticism after it acknowledged that it had voluntarily given the F.B.I. the access code to a safe in response to a search warrant for a property. The controversy underscored the distrust of the F.B.I. among many conservatives, who sharply questioned Liberty Safe's commitment to protect their firearms from federal agents.
German is the most spoken, outside of English and Spanish, in 13 states- which is more than other language, according to US Census Bureau data. It is followed by French, Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic.  While less common tongues such as Aleut language, one of two surviving Eskimo dialects, Dakota languages and Hmong, an Asian dialect, dominate other areas. When it came to subterfuge, lying, intimidation, hypocrisy, bigotry, fraud, and possibly murder, few can touch U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson. So, who was the real Lyndon Baines Johnson? In the family of cylindrical cell batteries you normally see AAA AA C and D sizes. The store shelves are conspicuously absent of A and B cylindrical cells. Well there is a standard by NEMA and IEC which includes A and B defined sizes, They are incrementally just a little smaller than C or bigger than AA so they have no real use. Songwriter Jimmy Webb had a huge hit with this song where the singer has lost the woman he is very much in love with, ''the cake out in the rain'' is a metaphor for their relationship. It having 'taken so long to bake' apparently alludes to the time and energy he put into building the romance, but he knows he will 'never have the recipe again' to bake another. In 1968 Richard Harris (1930-2002) became the first of several artists to record it.
According to the author of this article, the current Democratic Party leadership has lost its ability to convince the American public that it is worth the effort to vote for them. And if the Democratic Party pins its hopes on Joe Biden to win the White House in 2024, it will bring down a plague of conservatism on America that will be Biblical in its proportion. As the use of facial recognition rises, so do privacy concerns. These Chicago-made glasses are designed to block the technology. The chunky, thick-framed glasses Scott Urban makes in his Humboldt Park workshop look like normal eyeglasses, but when viewed on a security camera, the wearer's face becomes a shining orb. On September 2nd, 1792, gangs of armed sans culottes stormed the city’s prisons and killed between 1,100 and 1,400 prisoners. Among the victims were hundreds of Swiss Guards and royal soldiers detained after the August 10th attack on the Tuileries, as well as clergymen, nobles and suspected counter-revolutionaries. Most victims, however, were ordinary criminals with no political affiliation. The olive-sided flycatcher migrates more than 15,000 miles between North and South America. But where it stops along the way has long been a mystery.
Got a line of people at your cash register? Here's what the research says about why whatever you're selling just went up in value. Following our neighbor to the North's lead of a few months ago, when Canadians were told to only have two drinks a week (they're still laughing about that in Newfoundland), President Biden's ''alcohol czar'' Dr. George Koob urged Americans to do the same.  'A Prairie Home Companion' was a weekly radio variety show created and hosted by Garrison Keillor that aired live from 1974 to 2016 Saturday nights on Public Radio. The show was extremely popular, especially in the Midwest where it was aired from the mythical town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota. The S-4B, while functional, utilized an entirely utilitarian design devoid of any niceties, such as an enclosed fuselage, soundproofing, or a finished interior. Cessna wasted no time replacing the skeletal design with an aluminum monocoque fuselage and cabin that utilized many of the same design principles as its fixed-wing aircraft. Before long, the first CH-1 emerged from the factory and made its first flight in July 1953.
June 25th is the anniversary of one of the worst management decisions of all time. On that day in  1876, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer made a decision to engage an overwhelmingly superior force of more than 2,000 Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho warriors with only 210 members of the 7th U.S. Cavalry along the Little Bighorn River. Giving your life is the ultimate price for a bad decision, but Custer's decision-making was especially poor in so many ways. Americans are bracing for the 'sickest day of the year' - as more call off work ill on August 24 more than at any other time of year, including the day after Super Bowl Sunday. ''Masterdating,'' the latest love and relationship trend to take social media by storm, is the practice of lavishing oneself with choice gifts, treats and outings in an effort to establish a healthy sense of self-sufficiency before entering a serious relationship with someone else. In 1944, the Minnesota Democratic Party merged with the Farm Labor Party, a Communist organization, making it a unique version of the Democratic party not seen in any other State. Over the years, no one becomes governor unless they are approved by the state teachers association, we might as well just let them pick the governor and save all the time and effort. The present governor, Tim Walz is a teacher and party devotee, who has made Minnesota a nice state to be FROM.
The history of the red barn can be traced back to Colonial times. In the early settlement days, farmers had limited options when it came to preserving and protecting their wooden barn structures. Many early farmers would seal their barn wood with linseed oil—an orange-colored oil derived from flax seeds. This proved to be a durable and effective sealant and the idea naturally spread. It was 1980 and Jimmy Carter was in the White House, bedeviled by a hostage crisis in Iran that had paralyzed his presidency and hampered his effort to win a second term. Mr. Carter’s best chance for victory was to free the 52 Americans held captive before Election Day. That was something that Mr. Barnes said his mentor was determined to prevent. Before 1964, when California renumbered its roads, and Route 6 ran coast to coast from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to Long Beach, California, Route 6 was the longest highway in the land - at 3,652 miles. Now, driving US Route 6 will bring you through 14 states and some of the best small towns and cities in America that, before establishing the Interstate Highway system, had their moments in the sun. Some smart TVs come with built-in cameras, while others do not. It is advisable to check the specifications of your particular TV model to see if it has a camera. If your smart TV does have a camera, it is likely that it can be turned off or covered with a privacy screen.
Hazel and I traveled in our motorhomes (we've had three) for about 10 years. In 2014 we traveled to the RV park operated by the Indian casino in Hinckley, Minnesota to meet with friends and celebrate Hazel's 71st birthday. Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana's Glacier National Park attracts millions of visitors each year to enjoy a drive through its beautiful scenery of lakes, streams, mountains, and facilities. The Department of Energy was instituted in 1977 with a goal to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.  Now, years later, it has 16,000 federal employees, 100,000 contract employees, and a budget of billions, and has failed miserably in what it was established to do. When the author first saw the purply swatch on tree trunks he thought his eyes were deceiving me. Who would take the time and energy to reach three to five feet up a tree just to paint a swath of purple on it? Not only that, but repeat the process on nearby trees, as well. Turns out, purple paint on trees is not just a tradition in Missouri. It’s also the law!
Almonds, pistachios, and walnuts are some types of nuts that contain healthy nutrients. When eaten as part of a nutrient-dense diet, these 9 nuts may offer benefits such as reducing your risk of heart disease and supporting your immune system. A simple shift in wind direction would have destroyed the nuclear weapons inside, scattering radioactive plutonium for miles around, or worse. When it comes to the history of motion pictures, the rule of thumb has always been that if a movie is a major success, it's only a matter of time before other production entities start generating their own versions to siphon the original's acclaim (and box office). The Apology of Socrates, is a philosophical dialogue written by the Greek philosopher Plato chronicling the trial of his mentor Socrates in 399 BCE. After finding Socrates guilty of impiety and corrupting the youth, the Athenian jury sentenced him to death. Socrates carried out his own execution by drinking a mixture of poisonous hemlock.
Devon Archer confirmed then-Vice President Joe Biden was ''the brand'' that his son sold around the world to enrich the Biden family. Then-Vice President Biden joined Hunter Biden and his business associates for dinners or by phone over 20 times to sell ''the brand'' and send a signal about their power, access, and influence. For most of American history, newspapers in the South supported the people and systems that promoted and maintained prejudice and discrimination. When Oppenheimer was recruited to run the Manhattan Project in 1942, he chose to build his laboratories in Los Alamos. The site, in the government’s view, was an ideal place for bomb-building. The desert mesas and ponderosa pine forests offered solitude and secrecy. But Oppenheimer also had a personal reason for picking the Land of Enchantment. Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl and his crew arrived in Polynesia after 101 days at sea aboard the Kon-Tiki raft on August 7, 1947. Hyderdahl, along with five left Callao, Peru, aboard the Kon-Tiki, a balsa wood raft, on April 28, 1947 in an attempt to prove it was possible the Polynesian islands were settled in part by people indigenous to South America.
Don’t believe everything you read. The inspirational bestselling book by your favorite celebrity, sports figure or politician was likely penned by someone else. People running for president aren't just auditioning for the highest office in the world — they could also be auditioning for a lot of other prime jobs in a future administration. It is a fact that war has sparked some amazing innovations. It has at the same time spawned incredible desperation. The attempt by the U.S. Navy in both world wars to construct seagoing vessels made of concrete would seem to be a combination of the two at first glance. On June 28, 1914, in an event that is widely regarded as sparking the outbreak of World War I, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire, was shot to death with his wife by Bosnian Serb Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
The town council of Woodland, North Carolina rejected a rezoning proposal to allow a new solar farm. Retired science teacher Jane Mann was concerned about plants below the panels getting adequate sunlight. But her husband Bobbie was concerned that the solar farm ''would suck up all the energy from the sun.''  On January 31, 2000, Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was flying from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to San Francisco, California. The jackscrew assembly's trapezoidal nut threads were not properly maintained resulting in loss of pitch control causing the plane to dive. By flipping the plane upside down, the pilot was able to temporarily slow the descent, but the plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean with no survivors. My daughter Sarah always was a ''Rebel with a cause'', and now she has a good one. As an attorney for the Screen Actors Guild previously, and now serving in that capacity with the Directors Guild in Hollywood, she felt the need to get out there and support the screenwriters and actors striking for better pay and benefits. Harry Truman, to whom it fell to use the ''gadget'', is the more dramatic figure, precisely because he made what might be the most history-altering executive decision since Pontius Pilate without much in the way of outward qualms.
 If you’re looking for an introduction to deviled eggs, this is the place to start: just eggs, mustard, mayonnaise, a dash of Tabasco and a festive sprinkle of paprika (or jazz things up with a garnish of chives). They are a simple and spectacular addition to a holiday table. After months of secrecy and speculation about a form that alleged a $5 million bribe paid to Biden while he was vice president, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, released the FD-1023 form dated June 30, 2020, which he had obtained through an FBI whistleblower. Thankfully, the House defeated an industry-backed provision to allow new pilots to count simulator hours as flying experience, but be on the lookout for the Senate to resurrect this risky bandaid to cover for a system stretched to its limits. Air Canada Flight 143 known as the Gimli Glider, was a Canadian passenger flight between Montreal and Edmonton that ran out of fuel at an altitude of 41,000 feet midway through the flight. The flight crew successfully glided the Boeing 767 to an emergency landing at a former Royal Canadian Air Force base in Gimli, Manitoba which had been converted to a racetrack, resulted in no serious injuries and only minor damage to the aircraft.
 The Toba catastrophe nearly wiped out the human race, leaving an estimated 3,000 to ten thousand humans worldwide. Human genes today show evidence of a ''genetic bottleneck,'' an effect seen when a population of organisms becomes so small that their genetic diversity is greatly reduced. This group of survivors are the ancestors of all humans alive today. Sepsis is a life-threatening illness that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its very own tissues and organs in response to infection. Sepsis is caused by inflammation (swelling) throughout the body. During Sepsis, inflammation and blood clotting restrict blood flow to limbs and essential organs, which can lead to organ failure and death. Maps twist our perception of the world. Countries closer to the equator,which happen to be poorer, seem smaller than they are. Are maps chosen for good reasons and distortions are a side-effect, or are they purposefully deceitful? When university employees Raegan Zelaya and Shua Wilmot decided to include their pronouns at the end of their work emails, they thought they were doing a good thing. Their bosses at Houghton University in New York saw the matter very differently.
The discovery of King Tut's tomb sent shockwaves around the world. But did it also unleash a curse that would plague those who disturbed his rest, ultimately leading to their demise? Lord Carnarvon, who financed the project, cut open a mosquito bite on his cheek while shaving and died of blood poisoning, sparking newspapers around the world to speculate if his death was due to mysterious and ominous forces. This is a 1930s era wax paper potato chip bag from Dunn, North Carolina. Big Tits was the nickname of Titus Tart, one of the owners in the Tart-Chestnut Co. The image is that of Mr. Tart. This might be ''NSFW'' if you work with a bunch of prudes. You're a bouncer at a strip club? No problem! From wearing simple clothing without any brand identification to having excellent teeth and valuing their time, here are 14 subtle signs someone is extremely wealthy A false flag is a political or military action carried out with the intention of blaming an opponent for it. Nations have often done this by staging a real or simulated attack on their own side and saying the enemy did it, as a pretext for going to war.
The pandemic relief was the biggest bailout in history, and it opened the door to wide-scale fraud the likes of which no one had ever seen — more than three years later, we still don't know how much damage was done. While a recession is not inevitable, consumers and business leaders cannot ignore its possibility. Consumers need to cut back on spending, especially on credit, while business leaders should look to reduce hiring and other expenditures, in particular, capital expenditures. A prosecutor on the team investigating Hunter Biden is facing scrutiny amid allegations she limited questioning and inquiries about President Biden and blocked search warrants because she was worried about ''optics'' during the years-long probe. She killed questioning related to President Biden and any references to Biden as ''the big guy'', even tipping off Hunter's lawyers that a storage unit full of evidence was about to be raided. The ''Sound of Silence'' is a philosophical question that made for one of Simon & Garfunkel's most enduring songs, but it's also a subject that can be tested by psychologists.
On a sunny afternoon in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated, plunging the nation and the world into grief. The official story was straightforward: Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, shot and killed the President. Case closed. Or was it? The act of reptile reproduction suggests that dinosaurs and pterosaurs may have been capable of parthenogenesis, too, much like the creatures in ''Jurassic Park''. Ferrante & Teicher were a duo of American pianists, known for their clever arrangements of familiar classical pieces, movie soundtracks, and show tunes as well as their signature style of florid, intricate, and fast-paced piano playing performances. President Joe Biden on Friday rolled out a new set of initiatives to reduce health care costs: a crackdown on what he called ''junk'' insurance plans that play consumers as 'suckers,' new guidance to prevent surprise medical bills and an effort to reduce medical debt tied to credit cards.
You never know what might push a teen over the edge. Although most adolescents rebel in more harmless ways like stealing from their parents liquor cabinet, these teens take angst to a whole new level of violence. This girl was convicted of ruthlessly killing her nine-year-old neighbor. She was caught for the juvenile homicide because she wrote about how amazing the experience was in her diary. Alfonso Ribeiro will host the 43rd annual edition of PBS’ A Capitol Fourth concert in Washington. The program, which celebrates Independence Day, will be broadcast live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol on July 4th. The National Security Agency is using internet data processing centers run by telecommunications powerhouse AT&T to spy on American and foreign citizens.
A good example of what not to say on a PA announcement while in flight.
Recognize this pilot? John Travolta has an amazing collection of jet airplanes. Learn more here.
If the United States ever found itself in the middle of a nuclear war, it would need the ability to get a command and control center off the ground and away from potential attack targets in just minutes. A set of four E-4Bs, which are Boeing 747-200s modified to support the military's doomsday communications needs, designed to allow the country's most senior military officials to stay in charge and control during a nuclear crisis. Baking soda is a highly versatile and budget-friendly product with many uses. It can effectively neutralize odors, clean surfaces, and deodorize various items. One of the best aspects of baking soda is that it doesn’t contain the harmful ingredients found in many contemporary products. There are many possible uses for it, and its versatility is remarkable. Televisions equipped with cameras, microphones and, in some cases, facial recognition technology, are often poorly secured compared to computers or smartphones. That opens up the technology to cybercriminals who can exploit the vulnerability to access home routers. Blucifer, rearing 32 feet tall in a median outside Denver International Airport, the cobalt-colored, demon-eyed, vein-streaked steed has terrified travelers and mobilized conspiracy theorists since it arrived in 2008, but not before it killed the sculptor, Luis Jiménez.
As a tribute to his service and bravery, the war horse Comanche was never ridden again. He was stabled at Fort Riley, and would periodically be paraded by the US Army. He lived to the age of 29, and when he died his body was mounted and put on display at the University of Kansas, where it stands to this day. Although treasure stories may lead to the same conclusion--that gold or silver is buried somewhere--they may have different versions, and a treasure seeker can become quite perplexed. Such is the case with a treasure associated with the death of General George Armstrong Custer. Gordon Lightfoot wrote Carefree Highway years after seeing a sign with the name during his travels. When asked about the inspiration for the hit, he said, ''I thought it would make a good title for a song. I wrote it down, put it in my suitcase, and it stayed there for eight months.'' You may have friends who seem to have sworn allegiance to their preferred party, and are no longer capable of rational thought. Maybe you’ve considered staging an intervention to deprogram them.
Dean Castillo graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1995. He then reported for duty in Pensacola to begin his Naval Aviation journey. During his active-duty career, Dean served as an F-14 instructor, was a member of the F-14 Demonstration Team, served as a Forward Air Controller (Airborne) and was selected to command an F-18 squadron. His navy career spanned more than 20 years during which he served four combat tours in Operations Deliberate Force/Forge and Iraqi Freedom. Trees can save your life, and make you happy and mentally strong, according to a new wave of writers. June 25, 1876 marks an important day in U.S. history: As told by newspapers of the day, and subsequent textbooks and novels, the Republic suffered the loss of a valiant hero and his men as the uncivilized Indians massacred them in battle. This, however, is a one-sided take on what really happened near the Little Bighorn River in Montana. ''Garryowen,'' an Irish drinking song with a marching cadence, is to Native Americans what ''Deutschland Uber Alles'' is to Jews, a hated reminder of the evil past. It was the marching song of the 7th Cavalry and the infamous Lt Colonel George Custer when they massacred native American villages in the all-out campaign in the 1870s to rid the plains and the west of ''redskins.'' The tune was played quite deliberately right before attacks.
Allan J. Pinkerton was a Scottish-American cooper, abolitionist, detective, and spy, best known for creating the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in the United States and his claim to have foiled a plot in 1861 to assassinate president-elect Abraham Lincoln.
With the 2023 celebration of ''Juneteenth'' being a Monday holiday, celebrants had the weekend to get started early with shootings all over America. At least 20 people were injured, one fatally, when gunfire erupted early Sunday Chicago, and dozens of other shootings all over the country. Click open to see what the results were in 2021, the first year of this shoot-a-thon. More Larger Map
The surprising origins of the claim that Bill and Hillary Clinton killed anyone who got in their way. The author says these are just 'coincidences', but you have to admit, some of those deaths are amazing 'coincidences'. Steve says: ''I would go back to my adult self, to a time when I still had him, and tell him that now I understand. Now I know how hard it must have been to give up his life and come back to the farm. I would say that I know how scared he must have been for his family, and how beautiful I found the new life that he built from the ashes for us. And I would tell him one more time, that I love him.''
Two men in the 1950s set the record for the longest continuous flight and nobody has been brave enough (or bored enough) to beat it since. Deep within the most fortified military installation in North America is a 15-building complex that protects the world from ongoing terror threats. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, long dubbed ''America's fortress,'' is a bunker like no other. It sits 2,000 feet below solid granite, hidden deep in a mountain, and was built to withstand any type of threat. From fart-resistant underwear to a cure for ''monkey butt'', here are some unique products that can be purchased on the Amazon website. For some home cooks, the slow cooker is the fairy godmother of kitchen appliances. Toss a few ingredients into the crock (maybe sear the meat or sauté some veg, if you like), set the timer, go about your day and, when you come home, ta-da!
There are people who have been married 40 years, and then one of the spouses dies and they remarry. Often, the children, who might well be in their thirties or forties, are actually angry at the parent for remarrying, how could he or she do that?   An immense catalog of photos from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop was published on a new website, as the first son faces ongoing investigations into his overseas business affairs and potential tax and gun crimes. The Japanese cracked every American combat code until an elite team of Marines joined the fight. One veteran tells the story of creating the Navajo code and proving its worth on Guadalcanal. Prima nocta is a shortening of the Latin phrase jus prima nocta or “right of the first night.” This gave the ruler the right to bed any female subject regardless of social rank on her wedding night. Similar customs are mentioned in the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and the Histories of the Greek historian Heroditus, though the term is not used in either source.
Charles Dohun (September, 1912 to January, 1994) was a Sergeant in the US Army during World War II. He notably saved the life of Captain LeGrand Johnson during Operation Market Garden by forcing a doctor to examine him at gunpoint.
See the Scene
The opening of the Battle of Messines was at that time the biggest man-made explosion in history. At Hill 60 the 1st Australian Tunneling Company had been at work since November 1916. They secretly dug two large mine shafts under Hill 60 and the one called ''The Caterpillar''. At 3.10am on 7 June 1917, these two mines and 19 others, containing nearly one million pounds of explosives were detonated, killing 10,000 Germans. Leaked emails within the RAF show the pressure apparently being applied to filter out white male recruits and fast-track women and ethnic minorities to hit impossible diversity targets. A case of reverse discrimination at its best. Good luck to the United Kingdom when their oh so correct air force is shot out of the sky. A once family friendly establishment has caved to the mob. Cracker Barrell shared a photo on Facebook of one of the rockers that traditionally sit in front of its stores with rainbow-colored slats, along with the message: ''We are excited to celebrate Pride Month with our employees and guests. Everyone is always welcome at our table.''
We are seeing a trend of people filming law enforcement - often referred to as a ''First Amendment audit'' - which is then posted online. During these ''audits,'' people film police buildings and officers. Once contacted, they can become aggressive and challenging and often seek to be detained by law enforcement while they are filming so they can post the video of the encounter online.
As Europeans were coming over to North America, ballast at the time used to be dirt. So you think of dirt getting shoveled in and then unloaded over here, you could have potential for earthworms. Buckthorn, lilacs, a lot of plants were brought from Europe, in the root balls you would have earthworm cocoons or the eggs that are very tolerant to drought and cold. Click here to see a larger image. As Europeans were coming over to North America, ballast at the time used to be dirt. So you think of dirt getting shoveled in and then unloaded over here, you could have potential for earthworms. Buckthorn, lilacs, a lot of plants were brought from Europe, in the root balls you would have earthworm cocoons or the eggs that are very tolerant to drought and cold.
And, you should see his shoes. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) continued his attacks on John Durham after the special counsel's report further undermined the Democrat's collusion claims. Schiff, who previously led the House Intelligence Committee, pushed unproven allegations of Trump-Russia collusion for years and touted British ex-spy Christopher Steele's discredited dossier, knowing his GOP opposition could not correct him for fear of being accused of exposing classified information. D-Day - 6 June 1944 - was the largest amphibious invasion in the history of warfare. The statistics of D-Day, codenamed Operation Overlord, are staggering. The Allies used over 5,000 ships and landing craft to land more than 150,000 troops on five beaches in Normandy. The landings marked the start of a long and costly campaign in north-west Europe, which ultimately convinced the German high command that defeat was inevitable.
Hillary Clinton took to Twitter on Monday to mark Memorial Day, but the former Secretary of State who was in office during the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that claimed the lives of four Americans seemed to anticipate being reminded of that fact because she turned off the ability to reply to her tweet. What a great State to live in if you are low income, a minority, or an illegal alien, with legislation aimed at helping people of color, billions more for schools, a new ethnic studies curriculum, more limits on no-knock warrants by police, improvements for tracking hate crimes, paid family and medical leave, and opening the MinnesotaCare health plan to more residents regardless of immigration status. Everybody else, get out your checkbooks. There are many reasons why people may not give the homeless a place to stay. Some may have financial constraints that prevent them from doing so, while others may have concerns about safety or security. Or, they may have heard stories like what happened to this kind-hearted woman. Brian Shul, a retired Air Force major who modestly described himself as ''a survivor'' rather than a hero, after he was downed in a Vietnamese jungle, where he nearly died before rebounding to pilot the world's fastest spy plane, died on May 20, 2023 in Reno, Nevada. He was 75.
In 2022, IRS posted a job description for Special Agent and a position requirement was the willingness to use ''deadly force.'' The description went viral on the internet and the ''deadly force'' language was edited out. However, today, that language is back in the online job posting. Maybe Pogo was right. Outlaw John Shaw took his last drink of whiskey after he was dead. Impossible you say? Read on. Ten people were killed and 90 wounded on Memorial Day, 1937 when the police attacked a peaceful march outside the Republic Steel plant in South Chicago . The march came just days after the beginning of a strike against Republic, known as one of the worst places to work. The company paid low wages, drove its workers hard, and provided no medical care or pension plan. Republic Steel fought unionization even after the larger U.S. Steel Corporation agreed to unionization in early 1937. Captain Henry Thomas Waskow (September 24, 1918 - December 14, 1943) was a United States Army officer, with the rank of captain, memorialized in Ernie Pyle's dispatch ''The Death of Captain Waskow,'' which in turn was faithfully portrayed in the movie The Story of G.I. Joe. The column also publicized the documentary film The Battle of San Pietro, by John Huston, depicting the action in which Waskow died.
A sobbing veteran has gone viral for pouring out his heart about the poor treatment he's received from the Department of Veterans Affairs. In the video, the veteran claimed that the VA has kept switching his doctors, thus forcing him to relive his past trauma over and over again. The FBI's 2016 investigation into alleged collusion between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia began with a single unverified account of a months-old conversation in a bar with an unpaid foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, according to Durham's report. Without even speaking to the source, and in a departure from FBI standards, an investigation was opened despite having no information that anyone from the Trump campaign had ever been in contact with Russian intelligence officials. Portrayed by Tom Hanks,  a grieving widower, Otto is often right about his grievances. Why should he pay for six feet of rope and waste a few extra cents when he bought just five? Why shouldn't he warn inconsiderate drivers who often block garage doors or entitled neighbors who can't remember to close a gate and respect basic rules about trash disposal? One of America's most unusual wars involved only one casualty – a pig – and yet it could have changed the course of history. The bizarre conflict took place on what is now Washington state’s San Juan Island and involved American and British troops, and even warships.
The Founding Fathers had just broken free from one empire, and the idea that foreign power could influence their young democracy was a prominent source of anxiety. These two don't seem to care, maybe they need to be reminded. In the 1830s, the enslavement of Blacks was established in the Indian Territory, the region that would become Oklahoma. By the late 19th century, when over half a million Africans were enslaved in the South, the southern Native American societies of that region had come to include both enslaved Blacks and small numbers of free Black people. Water, in its different forms, have been deemed as synonymous to life. Distilled water is a type of water which is created using a special process called distillation. To explain in simple words, it is a method where pure H20 is collected by removing the impurities such as metals and minerals out. The arrowhead was authorized as the official National Park Service emblem by the Secretary of Interior in 1951. The elements of the emblem symbolize the major facets of the National Park Service, It is an emblem that symbolizes the things that the organization cares for and cares about. The company who manufactures these in the United States can only sell them to the NPS, but I found mine on the internet, made in China and shipped from there.  It now proudly welcomes visitors to "Bathroom National Park".
The president urged the historically Black university's 2023 graduating class to prepare to confront a different terrorist threat at home. ''The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy,'' Mr. Biden said, ''And I'm not saying this because I'm at a Black University, I say it wherever I go.'' The 2020 presidential election was, in several targeted battleground states, an unconstitutional electoral exercise. Even putting aside evidence of significant fraud, virtually none of which received a hearing by our courts, events leading up to and including the November national election constituted a radical and grave departure from the federal electoral system adopted by the framers of the Constitution and the state ratification conventions. It might be tempting to dismiss George Orwell's book ''1984''as a figment of dystopian literature. Unfortunately, that's not as easy as it sounds. Modern history shows he was onto something. During the Cold War, the United States Military conducted secret experiments in Corpus Christi, TX and St Louis Missouri. Documents show how the US Army sprayed zinc cadmium sulfide on unsuspecting low income communities, lying to city officials at the time, saying they were testing a smoke screen in case of an attack by the Soviet Union.
When the Green Berets needed insight on the Middle East, they turned to one of the U.S. Army's own: Sergeant Ali Mohamed. When Osama bin Laden wanted help training troops and raising money for his al-Qaida terrorist network, he enlisted the same man, known as ''Abu Mohamed ali Amriki,''or ''Mohamed the American.'' The 51 former ''intelligence'' officials who cast doubt on The Post's Hunter Biden laptop stories in a public letter really were just desperate to get Joe Biden elected president. And more than a year later, even after their Deep State sabotage has been shown again and again to be a lie, they refuse to own up to how they undermined an election. The Wild West era of the United States was marked by lawlessness and violence, with outlaws and lawmen engaged in a never-ending battle for control of the region. One of the most infamous incidents of this era was the Canyon Diablo shootout, which took place in 1905 in the Arizona Territory. Minnesota lawmakers are mulling a change to state law that would log alleged bias incidents even when they aren't considered a crime, leading one lawmaker to say the plan would create a ''thoughtcrime'' database. A bill pitched in January would allow people to report perceived bias-related incidents such as alleged slurs and verbal attacks.
The average American is overpaying for things on an almost daily basis. Here are the 5 worst culprits for overspending, and how you can save money by avoiding them.  Franking is a particular privilege that members of Congress and certain other select groups of people have that allows them to send mail free of charge through the United States Postal Service. The history of franking privilege dates back centuries and the practice still exists today, although reforms have been made over the years. Explosive bribery allegations involving Joe Biden and foreign nationals were brought to the Department of Justice as early as 2018, two years before similar allegations against the president were made by the whistleblower now talking to the House Oversight Committee. Internal correspondence from the National Archives and Records Administration reveals a fierce bureaucratic war over the documents in recent years, pitting the Archives against the CIA, FBI and other agencies that want to keep those documents on Kennedy's assassination secret. Many, including President Nixon, were sure the CIA did it, and when he accused the agency head in the Oval Office, it was met with complete silence.
Food product dating, as the U.S. Department of Agriculture calls it, is completely voluntary for all products (with the exception of baby food). Not only that, but it has nothing to do with safety. It acts solely as the manufacturer's best guess as to when its product will no longer be at peak quality. Food manufacturers also tend to be rather conservative with those dates. Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr. was a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist who achieved international success He is credited with helping to define the folk-pop sound of the 1960s and 1970, and is considered by many as Canada's greatest songwriter. Lightfoot became known to a wider range of audience for his tribute to the men of the Great Lakes ore carrier sunk in a storm in 1976 with ''The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald''. Lightfoot died of natural causes in Toronto on May 1, 2023, at the age of 84. In order to scare the public, Secretary Janet Yellen and her friends in the business press have been telling anyone who listens that the U.S. will face a catastrophic default by June 1st if Republicans don't just shut up about spending cuts and raise the debt ceiling. It's the same game of budgetary chicken they play every September when the appropriations bills aren't finished and a government shutdown looms. The Catholic Church actually discouraged the populace from reading the Bible on their own, a policy that intensified through the Middle Ages and later, with the addition of a prohibition forbidding translation of the Bible into native languages.
Celebrities are used to living lives full of luxurious items that the average Joe can’t afford. From sprawling mansions to top-of-the-line cars, being rich has never looked so good. While driving a fancy car is one thing, every A-lister knows they’ve truly made it when they buy a private jet. The fractured relationship between a father and a son, from birth through adulthood is told verse by verse through Harry Chapin's 1974 folk tale ''Cats in the Cradle.'' Topping the charts when it was first released, and Chapin's sole No. 1 hit, ''Cats in the Cradle'' has remained a folk-rock classic for five decades and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2011. Con artists are using dating apps to prey on lonely people, and older ones are a growing target. In a pattern that accelerated during the isolation of the coronavirus pandemic, romance scams claimed $139 million from adults age 60 and older in 2020, according to data from the Federal Trade Commission, up from $84 million the year before. Ocean liners might not be the quickest way to get from one place to another, but they've often been the most luxurious. This is no accident. These luxury vessels were designed to be so impressive the passengers would forget they were crossing an ocean.
Tapes of Lyndon Johnson’s phone calls reveals he caught Richard Nixon sabotaging the Vietnam peace talks by sending word to Saigon that it would get better terms if Humphrey lost and Nixon took office. As the 1968 election approached, Nixon feared that Johnson would try to help the Democratic nominee,VP Hubert Humphrey, by staging an October surprise. When LBJ announced to the nation, just days before the election, he was halting the bombing of North Vietnam, Nixon's fears were realized. How the downfall of one intelligence agent revealed the astonishing depth of Chinese industrial espionage. In Chapter 31 of the Book of Numbers, the fourth book of the Torah, God tells Moses he must complete one more task before he dies: taking vengeance against the Midianites by killing them all, but sparing the virgins for future use. Why? The Israelites have been whoring with Moabite women, and for some reason, God and Moses hold the entire Midianite nation responsible. Makes perfect sense, right? Brainwashing is best accomplished when you have no idea that it is being done but simply occurs as part of the fabric of your life. While you may ''feel'' that something is wrong, you are being programmed nonetheless. Think about TV Commercials and shows with these facts in mind.
We need to start firing a bunch of teachers in Minnesota immediately. ''It's Perfectly Normal,'' which is for ages 10 and up, is one of the most controversial and challenged books in the country because of its graphic nudity. Some have called it ''cartoon pornography.'' CAUTION: THE IMAGES IN THIS BOOK ARE DEFINITELY ''NOT SAFE FOR WORK'', or anywhere for that matter. Walking buoys the spirits in a way that feels real and earned. It feels owned. And walking, like a generous partner, meets us more than halfway. For one thing, the grill is kept at a perfect 350 F / 177 C for a precise cooking temperature. At this temperature, they have the method to get the perfect browning down pat when they train the staff. And, they never use any oil or butter on the grill.  When our state and federal governments allow criminals and foreign nations to injure with impunity their own law-abiding citizens, is it any wonder the civilized world we once knew has vanished – replaced by the Hobbesian rule of the wild?
The stereotype of the grumpy old man could have its roots in a condition known as irritable male syndrome. It’s clinically referred to as andropause, or male menopause. Like female menopause, andropause includes physical and emotional changes that also seem dependent on changes in hormone levels. After Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, something dramatic was needed to turn the war effort around. There were no friendly airfields close enough to Japan for the United States to launch a retaliation, so a daring plan was devised. According to the New York Times, the far-left mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, Rupert Murdoch built an empire by giving viewers exactly what they wanted. But what they wanted - election lies and insurrection - put that empire (and the country) in peril. We'll ignore the ballot box fraud and other shenanigans that got ''the most popular president ever'', the demented head of a family crime syndicate, elected. Yes, no question that ''Lyndon gets things done'', including winning the 1948 Senate race in the 10th Texas district. At the last minute in Alice, Texas, 218 voters who were either out of town or dead voted for him, bringing him the win. Not only that, they lined up in alphabetical order and all of them signed in using a fountain pen with green ink.
The experiences of Pilot Teresa James exemplify the dedicated service of WASP women in World War II. Grey's serialized novel, published in Ladies' Home Journal in 1922-1923, was one of the first pieces of literature produced which offered a harsh portrayal of American government agencies towards Native Americans. Grey depicted the white settlers as missionaries who preyed upon the subordinate race, forcefully converting them into Christianity and altering their way of life. This depiction sparked a lot of backlash in the form of angry letters from readers once the novels were published. With his granddaughter Gabbie at his side, Ron Howes announced he won't be attending the coronation of King Charles on May 6th. ''Too many things to do, I just can't get away'', Howes said, ''retirement is a full- time job you know.'' He wished the king, who is 5 years younger than Howes, the best of luck. A Florida man has died after he contracted a rare but often deadly infection after he used tap water to rinse out his sinuses, spurring public health concerns about the safety of drinking water. Naegleria Fowleri is a microscopic single-celled living amoeba. Infection is RARE and can only happen when water contaminated with amoebae enters the body through the nose. You CANNOT be infected by drinking tap water. Use DISTILLED water when rinsing your sinuses.
Although the Shroud of Turin’s authenticity is hotly debated, the supposed burial cloth of Jesus Christ is still one of the most studied Christian relics there is. What do scientists say about it? If the Democrats (and Trump’s Republican primary opponents) think that this is going to be the thing that stops Trump’s reelection bid, they are dead wrong. A sense of persecution and grievance dominates the Republican Party’s base, specifically over the mostly unfair and over-the-top mistreatment that Trump was made to endure during his presidency. Few structures represent the United States as powerfully as the Washington Monument. At the center of Washington, D.C., the impressive marble obelisk (555 feet tall and 55 feet wide) pays grand tribute to the first U.S. president, George Washington. It stars in tourist selfies, postcards, and nearly every movie filmed in the U.S. capital. 32 climate predictions that have been proven false.

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